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#incorrect luther hargreeves
Luther: How late is Klaus now?
Five: Two and a half hours.
Allison: How did this happen? I called him at 8'o clock this morning and pretend it was 11.
Vanya: I printed that fake schedule for him, saying we were start at 9 instead of noon.
Diego: Oh, and I set his clock to PM when it's really AM.
Allison: We may have overdone it.
Klaus: [bursts in] WHAT THE HELL TIME IS IT?
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Klaus: get your terminology right!

Klaus, pointing to Vanya: an accident is when your parents didnt want you but still love you

Klaus, pointing to Luther: a mistake is when your parents didnt want you and hate you

Klaus, pointing to Diego: a disappointment is when you parents wanted you but still hate you

Klaus, pointing to himself: and if your none of these? Well-

Five: we’re all accidents what are you talking about-

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