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#incorrect ironstrange

stephen: why are you tied up on the ceiling..? in a cheerleader outfit…?

tony: hypotheses; i’ve always thought of teenagers to be unique and smart, because you never know what you can learn from them

stephen, snorting: conclusion?

tony: i take back everything i said

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Tony, singing to himself: I want to see my little boy
Thor: [grabs Peter and yeets him across the room] here he comes
Stephen: THOR NO
Tony, still singing: I want to see my little boy
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Tony, outside watering a ugly overgrown plant: *minding his own business*
Stephen: ugh can we get rid of that hideous thing off the porch?
Wong: Stark, Mr Strange wants you off the terrace.
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Spider-Man, vlogging in the suit after a patrol:real vigilante justice hours, who up?!

Karen, in the suit: I’m up!

Tony, watching the vlog and commenting: go to bed it’s past your bedtime!!

Stephen, from beside Tony: how ironic of you to tell our son to go to bed.

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Stephen: Are you my appendix? Because I don’t understand how you work but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.

Tony: You don’t underst- aren’t you a doctor?

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Peter: *walking towards the kitchen*

Tony: Pete tell Stephen this food is wonderful

Peter: Got it

Tony: Thanks

Peter, entering the kitchen: Dr. Dad, Iron dad says you’re wonderful

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Peter: Ok, could be worse.
Tony: How? How could this be worse?
Peter: Well, you could accidentally get your head caught in a helicopter door that flies you out over the ocean, where it drops you straight into a pod of ravenous orca that rip you apart, leaving nothing but your bones for the hungry crabs in the inky depths at the bottom of the ocean!
Tony: Wow! I mean...
Stephen: Yeah, I'm... I'm not sure how to respond to that.
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A lil Captain Marvel rant

So I hadn’t come across this before so it had escaped me that there are people out there watching and liking Captian Marvel, but reading posts about her being a protector of lesbians (along with thor) and being a lesbian herself, and revolting.

I had this random dude text me after seeing my story about Thor wanting to set up a date for Carol and Valkrye. And he gets so defensive saying she’s not LGBTQ and she can’t be! I ship her and Thor they are goals and all that Shit.

Everyday I think we’re moving forward, trying to improve but it’s two steps forward and one step back.

But I guess it’s still one step forward

Originally posted by leiaskyswalker

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Peter, via text: Mr. Stark built a flamethrower.
Stephen: Oh my God.
Peter: You should probably get here.
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[Avengers suiting up in the red and white uniforms

Originally posted by darkslayer0092

Steve: Hey Tony, I know you’ve been through a lot so if you wanted to sit this one out and just be with Pepper, I’d understand

Tony: Bitch my boyfriend’s in a fucking stone.. I’m not sitting anything out lets go


Originally posted by tonyspepper

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[At dinner together]

Clint: Anyone have any idea why Tony and Stephen aren’t speaking and sitting at opposite ends of the table?

Rhodey: They’re fighting since yesterday morning

Natasha: Whose fault was it?

Stephen: It was nobody’s fault

Tony: Stephen’s

Clint (sympathetically to Stephen): I guess you slept on the couch huh?

Stephen: Nope

Clint: Why not?

Tony: Isn’t is obvious? It was his fault so we get to do whatever I want in the bedroom

Rhodey (pushing his plate away): Oh god, not while we’re eating

Clint: Wait, so you guys… still did it?

Stephen: Is that not how you have fights?

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