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#infinity war

y’all ever think that nebula kinda knew one of the avengers was gonna die going to vormir

like she deadass said at the end of infinity that “thanos came back with the stone, but not gamora”


*reference picture*

like how did no one remember that someone was gonna die or have to sacrifice themselves.

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Ugh. There was a post that talked about Tony’s palladium poisoning in detail. Like how he forgot that Pepper is allergic to strawberries, how he doesn’t recognise if Fury is real or not in the donut shop, how Tony most certainly hasn’t drunk (much) alcohol at his birthday, because his blood toxicity level is high enough to have him drunk without alcohol. It was a really detailed and well-written meta. Does anyone have the link?

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I don’t know about y'all but… I personally think that (even with way LESS appearances than others) Pepper Potts is still the best written/developed Female character throughout MCU movies and she is highly underappreciated and we should have seen more of her FIGHT ME

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A big thank you to @celestial-ringleader for indulging me again and again with this pairing! <3

The not-so-naughty-version for Tumblr. You can find the not-so-innocent-version on my art Twitter and on my AO3.

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Sole Searching: Dave (Episode 2)

A nice tribute to Dave Schultz as part of Rudis’ promoting their wrestling shoe line. It really emphasizes the limits put on Mark Ruffalo to explore Dave as a person “Foxcatcher,” and it’s such a shame, as Dave and Ruffalo were meant as a match between real-life character and interpreter.

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