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#incorrect mcu quotes
Steve: I've slept for 4 hours
Tony, with bags under his eyes: I only got one
Steve: The pride and superiority you feel from having an unhealthier lifestyle than others is a short term gratification that will lead to long term detriments.
Tony, glaring: Maybe so
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Peter: I’m gonna go get some soup.

Tony: Be careful not to burn yourself, it’s hot.

Peter, leaving the room: Pfft, i’m not gonna burn myself.

[ 30 Seconds Later ]

Peter, entering the room: I burnt myself.

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Maria: Who’s your friend?

Rhodey: Oh, this is the girl I’ve been telling you about. Carol Danvers.

Carol: Hey.

Maria, pulling Rhodey aside: That’s the Carol Danvers? More like Carol DAMNvers! Why didn’t you mention she was cute as hell?!

Rhodey: Uh -

Maria: Never mind. Just give me her number.

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