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#incorrect diego hargreeves

Me: I love all the Hargreaves siblings the same. There’s Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben, Vanya, and…

Me: *looks at perfectly clear writing on hand*

Me: A dickhead

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The Umbrella Academy As People In My Lit Class When There Was A Wasp

Luther: The sub with a chair and a meter stick moving around the front of the room trying to knock him down

Diego: One of the kids sitting at the desks in the back corner, armed with a pencil

Allison: The kid at the door volunteering to go get maintenance or something but also making it clear they will not be coming back until the wasp is gone

Klaus: The other kid at the back corner desks, armed with nothing, but claiming this is too traumatizing and we have to give up for the day

Five: The one staying at their desks doing their work in the middle of the room, near the wasp, because, “If I get stung, I get stung”

Ben: The one moving their work and themselves to the back table and calling out encouragement to the sub

Vanya: The one hiding in the back of the room between the bookshelf and the computer cart, clearly not wanting to be stung and wanting it out of the room, but asking the sub not to kill the wasp

Reginald: Our teacher, who didn’t show up and abandoned us to our fate

I had trouble placing the first four so if you disagree, feel free to debate!

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