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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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#incorrect brooklyn 99
Jake: So I've managed to organise all our clothes by colour order and brand AND they're sorted out by brand in alphabetical order.
Amy: As turned on by this as I am, I asked you to do the laundry, you didn't need to do all this.
Jake: I know, but I had time and I wanted to impress you!
Amy, trying not to cry: It worked, I love you.
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Charles: Hey, where’s Amy?

Jake: It’s the weekend, she’s relaxing.

*Cut to Amy talking to an employee at the store*

Amy: Just a pitch, wouldn’t it be easier to find these stackables if they were in the shelving section? I know what you’re thinking, ‘Is this woman questioning the organization of a store whose sole purpose is to help people organize?’

Amy: *laughs*

Amy: Yes.

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cas: what's wrong with a halloween party?
sam: can you magically make everyone kind sober and fully dressed?
dean: *appears out of nowhere* Kind sober and fully dressed! Good news guys, we found the title of Sam's sex tape!
Sam: sorry about tonight.
Dean: Sorry about tonight, the title of Sam's follow up sex tape *Hi-Five's gabriel*
Sam: *moose is completely done with the squirrel*
Dean: It's not your fault. I was terrible
Sam: It's not your fault. I was terrible. We found the name of Dean's sex tape.
Dean: *silently killing sam with his mind*
Charlie: so I found this. *pulls out a plastic bag containing some weird liquid
Dean: I'm not going to touch that
Sam: I'm not going to touch that. Charlie we found the title of the Dean's follow up sex tape. *Hi fives charlie*
Dean: You're gonna do that thing where you just shut the hell up.
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Brooklyn Nine Nine

Terry: I can’t keep doing this. I’m not your mom!

Amy: well…

Rosa: you do exhibit rather motherly behaviour, Serge

Jake: yeah, and, I mean, my parents kinda suck, and Rosa’s aren’t speaking to her.

Rosa: They still haven’t accepted that I’m bi.

Jake: So you’re like our mom. Team mom. Team mom, team mom, team mom!

Terry: I’m not the team mom!

Everyone: Team mom! Team mom! Team mom!

Terry: Captain Holt, why are you chanting?!

Holt: It is a catchy chant.

Boyle: Team mo-

Terry: one more chant and no slushies after training!

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