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#incorrect the umbrella academy quotes

Luther: people always ask me how I manage the Academy

Luther: the secret is, I don’t. I have no control over them whatsoever. This morning, Klaus called my name, and when I showed up to see what was going on, Five shot me in the throat with a nerf gun

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Klaus: I love feeling my clothes fresh out of the oven

Klaus, later: Okay so I realised I said oven instead of dishwasher but I forgot what it was called and used the next thing I could think of

Diego: It’s called a washing machine

Five: I think it’s a dryer. Who would be feeling wet clothes?

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Luther: this morning, someone asked me how I manage the team.

Luther: the truth is, I don’t. This morning, Diego called me into a room and klaus shot me in the throat with a nerf gun.

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Vanya: I’ll go with you!

Five: No, I could never risk someone I care about getting hurt.

Luther: I’ll go with you!

Five: how about you go alone so that I don’t have to spend all that extra time with you :)

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Dave: in French, we don’t say “I love you”, we say “tu me manques”, which means “ you are missing from me” and I think that’s beautiful.

Klaus: in America, we don’t say you all, we say y’all, which means you all, unless you’re with more than one person, in which case you say all y’all which means all you all and I think that’s beautiful.

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Luther: Vanya, go put this dress on

Five, as Vanya’s walking down the stairs: Okay, stop. Go put the giant sweater back on. You look so uncomfortable in that.

Luther: Klaus, you go be the fake prostitute.

Klaus: YESSSS! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be the fake prostitute!

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