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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Sam Wilson’s Adventures As A Writer

This started here:

Sam, after hearing Bucky’s crazy ass idea of a simulation utopia in a dystopian world at three a.m.: you should write a book

Bucky, tired from talking for four hours straight: will you co-write it if I did?


Sam: only if you write the murder mystery I suggested

Bucky: damn right i would. Deal!

Updates will come

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Solo Sam Missions

Sam, sighing, complaining about his “job”: I just want to be taken out

Bucky, still recovering from the HYDRA order programmed in him, under a different name: like… on a date, or a sniper?

Sam: surprise me

Bucky, a flexible man:

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Steve, boosting Natasha with the shield standing on the ledge of a sixty floor building before shielding himself from a baddie shooting him in front of him:

Natasha, doing a midair flip before being caught by the legs by Sam, firing two guns in her hands at incoming baddies from the rooftop stairwell and biting down a USB between her teeth:

Sam, dodging airstrikes as he catches Natasha by the legs, diving down to an abandoned building before shutting his wings down then shooting for the sky to dodge said airstrikes:

Bucky, back at the Avengers base, on a beach chair by the pool, a martini in hand: I… feel something… a dumbass vibe…

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Overheard Conversations

Shuri, talking with Tony and Bruce: how did Bucky react?

Tony and Bruce: uh what?

Shuri, testing the mechanisms of their invention: because on a scale of Steve to Bucky you must get a Bucky reaction to feel good about the project

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