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#incorrect ironstrange

Tony: just heard they discovered a new deadly disease called Hava, and I just got diagnosed

Stephen: Oh my god Tony, I’ll call up Christine and book you in for the best checkup I can get you- Wait what’s Hava?

Tony: …Hava nice day

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Peter: Doctor Dad, you grew up on a farm, right?

Stephen: yep.

Peter: so did you ever, say, travel on horseback down an antiquated and classic country avenue?

Stephen: are you asking me if I took my horse to the old town road?



Peter: yeah.

Stephen: …yeah I’ve done that.

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Peter, walking into Stephen and Tony’s bedroom: dads, Ned and i were watching jeopardy and we discovered that you can do a rockettes-style kickline to the theme song. Just thought I’d tell you! Love you, goodnight!

Peter: *leaves*

Tony, about to get out of bed and attempt said kickline: I think he’s right, but I need to test this for myself.

Stephen, pulling Tony back into their bed: When it’s daylight, go ahead. The surgeon in me won’t allow you to break a limb in the middle of the night.

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Tony: Tall people, if we are walking together please take into consideration my tiny leg. I can’t keep up with you. Please think of my tiny legs, I don’t want to be jogging to keep up with your leisurely stroll, you TITANS!

Stephen: Just get a pair of roller skates and hang onto my sleeve, we don’t have all day.

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Stephen, somersaulting through a portal: I know it’s your spa day, but Wong, you’re not going to believe the absolute bullshit Steve Rogers said to me today. In front of Tony, too! The nerve.

Wong, having his eyebrows threaded: same shit, different timeline.

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Wong losing his patience: Stephen, if I hear one more word about how much you like Tony Stark. I will murder you in your sleep.

Stephen trying to deny it: What?! I don’t like him! In fact Tony Stark can suck a dick!


Tony Stark reporting for dick-sucking duty, sir!


This isn’t-


You better sleep with one eye open


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Tony Texting: is your that a priest? Because you are a blessing
Tony: Is your dad a pries? Because you are a blessing
Tony: Is your dad a priest ? Because you ate a blessing i got it right this time
Tony: Are
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Tony, who’s been awake for three days: *examining a bag of egg yolks on the counter* My God, I’m hallucinating! I see little balls of sunshine in a bag!

Tony: *looks at Bruce and holds up the baggie* Does this mean something?

Stephen: *concerned* Those are egg yolks, Tony.

Tony: *drops his head onto the table* My brain’s gone…

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Tony: [unconsciously singing "Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend." badly over and over again]
Stephen: If you don't stop you'll loose another one.
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