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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#incorrect clexa

Clarke and Lexa were sitting in Lexa’s bed, cuddling and staring at each other and smiling in their afterglow. Clarke looked down and chuckled.

Lexa tilts her head and asked, “What?”

“Nothing,” the blonde responded. “I was just thinking… I bet I could fit the whole world in my hands!” She opened her arms for emphasis.

Lexa scoffed at her, “Clarke, that’s physically impossible.”

Clarke cupped Lexa’s face and rested her forehead on her lovers. “ Are you sure?” She whispered.

Lexa smiled like a child as her cheeks turned red, “Stop it, I have a reputation.” She giggled.

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Incorrect Quotes !!

Clarke: I hardly slept last night.

Raven: When you can’t sleep, it means someone is thinking about you. Someone who loves you.

Clarke: Who the hell would be thinking of me at 3am?

Lexa: [Gay Panic]

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Lexa with a piece of paper on her hand: Klork

Clarke: W-

Lexa: roses are red, violets are blue, the world is full of radiation, but at least I have you.


Originally posted by commanderlexas

I don’t remember when or where did I red this, but I really liked it; so I’m sharing it with y'all :) I’m not even sure if it was like that lol

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Clarke: [Nods]
Raven: [Nods back knowingly]
Madi: What are they doing…?
Octavia: It’s the Stressed Lesbian Mother™️ head nod, the salute of their secret people.
Lexa and Anya: [Walk past them and nod]
Clarke and Raven: [Nod back]
Octavia: It’s spreading.
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Madi: Clarke, what’s a GEC?

Clarke: *panicking* W-what? Where did you hear about that??

Madi: Lexa-

Clarke: Doesn’t know what she’s talking about and she’s lucky I can’t kill her in the flame.

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Bellamy: Welcome to the ‘fuck Lexa’ support group, where we gather to say a collective ‘fuck you’ to that stupid bitch.
Bellamy: But first, a few words from our newest member.
Clarke, sweating: So I may have misunderstood-
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