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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Long Jump ch.0

This is a conceptual opening for an oc I’ve been trying to write. I’m still new to writing so I’ll take any tips.

In dark room, an older gentleman, can be seen behind a desk staring intently at the scene play on his screen. On screen is a couple of figures have cornered roo faunus with his hands held up. Faster than the cam can see the roo had pulled a pair of guns from seemingly nowhere. What followed was a couple of flashes and blur on screen ending with three of the figures down clutching their knees on the ground and the roo balanced on his tail in front of the fourth and final figure going down in a heap. As the roo on screen goes through the dropped weapons of the fallen a crackling is heard in the room.

‘Bzt.. Mantle units be advised, we have reports of gunfire from roofs in sector L6. Proceed with caution and investigate the area. Bzt..’

On screen the roo takes off jumping rooftop to rooftop as the man shuts the tab with the camera feed and opens up file on the faunus that had been on screen.

Tapping the headset he starts, “Specialist Schnee, do you mind picking up a package for me?”


“Im sending you details now, Head to Mantle sector 7 and intercept a runner for an interview. Also redirect the MPD to 53200 Jacques Service Road, they should find 4 miscreants incapacitated.”

After setting the headset down, the man switched back to the camera tab too watch.

Under his breath,“So this is how Oz felt when recruiting…I can see the entertainment value.”

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Raven: Alright everyone, let’s gather for a picture.

Taiyang and Qrow: Okay…..

Summer: I’ll take the picture.

Raven: Everyone say, “Summer is pregnant!

Taiyang and Qrow: Summer is preg-

Qrow: Wait what? You are? For real? You’re pregnant?

Summer, smiling: Yeah, I am.

[three hours later]

Summer: Qrow you have to stop crying.

Qrow: I’m gonna be a dad! A DAD!!

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Taiyang: So…you’ve got a lot of everything metal on you?

Ironwood: We both know what you’re asking so let’s just cut this short. The answer is yes…partially..

Taiyang: Can I see it?

Ironwood: That is highly inappropriate

Taiyang: You’re right, you’re right. That was totally out of line. I’m sorry.

Ironwood: ….

Taiyang: Can I see it?

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