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#incorrect quote

I still have the Google doc, from when we started dating.

Because I wanted to remember every single thing about you,

Now it’s just a painful reminder

That your no longer mine.

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John Brown: You can’t– He’s not.

John Brown: You can’t kill people in a soundstage, MY soundstage!

Sanford Scolex: You rented it to me.

John Brown: YOU SAID IT WASN’T ILLEGAL! I’m not apart of this.

Sanford Scolex: John-

John Brown: THERE’S A DEAD GUY- In my soundstage!

Sanford Scolex: John! He’s not dead he’s just-

Sanford Scolex: Well I guess he could be dead by now.

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Virgil @ Logan: What? You wanted me to say no? I can’t say no to that face! Can say no to that face? Go ahead. Say no to that face!

Patton: :3

Logan: ….

Virgil: Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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