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#incorrect quotes

Geralt: There is only one thing worse than getting killed by a furious monster

Geralt, revealing the word ‘Jaskier’ above of ‘getting killed’: Boom

Jaskier, nodding in agreement: It is I

Geralt: No-

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Kieran: Please forgive me. I did not intend to cause you so much pain.

Mark: It’s okay Kieran, you did what you thought was right and I understand now.

Jaime: Cristina? Will you also forgive me?

Cristina: Yes Jaime, we were best friends once and I could never really hate you.

Julian: Emma, I am really sorry. I love you so much and I shouldn’t have tried to erase that.

Emma: You’re forgiven, just be glad I love you an unearthly amount.

Zara: What about me? Forgive me?


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Quotes for my Three Houses Ships…

Bernadetta: Father, this is my new husband, Ferdinand von Aegir.

B’s Father: The new Duke Aegir? At last, you’re useful for somethin- *Ferdinand punches him dead in the face*


Bernadetta: *sighs dreamily*


Lindhart: Caspar, what’s that burning smell?

Caspar, leaning on the table seductively: Just my burning love for you.

Lindhart: Caspar the toaster’s on fire.


Dorothea: I’m doing a scientific experiment to see how many throw pillows I can secretly add to our bed before my wife, Ingrid, loses her mind. Current count is twelve and going up.


Leonie, in her head, trying to psyche herself up to flirt with Byleth: Okay girl. Let’s do this. They’re cute and they’re your professor but you can do this!

Leonie to Byleth: I’M BETTER THAN YOU!

Leonie, mentally: Shit!

*Spongebob Narrator Voice: One Time Skip Later*

Leonie, mentally: Okay girl! A new era, a new opportunity. Let’s get it right this time!



Claude: Are you going to drink that entire bottle of wine?

Petra: You did not of the marrying a quitter darling.

Claude, nodding sagely: My Queen.

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Granny Ogaki: All right, everyone, I have a box here. We're each going to put something we love in the box.
Michiko: Can I put Satsuki in the box?
Granny Ogaki: No.
Teacher: Can I put Mei in the box?
Granny Ogaki: No.
Kanta's mom: Can I p-
Granny Ogaki: No one may put Satsuki or Mei in the box.
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