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#incorrect marvel quotes

Carol: You can’t love someone until you love yourself first.

Natasha: Bullshit. I’ve never loved myself.

Natasha: But you? Oh god, I’ve loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.

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Natasha + fingers for the incorrect quotes 👀

Y/N: *Paints Natasha’s fingernails*

Y/N: God, can you hold still!

Natasha, smirking: You know, that wasn’t what you were saying last night.


Wanda, walking past them and muttering under her breath: It was not. I hear too much. “Fuck, Nat, can you please just move already.” Stop being inconsiderate and invite me.

2.5k celebration!

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(Ooh incorrect quotes, hmm) Carol + water

Y/N: *Spies Carol wearing a muscle tee*

Y/N: *Empties a bucket of water onto Carol’s head*

Carol, spluttering: What the -

Y/N: *Shrugs* You were too hot.

2.5k celebration!

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Kidnapper: *Holding Harley hostage* Ten grand and we’ll give him back! Kidnapper: … What?

Harley: *Offended* WHAT?! I’m Tony STARK’S kid and you think I’m worth only ten grand?!!

Harley: Just give me that!

Kidnapper: … What?

Harley: *Takes the megaphone from the kidnapper* Make it a 100 grand!

Tony and Stephen: *Standing outside* SHUT UP, HARLEY!

Peter: *smuggly thinking* I’m totally the favorite child

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