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#incorrect voltron quote

Galra Soldier: That’s a PUW, or Portable Ultrasonic Weapon. It emits a focus beam of sound which can disorient and even incapacitate an enemy.

Pidge: So it shoots sound?

Galra Soldier: Mmhmm.

Pidge: Is this the trigger?

Galra Soldier: Yes, but you want to be careful with that.

Lance, from a distance: aahhh! Oooh?!

Pidge: Thought it would be louder.

Galra Soldier: It’s highly directional. If pointed at you, you’d be in incredible pain right now.

Lance: oh oh!! Oooow! Ow! *falls to the ground* Why is this happening??! I can taste my thoughts!!

Hunk: Enough, Pidge.

Pidge: Pretty Cool.

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Coran: Another one, another one!

Allura: Do your “Greeks” have a god of the sky?

Hunk: That’s Zeus, right?

Pidge: No, he’s the god of Thunder.

Hunk: But he lives in the sky, right?

Lance: They all live in the sky!

Keith: Isn’t it Artemis?

Pidge: No, that’s the god of music!

Hunk: No, that’s Apollo!

Lance: Then who’s Artemis?

Coran: Then who’s the god of the Sky??

Lance: Shiro!

Keith: Shiro isn’t a Greek god, Lance.

Shiro: *flexes* Are you sure about that?

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Lance: Wanna watch a movie with me? It’s called Sixteen Candles. A teenage romance classic.

Allura: I’d love to, Lance!


Allura: Why doesn’t she tell her parents that its her birthday?

Lance: Well she says she doesn’t want to stoop to their level. It probably wouldn’t mean anything if she had to remind them.

Allura: Her friend is hardly supportive. And her motives are poor constructed.

Lance: I mean, different people want different things…

Allura: Why is she letting her molester in the car? Why is she smiling at him? Why is she touching his knee? I thought she didn’t like him?

Lance: She doesn’t, um. I guess she’s trying to be nice?

Allura: It’s not worth being nice to molesters–ah, he’s forcing himself onto her again. I wouldn’t be surprised if the man she’s in love with does the same thing.

Lance: *looks away warily*

Allura: Her older sister is horribly shallow and her brother is immaculately terrible. 

Lance: Can’t argue with that.

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During the final confrontation with Lotor:

Lance: Well, if it isn’t Prince Douche-tor…

Pidge: Ready to get your ass kicked, Douche-tor?

Allura: Paladins, behave. He might be our enemy, but you should still treat him with respect.

Lotor: Final-

Allura: You shall address him as EMPEROR Douche-tor.

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