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#incorrect mcu quotes

Steve: Um, Bucky? What do you think you’re doing?

Bucky, using his prosthetic as an extension to reach for the banana bread that was intentionally put out of his reach: Uhhhh who the hell is Bucky

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Bucky: You think I would be a good pirate


Steve: I think you would be the best pirate

Bucky: :’)

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Tony: When first winked at me, it’s like you proposed

Stephen: What?? That makes no fucking sense-

Rhodey: Don’t talk to your wife like that

Tony: Yeah >: )


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Thor, every 30 minutes: [kick open the door of the lab] I would DIE for you Banner

Bruce, not even paying attention anymore: then perish

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Peter: Mr. Stark, you left your phone in the lab so I wrote down all your messages here, which I organized into three piles:

Peter: “From Pepper”

Peter: “Death threats”

Peter: and “Death threats from Pepper".

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Tony: Steve would you take a bullet for me?
Steve: ...yes?
Natasha: *barges in angrily* TONY!
Tony, already running: thank you for your sacrifice
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Tony: I’ve had three anxiety attacks and eight cups of coffee today I’m immortal

Tony: *Collapses*


Stephen: *Continues reading*

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Peter: I have to write a slam poem for English class and I need a word in which there's three consonants in a row, I can't think of anyth-
Bucky: Strangulation.
Peter: ... How's life, Mr. Bucky?
Bucky: Oh, you know. The usual.
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