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#incorrect quotes

Eve: What’s it called when you get high and touch yourself? I wanna say masturblazing?
Hugo: Hijacking.
Elena: Weedwhacking.
Carolyn: No, it’s called disappointing your parents.
Eve: Well, Villanelle was doing that last night while she was Facetiming me.

You can thank @curlyeve for the heacanon that inspired this post

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Roger, [Smile era]: Do you know who I think is the ugliest guy in all of London? That Brian May guy that I auditioned for. You know what I’d give him on a scale of one to ten, with one as the ugliest and ten as the prettiest? I’d give him an 8… 8.5… or a 9… but not- okay, NOT over a 9.8. Because there is always room for improvement. Not everyone is perfect, like me. I’m holding out for a 10. Because I’m worth it.
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Ryan: Dude, touch the fabric on my sweater.


Brendon: Let me guess, is it boyfriend material? Because if it is, I’d love to have it.




Ryan: It’s made out of merino wool—


Brendon, holding back tears: Oh, haha.

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