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#incorrect bnha quotes

shigaraki: here at the league of villains, i really emphasize learning through hands-on experience

shigaraki: do you have any questions

dabi: …was that like. a pun or

shigaraki: was what a pun

dabi: hands-on experience, was that like a pun or something

shigaraki: what are you talking about


dabi: because you —

shigaraki: because i what



dabi: i’m seriously questioning why i came here

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Kirishima: When will Bae come back from the war?

Bakugo: …




Kirishima: Bakubae! ♡

Bakugo: Rather fight a war than be here

Kirishima: But I am the war, your war

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Asking some of the top pro heroes “What’s up”

All Might: “My spirits, but of course!” 😁

Me: 🙌🏽

Endeavor: “My blood pressure…” 😒

Me: “A literal mood…”

Hawks: “I am. No, literally. Look up.” 🙃

Me: Looks up. “Ah! See what ya did there.”

Best Jeanist: “My approval ratings~” 😌

Me: “I’m Lord Food, and I approve this response.”

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