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#incorrect marvel quotes

Vision: “I bought you something.”

*takes ring out of his pocket*

Wanda: “Oh my god, are you proposing?”

Vision: “What? No! I-I just wanted you to have this ring. I thought you might like it.”

Wanda: “Okay, wow my bad. Uhm, thanks for the ring Vizh.”

*Wanda takes ring and sees the engraving*

Wanda: “I love you so much!”

*Vision and Wanda hug*

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Tony after comming back from space and the Avengers having dinner

Steve: Hey Tony what would you like to eat

Tony: Food

Steve: Yea but what kind of food?

Tony: Anything. Just give me some goddamn food before I eat that build-a-bear over there

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Loki Gives Peter Parker a Makeover

{Peter thinks that Loki is the most fashionable person he knows goes to him for advice on what to wear to an Avengers formal party. Loki being a diva went overboard and the Avengers ended up wondering how on earth did Peter end up looking like a mini version of Loki.}_________________________________________

Bonus: {At the Party}

Random Jerk (To Peter): Why are you dressed like that?

Peter(innocently): Like what?

Random Jerk: Like your going to a funeral. Why are you dressed like some one died?

Loki(the one who helped dressed Peter): Wait

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Tony: What are you talking about? I’m like the backbone of the Avengers!

Steve: You’re like the appendix of the Avengers. No one knows what you’re here for.

Clint: Also prone to explode at any given moment.

Natasha: And a real pain to remove.

Tony: I really hate you guys sometimes.

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