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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#incorrect tua quotes

Me: I love all the Hargreaves siblings the same. There’s Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben, Vanya, and…

Me: *looks at perfectly clear writing on hand*

Me: A dickhead

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Klaus: I love feeling my clothes fresh out of the oven

Klaus, later: Okay so I realised I said oven instead of dishwasher but I forgot what it was called and used the next thing I could think of

Diego: It’s called a washing machine

Five: I think it’s a dryer. Who would be feeling wet clothes?

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Vanya: You are the worst at pranks in the whole world.

Five: No, I’m not.

Vanya: Yes, you are. You either go too small -

Past Five: Let’s pour some juice near Luther’s shoe.

Vanya: - or way too big.

Past Five: Let’s hit him in the knees with a ski.

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