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This is an official translation from a Q&A with LINUJ (Thank you to CK for this translation!)


Due to this new information, all pairings are OPEN AGAIN. (The voids were confirmed as 20+) - Mika

Also, for the other HC’s blogs, incase you don’t know!!
@dra-and-sdra2-imagine-writer @irlyomiurinikei@sdra2writer-imaginesandhcs @sdra2headcanons

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You're clearly a reb*rnica supporter and you should be fucking ashamed

Okay, I knew this was going to come up at some point, so thanks anon, I guess I’ll address it now.

I was. When I was 12. We didn’t even know William’s name or what he looked like and I enjoyed the design rebornica came up with for the FNAF crew. I didn’t know they were shitty, so I enjoyed the art. Hell, I couldn’t even find their blog.

Yes, FNAF purple love is a fanfiction about Rebornicas Vincent, featuring Rebornicas Phone guy and the other designs

No, FNAF purple love the COMIC is not Rebornicas designs. I tied myself in a knot when I was younger when I was describing the features of the cast. I wanted to keep it similar but different.

I am not a rebornica supporter and these are not Rebornica designs. You can’t hold me from 5 years ago to the me of now. That ain’t it chief.

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I’ve been getting better about talking down my anxiety lately. Whenever I start to feel anxious about anything, I’ll make a conscious effort to question those feelings. I have to remind myself that everyone isn’t misinterpreting my actions or my words. And if no one has expressed any issues with anything, then there’s no reason for me to overthink things to the point of exhaustion. Cause all it’s doing is depriving me from my own peace. Or if it has to do with a situation and not a person, there’s STILL no reason to get overly worked up. What’s done is done, or if it hasn’t happened yet, it’s not present… so it doesn’t exist.

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huge reminder to stop making fun of neurodivergent people in school settings. some people have tics or need to stim, which makes noise, but it’s not okay to laugh at us. we deserve a healthy learning environment WITHOUT being made to feel like we’re idiots. get over yourselves.

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People need to stop trying to connect EVERY SINGLE NEWS ARTICLE EVER to bible prophecy and get to work spreading the gospel. You’re useless if your obsession with the end times forgets about spreading the gospel at all. The gospel was never “ here’s all the signs of the end times now go believe in Jesus “

Stop cutting out the cross. Stop cutting out the gospel story and limiting it to “here’s my eschatology now believe it and be saved”

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Please Don’t. (845,530)

Around a million people die by suicide a year. As I write this, that number is at 845,530. To the one that’s thinking about being number 845,531, please hear this, you’re not alone.

I love you, three words I’m making sure you hear.

I don’t know if you’ve heard them recently but please know that they’re real.

You feel alone, trust me I know, you feel like no one’s ever been as far as you but trust me I’ve been there.

You’re sitting alone, feeling lonely, like the world forgot about you and that no one will ever care.

It’s not true, I promise it’s not, you’re not alone, you’re not forgotten and you will be missed, don’t throw away your precious life for this.

It will get better, trust me. I used to be in your place feeling like nothing but a waste. Like a waste of time a waste of breath, we insist on doing this alone, that we don’t need anyone or God but where did that get us other than here thinking about the impact of our death.

You’re life is valuable it’s true, you’re not worthless, you’re priceless, I promise there will never be another person like you.

I know to you, that seems like a good thing, like the world would be better off without me, no one is ever going to miss me and life will go on to be easy. But please know, the pain you feel doesn’t dissapear just because you do, it passes on to those around you and leaves a hole that you won’t even be around to see.

It would leave a hole the size of you. You say your life has no purpose but that can’t be true. If you had no meaning you wouldn’t be here, you’re on this planet for a reason, so see it through. I know the path is foggy, I know you can’t see past the tears, there’s no hope there’s no escape, you fear, trust me I’ve been there too.

I know life is hard, I know that right now time is beating on you and it’s getting really tough. Nothing is going your way, broken people treating you, rough. And you’re sick and tired you’ve had enough!

You want to do it. Life just isn’t worth going through this. A big middle finger to the bullies, abusers, teachers who said you weren’t good enough and that all the shots you would ever take would miss. To the kids who only laughed, to the friends who never had your back and especially to the absentee parents who didn’t even try to help you get back on track.

But most important of all it’s an outcry to our biggest enemy, us. We look in the mirror, hate who we see and view life as nothing but a bust. When we look in that mirror we see, what others say, so hating ourselves becomes not only an option but a must. They say we need to learn to love ourselves, but no else seems to so how can we and how can we ever learn to trust? Trust that we mean something and trust that this life isn’t only going to be deep cuts.

But please, I’m begging, God is here too, He sees your pain, you feel like he’s silent but this is His message to you…

I love you…three words I’m making sure you hear.

I don’t know if you’ve heard them recently but please know that they’re real.

You feel alone, trust me I know, you feel like no ones ever been as far as you but trust me I’m here.

So please don’t sit alone feeling, lonely, even If the world forgets about you, I won’t.

And even if no one cares about you, I do.

You’re life is valuable it’s true, you’re not worthless you’re priceless, I promise there will never be another person like you.


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I don’t usually post stuff like this here but please everyone in Asia stay safe cause the Wuhan virus is spreading and somehow got into Singapore which is where I live. We are a extremely small country so I’m really afraid of an outbreak. Wear a mask and always wash your hands. I hope all this gets solved and that this lunar new year be peaceful

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King Felipe addressed a speech at a dinner hosted by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on the occassion of the V World Holocaust Forum. His Majesty, who simbolically holds the King of Jerusalem title, was the designated speker and he addressed the speech on behalf of all the world leaders attending the dinner | January 22nd, 2020.

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some guy in my dorm keeps putting circus music as his alarm and he won’t turn it off until at least 10 minutes have pasted

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hey frens i just wanna give a heads up, ive just been notified that my impim OC, Skittles, has been stolen by someone on vrchat. i cant do much on my end but i wanted everyone who follows me at least to know that this is happening and if you see an impim that looks like this-


-its MY character. i dont know how vrchat works but if you see this impim please report the player if possible and keep an eye out, your impim could be stolen just as easily

PLEASE SPREAD THIS IF YOU CAN, I DONT WANT ANYONE ELSE TO HAVE THEIR CHARACTER STOLEN, im gonna be reblogging this for a while and im probly gonna be drawing Skittles for a few days because i REFUSE to let someone else think they can just take my OC. and if the person who stole my son sees this i hope you realize youre a filthy thief and if you took the time to steal my OC and repaint an entire 3D model you absolutely have the creative capacity and art ability to make one yourself, stop being lazy and selfish. what a coward. character theft is utterly pathetic. i have all the original files you know, im not sure how you think you can get away with this :T

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I was so excited to rp with a super sweetheart I’d met named A.C. and now all of A.C.’s blogs are gone. I have no way of contacting them. I am extremely saddened by this discovery and truly hope to find them again in the future. If anyone knows what happened or where they went, please let me know <3

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