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#incorrect fire emblem quotes
Corrin: You're a lying, cheating piece of garbage! You're not the man I married!
Leo: Then we'll get divorced! And I'm taking the kids!
Forrest, slowly sliding the Monopoly board away from them: I think it's time we stop playing...
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Corrin: Leo, what’s wrong?
Leo: It’s nothing.
Corrin: Just tell me.
Leo: Why do you need to know so bad?
Corrin: So I can cheer you up!
Leo: It’s not your job to cheer me up.
Corrin: Yes, it is. Cheering you up is my job.
Leo: Well then, you’re fired.
Corrin: You can’t fire me. I’m union!
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Leo: I don't want to be Corrin's boyfriend!
Niles: Well then what do you want?
Leo: I don't know, I wanna just be with her all the time.
Leo: You know, I wanna hear about her day and then tell her about mine. I wanna hold her hand and smell her hair.
Leo: But I don't wanna be her stupid boyfriend!!
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Kana: Let me explain something to you, dad. When you’re in a situation you don’t have time to think. So I said to myself "Don’t think, Kana. Act!"
Leo: So you weren’t thinking?
Kana: Not at all. I cannot emphasize enough how little I was thinking.
Leo, looking at Corrin: Definitely your son.
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Leo: Corrin, please don’t do this. I love you.
Corrin: I’m sorry, but I have to.
Leo: Please, I’m begging you, after all we’ve been through?
Corrin: [sheds a single tear] I’m sorry, Leo.
Corrin: [places a 4+ card]
Corrin: Uno.
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