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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#incorrect marvel quotes

Gamora: So what are all of your abilities?

Thor: I am the God of Thunder

Tony: I’m a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist with a fancy suit.

Natasha: I’m a trained assassin

Steve: I make good life decisions

Gamora: That’s not really-

Thor: No, trust us. He’s our most important member.

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Giorgia: hey bela!
Bela: Hey giorgia!
Bela: what are you here for?
Giorgia: lmao i did a prank today and put my kool aid in the blood bags thingy
Bela: Giorgia where did you put the kool aid?
Giorgia: Oh it was in this empty cart over there but now its gone...
Bela: *ready to dial a code red while chuckling nervously* Hhaha we might have a problem.
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Harley (to Ned after he got dumped): Wow, you must feel pretty stupid right now

Peter: OK, that’s a timeout

Harley: No! I was just trying to-

Peter: Go sit on the steps!

Harley: *moans but goes*

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Harley, to himself, whilst experiencing delays on the New York subway system for the first time: This is great. This is what I need, just what I need. Ok, take it easy I’m sure it’s nothing. Probably rats on the track, we’re stopping for rats. God, it’s so crowded. How can there be so many people? This guy really smells, doesn’t anyone use deodorant in the city? What is so hard, you take the cap off, you roll it on. What’s that? I feel something rubbing against me. Disgusting animals, these people should be in a cage. We are in a cage. Oh, I can’t breath, I feel faint. Take it easy, it’ll start moving soon. Think about

the people on the concentration camps, what they went through. And

hostages, what would you do if you were a hostage? Think about that. This is nothing. No, it’s not nothing, it’s something. It’s a nightmare! Help me! Move it! Com'on move this fucking thing!! Why isn’t it moving?!? What can go wrong with a train!?! It’s on tracks, there’s no traffic! How can a train get stuck?! Step on the gas!! What could it be? You'de think the conductor would explain it to us? ‘I’m sorry there’s a delay we’ll be moving in 5 minutes’!! I wanna hear a voice. What’s that on my leg?!!

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