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hello! if it’s not too much trouble could I get some Clover Ebi icons? I recently kinfirmed him

Oh I can ABSOLUTELY get these for you Clover!!! He’s a CC of mine so I’d be super happy to. I just wanted to specify what kind of icons you want? I could do plain ones, pride ones, bordered, tinted any color, with an icon in the corner that kind of thing. Send in another ask and I’ll get them done for you- I just want to make sure you like em!!

-Mod Claudia [Qrow shift]

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Today was a much better day. But I am not feeling so great all of a sudden. Which is extra annoying because I was mostly good all day. Annoying! 

I didnt feel as exhausted today though so that was nice. I slept alright enough. James woke me up enough to say goodbye and he left for his very long day of work. I slept for another hour but when I was up and I felt pretty good. 

I got  up and got dressed. I did my makeup to try to shake off my sleepy feeling. But then mom asked me to call her. And she had to tell me we had to cancel our trip. She said its just postponed but I really dont think it will happen. Like I totally understand why we are canceling, but something else will come up. And itll get pushed back again. And I think I just felt really hurt. Like I felt like I was mourning the loss of the time I would get to spend with my mom. Cause she’s been to busy and hasnt even seen my apartment since I moved over the summer. And I was looking forward to this like dedicated time. I didnt even really care about the trip to much. Like it would be cool, but I really have just felt like I have been pushed to the side alot. And while I know thats selfish thats what I felt in that moment. And I know its stupid and my family loves me but I feel that way a lot. 

When me and James first started dating I told him that. That my family would drive hours and hours to go see my sister, go and see her every week. But no one ever came and visited me when I was in grad school. Not until I graduated. I was there for almost three years and no one came. And then I moved here and Im so much closer but I felt like every time I say hey come visit! its a huge thing and no one comes. Like its been a handful of times and I apprciate those a lot. But its a small thing that weighs on me. And makes me feel selfish. And Im sure Im going to get a phone call about this. Cause I know no one wants to hurt my feelings, and we are all so busy. But I feel like I try to reach out and then I stop, because it doesnt feel like its working. Im just real emotional today. I dont feel sick but I feel emotionally tired and that was just like. Painful. To feel like something I was only sort of excited for, but was told to be excited over and over, was taken away. Its dumb. 

But I couldnt lay there and be sad all day. I had to get up and do something. I am trying so hard not to buy anything this month. And so I couldnt fall back on going to the thrift store or target as a comfort. So instead I vacuumed. And I played with sweetP. I organized and mixed lotions together. I packed my suitcase for me and James’s trip. I made a renfair costume. I had a snack. I clean more. I laid on the couch. 

Eventually I decided to go and take a walk. I put on some music and made ice tea and headed out. 

I wandered my neighborhood. It was so pretty out. I was going to go over to mica and check out their art store, but when I got to the park over towards there I found a box of free books. I spent some time going through those and I picked up a few. And since I didnt have a bag I decided to just walk home. 

I got back here and I painted for a while. Finished listening to music. I played animal crossing. I wrote a letter. I worked on a gift for James for valentines day. I rested. I tried to feel better. 

As the sun went down I got into a warmer sweater and I made dinner. I did the dishes. I confronted my cousin about the MLM she just joined. I encouraged Jess with her visit to the school shes thinking of going to. I laid in bed. 

And thats where I am now. Watching true crime videos. I want to go wash my face and put the dishes away in the dishwasher and maybe make ramen to have tomorrow. I think that will be a good use of some of this misplaced energy. 

Tomorrow I have a little kids birthday party. I get to teach a program about boats in the harbor. Im looking forward to it. Im sad I wont have DnD because our GM is sick with the flu. But I really just want her to be better. I will enjoy a quiet night and maybe I will work on my painting some more. Im excited about the color matching to the collaged pieces. I think its going to turn into a really nice piece. 

I hope you are all having a good night and the moon isnt making you feel emotional like it seems to be for me and all the other girls in the building. Itll be a beautiful day tomorrow regardless of the weather. Goodnight everyone. 

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Tagged by @cheekytorah, thank you =)

Rules: Post the first line of your wip and tag as many people as words.

This is from my Merman LWJ AU series (#8, currently 3k) (yah I’m a little bit ahead of what’s posted online 😅 its all unedited brain fog mess though, so no one’s missing out, though I have tried to tidy up #4 and share it with someone for a second opinion ahead of maybe posting that next week (it’s 2.5k so maybe worth the wait a bit more than the previous drabbles)

Lan Wangji stayed beneath the surface of the water while Wei Ying was gone.

SPOILER they meet again XD who would have thunk it

Although looking at this doc…I think I might have finished this actually…

So, alternatively, I also have this other wip (27k, yikes when, how, did it get that long 😱) I’m chipping away at at the same time, like literally I open this every day and tinker with it and write a little more, featuring Jiang Cheng confronted with de-aged LWJ and WWX on a night hunt and having to take LWJ to Cloud Recesses before hauling WWX back to Lotus Pier to watch like a hawk cos he thinks he faking having no adult mind 👀 but no this is not a humorous fic, it’s like, feels, feels, feels, and oh hey, more feels. 

Although, I’m constantly tickled silly by Jiang Cheng having a battle of wills with a 6-7yr old LWJ who doesn’t want to eat his dinner XD


Jiang Cheng saw Lan Wangji’s reaction before he understood what had happened.

Altho, tbh I’m constantly on the cusp of deleting the whole thing because I’m so 😬😬😬😬 about my characterisation of Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling (because somehow it ended up with a lot of focus on them as well, and Jin Ling deciding he’s going to stick around Lotus Pier until WWX changes back,  and lots of Jiang Cheng thinking back on what it was like raising Jin Ling because why not, it’s not like I struggle writing family dynamics or anything)

ANYWAY, no one’s surprised I just did 2 fics and rambled, whoops.

I’m not gonna tag anyone, mainly because @cheekytorah literally tagged everyone I would have tagged XD (that I can think of rn at least, sorry if I’m forgetting people!! Brain fog and memory issues!)


@sarah-yyy 👀 you write MDZS! feel free to ignore this though if you want XD

And the usual, anyone who wishes they’d been tagged, just say I tagged you and have fun =) (and tag me so I can be nosy XD)

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This was not my best day off. It was just sort of a low day. It wasnt all bad but yeah. It wasnt a very great day off. 

But I did get some rest. I think Im just getting more and more frustrated because if I was sick I would get better. But instead I am just. Sad and low and in pain. I really just need to get out of the house honestly. Go see some nature. Touch a leaf. Maybe I can make that happen tomorrow morning. Well see how the weather is before me and James head to our PD at access art. 

I did get some good sleep though. After everyone left last night me and James stayed up and played Tennis on the switch. We are still not going to spend any money this month but we have a little wish list for games we can play together next month. I am still not good at them but its nice to be able to do that with him. Makes me happy. 

I slept in real late. James left for work early and when I did wake up around 11 I felt pretty good. But I had messages from my dad that his was going into surgery and I didnt realize that was today and I got real upset. But he’s out and doing okay now. And then I got an email taht my student loan was a ton more then it should be because my application for income driven repayment didnt go through or got lost or something. So I was really stressed. I have it deferred for a little while until I figure out whats going on. But I was sad and feeling stressed. 

So I thought I would go for a walk. But when I got outside I was overheated and I look down the street and see that we forgot to move the car this morning so I got my very first parking ticket ever!! I was so upset I thought I was going to throw up. Like just from stress. I still tried to just go for a walk but I was hot and upset and so I just went around the block and went home.

When I got back I felt sad. I laid down in my studio and just felt low for a while. But eventually I decided to paint for at least a little bit. And Im excited about this new painting. I will go back to the floral one at some point but its nice to start this new one. I did that for an hour. Had a snack. I tried to feel better.

I started to feel a little better. I did some organizing again. Not as much as I wanted. My nose and sinus is really bothering me and hurts all the way down to my teeth and up to my eyes. Its frustrating. And I had to keep stopping to rest. 

Eventually I just laid here. But then James was home. And I was so glad to have him here. We went across the street to vote. Which took a while because their machines were slow. But that was okay.

He made us dinner and we played tennis again. And now he’s making a pastry in the other room and Im going to try to do a little organizing. That will make me feel good. 

Tomorrow we have off in the morning and then we have a PD! Im excited to be able to have one together. I hope it will just be a chill day though. Im looking forward to it. 

I hope you all have a great night. Sleep good guys. Send me those good vibes.  

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But Draco barely noticed, he felt frozen in place. There was something about the twisting, curling mass before his eyes… something excruciatingly familiar. Briefly he clamped his eyes shut, trying and failing to slow his thundering heart. Vacantly he wondered if those familiar, soft waves smelled of honey, Madagascar vanilla, and cloves. The feminine hand reaching for him in the pale moonlight streaked across his vision and left him feeling shaken, and as if he was no longer on solid ground— untethered.

▪︎Once Was Lost; by otterlyardent.

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