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#incorrect marvel quotes

Peter: *opens door to his room* Guess who’s going out on a DATE TONIIIIIGHT!

Ned: Woah, you mean you finally-

Peter: Not me! That’s who! Woohoo! Imma go shower in MA TEARS NOW! *slams door*



Peter: *in the shower* NO, NED! WE CAN’T!

Ned: ok.



Ned: Hello, Mr. Stark. I’m calling cause I’m just a bit concerned about Peter.

Tony: How many times have I told you kids to go through Happy first?! I’m about to go into a meeting right now! Whatever he’s doing, I’m sure-

Ned: He’s uh- taking a shower in his tears?


Tony: The meeting can wait.

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Old Steve, being attacked: ahh!

Bucky, out in the getaway car, turning down the volume of the speakers a bit: y'all hear summ?

Natasha, over the comms situated in a high floor, looking at Steve through the scope of her sniper: I don’t know, but I’m seeing something

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Stephen: Attention Class! To properly celebrate the end of the year in the winter spirit, we shall-
Tony: Get drunk on eggnog.
Peter: Stare blankly at each other over cooked turkey and roasted potatoes.
Loki: Be cold, distant and filled with darkness.
Stephen: My mistake for forgetting who I was dealing with. Let us all go back to our room in silence.
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Tony : That’s it!!! You’re banned from the lab until you start to show some responsibility and maturity.

Peter : In my defense, this was going to be the 420th explosion and Shuri told me to ‘blaze it’.

Tony :

Tony : *pinching the bridge of his nose* why would you-

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bucky: milk is just cow nectar

bucky: and to get to the nectar, the birbs must peck the cow’s utters

bucky: but that’s not the jedi way to harvest the milk no no no

steve: buck it’s 2:53am

steve: we have a mission tomorrow

bucky: that won’t stop me

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