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Family Gift Basket

Captain Falcon, Chara, Rosalina, Lucas & Joker were all digging in to a large gift basket full of food. Kazooie walked by.

Captain Falcon: Hey Kazooie! We just got this anonymous gift basket. It’s full of treats. It’s got, meats, cheeses & candies. All the food groups!

Lucas: The cheese is amazing! It melts in my mouth & in my hands! (Licks his fingers)

Kazooie: Huh…Kalos chocolates? Kalos cheeses?…Did none of you “Geniuses”, figure out this was a gift for Ganon from someone “In Kalos?” Like his wife, Por examplar?

They all look nervously.

Captain Falcon, nervous: W-What? No way. Heheh. This is just a nice present from an unknown appreciative citizen that wanted us to munch. ^~^

Kazooie, picks up paper: Hmm what’s this then? “Dear Lord of Darkness Ganondorf, thinking of you best from “Cereza ‘Bayonetta.” He even used their pet names :3

Joker: *Gasp* I ate the chocolate covered strawberry! That’s the most intimate snack of them all!

Rosalina: Ganon’s gonna be back from his League meeting in 30 minutes what do we do!?

Chara, putting the paper to her mouth: EAT THE NOTE!!!

Captain Falcon: No!…No. It’s ok. We can fix this.

-32 Minutes later-

Captain Falcon: Check it out Dad! A lovely gift basket that Mom sent to you all the way from Kalos ^_^’

Lucas, smiling nervously: Straight from Kalos!

Ganondorf opened his gift with a stern look.

Ganondorf: Hmm…Hand stapler. New sword…Instruments of torture… … …(He holds them all to his chest) That woman really knows me!

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Amy: You don’t think I can fight because I’m a girl!
Jake: I don’t think you can fight because you’re wearing a wedding dress. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Charles could fight in that dress either.
Charles: Perhaps not. But I would make a radiant bride.
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Amy: What would you do if you found out you could live forever?
Jake: I'd eat ice-cream for breakfast.
Amy: Really?
Jake: And lunch of course!
Amy: Amazing...
Jake: Thank you.
Amy: That wasn't a compliment
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