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#incorrect the 100 quotes

bellamy: look, clarke is not my soulmate, okay? yes, fine, when we first came to the ground, years ago, i had a liiiittle crush on clarke. there, i said it. okay? are you happy?

clarke: exactly! and at one point i had a crush on bellamy and that’s all in the past!

bellamy: exactly! wait…what did you- when did you…?

bellamy: yeah. no, nevermind. doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter. because if- even if we…because it…with the timing and everything, it’s-

octavia: *gasps* he didn’t know!

emori: do you still love each other?

bellamy: wh- what? no!

clarke: no! we’ve never- we…we’ve moved on!

bellamy: uh-huh. uh-huh, uh-huh. and…you know…and it…it- anyway, it doesn’t matter, because…we’ve all…you know. and, and besides, you know, i’m with- i’m. i’m with, um-

echo: echo.

bellamy: i’m with echo! yeah, no, i know your name. obviously!

octavia: she didn’t know that he didn’t know! and now he knows that she knows-

echo: we fucking get it, octavia.

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Clarke and Lexa were sitting in Lexa’s bed, cuddling and staring at each other and smiling in their afterglow. Clarke looked down and chuckled.

Lexa tilts her head and asked, “What?”

“Nothing,” the blonde responded. “I was just thinking… I bet I could fit the whole world in my hands!” She opened her arms for emphasis.

Lexa scoffed at her, “Clarke, that’s physically impossible.”

Clarke cupped Lexa’s face and rested her forehead on her lovers. “ Are you sure?” She whispered.

Lexa smiled like a child as her cheeks turned red, “Stop it, I have a reputation.” She giggled.

OP Quote:

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Jackson: I'm cold.
Miller: Here, take my jacket.
Murphy: I'm cold.
Bellamy: What? [taking off jacket] I told you to bring more layers but of course you didn't listen and now [piling scarves on Murphy] now look, I've got to make sure you don't FREEZE to death and [taking somebody else's hat] how long have you been cold? You should've said something sooner.
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Lexa: *sobbing*

Clarke: *rushes over to her* Lex, what’s wrong?

Lexa: Sorry, I’m just emotional thinking about how beautiful our kids are gonna be with our combined genes.

Clarke: Lexa, you do realize we can’t-

Anya: Shh, just let her have this.

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Incorrect Quotes !!

Clarke: Please? For me?

Lexa: Don’t do that.

Clarke: What?

Lexa: You think every time you say, “Please? For me?” I’ll do whatever you want. Well, not this time.

Clarke: Please? For me?


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