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#incorrect doctor strange quotes

Stephen: [surrenders the stone to Thanos]

Peter: But Mister Doctor Strange, that stone is your superpower! Thor would never wager his hammer, and Neil Patrick Harris would never wager his showmanship!

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Peter: Could you portal me to school? I’m already late.

Stephen: I can’t do that, kid.

Peter: But you’re a wizard!

Stephen: Oh, I’m a what now?

Peter: Uh, I mean… master of the mystic arts.

Stephen: No take backs, go put a coin in the “wizard” jar.

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Tony, singing to himself: I want to see my little boy
Thor: [grabs Peter and yeets him across the room] here he comes
Stephen: THOR NO
Tony, still singing: I want to see my little boy
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Stephen: Since you won’t be able to contact me for a month, I’ve left a complimentary bowl of advice.

Stephen: For example, “Peter, stop doing that!” just applies to everything.

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Stephen: Are you my appendix? Because I don’t understand how you work but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.

Tony: You don’t underst- aren’t you a doctor?

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Peter, via text: Mr. Stark built a flamethrower.
Stephen: Oh my God.
Peter: You should probably get here.
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Stephen, laid out across the couch: ughhh i drank a coffee and a half and now i’m nauseous

Tony, surrounded with mugs, undereye bags bigger than my future: you’re a doctor, right?

Stephen: yeah

Tony: do they make coffee IVs? i could just. fuckin inject coffee into myself

Stephen: sometimes just talking to you makes me sick to my stomach, you know that?

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Stephen: I don’t hold grudges. forgive, forget, move on baybeyyy

also Stephen: remember that time you stepped on my foot on July 16 2009? I cried about it yesterday. I’ll never be the same

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tony, walking in: oh good you’re not busy

stephen, staring into the mirror, putting the cloak on his face pretending to have a long sentient beard: actually anthony??? i am busy

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Stephen: Tony, why don't you show Peter what a fax machine is?
Tony: okay. imagine a letter had unprotected sex with a phone
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Tony, on his phone: Is “buttload” hyphenated?
Stephen: No, I think it's just one word.
Tony: How about "shit-ton"?
Stephen: I think that's two words... Why?
Tony: I'm ordering dinner.
Stephen: Oh. Of course.
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Stephen: Uh- woah! What are you middle-naming me for?

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Peter: it didn’t hurt that badly. the doctor said all my bleeding was internal. that’s where the blood’s supposed to be.

Stephen: [longest, deepest sigh recorded by mankind]

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Stephen: Why are you so sweaty? What have you been doing?
Tony: Nothing, just thinking about my childhood.
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Tony: hey Stephen watcha doin’

Stephen, laying in bed on his phone: nothing

Tony: nothing at all?

Stephen: yep

Tony, laying next to Stephen and pulling out his phone: i’ll help

Stephen: please do

Tony: :)

Stephen: :)

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Peter: You’re so annoying. You never appreciate my genius.

Stephen: I’m not saying I don’t admire your attempt, I’m saying that sadly, the BLT sandwich was already a thing and you didn’t invent it.

Peter: First of all, it’s called the Toasted ToBaTtuce,

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peter: guys, i'm coming out. i'm pansexual
tony: oh so you like people regardless of gender, too? that's great peter-
peter: no. i like cookware
stephen: peter that's not what p-
peter, whipping out a pan from a cupboard: this is michelle. i love her and we're eloping
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Tony: i got drunk and bought a house last night.

Stephen: also, you threw up on Nick Fury’s lawn

Tony: yeah… i’m pretty excited about one of those two things

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Stephen: no, Tony, being pansexual does not mean i am attracted to pans but yes i understand that referring to you as ‘one hot-bottomed skillet’ during an intimate moment was probably very confusing so my bad
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