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To my favorite nerd,

It has been five months now since I realized I have a crush on you. Barely any time at all since M finally got me to admit it. I am too afraid of boys to do anything about it but I’m also grateful for that. It’s nice to have the safety net of friendship, while I pretend there just might be something deeper lurking beneath the surface.

I can’t put my finger on exactly when I started liking you or why, I guess we always had the potential to get on, we just needed the mutual dislike of certain someones to kick it off. When I say you’re my best friend, believe it. You always take the time to talk to me, you spend extra time with me when everyone else is with that asshole. You were one of the few who I actually felt understood my side of things you can’t begin to know how much I appreciate that.

I can tell you, though, that I love your loyalty. Not to mention your bad jokes. I know I put them down but I’m sure you can tell I secretly enjoy them. You match my energy in a way. Like how you get super excitable when you’re talking about something you’re interested in. Or almost anything, really. When you have a story you tell it 110% and it’s gorgeous to watch. When I talk to you I forget about anyone else. You block out anything else that bothers me by playfully trying to bother me more.

When I told you on New Years that one thing I was grateful for in 2019 was you, I couldn’t have been more serious. To have even just one extra person supporting me meant the world. I couldn’t look you in the eye that night because I was embarrassed but I’m glad I said it. I won’t forget one afternoon in the food court when I was being particularly bitter. You didn’t brush it off like everyone else, you sat and asked me questions calmly. I’m thankful you did because whatever I said that day needed to come out, although I can’t remember what it was. What I do remember, strangely, was that I was eating dim sums. Also, that I was tearing up. You didn’t call attention to that though and I was never so relieved in my life.

I can’t believe how much we disliked each other when we first met. I thought you were a snitch and way too much of a good boy. Now I’m thrilled to death that at least someone knows how to behave. I went from trying to avoid you at all costs to only going places if you were going too. Not to mention how sour I’d get if you were coming somewhere with us. Yet, when I was forced to go to youth and was extremely pissed when I walked in that night, I just lit up when I walked in the door. The reason why? The first thing I saw was your slightly exaggerated surprise and open arms. I couldn’t help but smile when you went “You came!”

Anyway, to finish off my nauseating gushing I’d just like to thank you for being my friend. I mean, I did that on New Years, but I can’t say it enough. I’m so grateful for you in my life. Even just as a friend. If it ever becomes anything more, well, you just might die from shock and horror. We both joke I’m that little bit too much for you. I guess we’ll find out, though.

Love you bro (idiot),

From your favorite bitch x

P.S. Your pink shirt is still super ugly on you :)

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Buzz Off Fan Art. A powerful master of the universe and friend to He-Man. A skillful warrior but his hot temper is known for getting the better of him. Follow up to the sketch post and more characters on the way

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My eyes open and the first thing she whispers

Is ‘wake up’ 

Apparently today I need to be alive. 

I brush the fur off the left of the lampshade

And a purr calls me to the empty dish. 

Gentle murmurs bounce from the sofa to me

And my bare feet tip toe over to where he rests. 

A kiss on the cheek and the steam from the glass

I take a deep breath. 

The first sip stings the most, 

This is when night becomes day. 

Where i fought so hard for the restless sleep

She now slaps me awake with a jolt of caffeine. 

But i have nowhere to go

And nowhere to be

So I sit and I sip until the kettle runs dry.

There’s dishes to be washed, and floors to sweep

laundry to fold and a bathroom to clean.

A mountain of responsibility beckons me 

But this cup of coffee is so much louder than them. 

So i smile and wish him a good day as the front door 

Slams shut in the winter ice. 

Quitting my job to be a housewife

Never used to sound so nice. 

And this is my life. 

Apple cinnamon dances to my nose from the melter

And the cleanliness calms me down. 

I forgot what a panic attack is,

Who’s depression again? Nevermind, an old friend i guess. 

I may look bored, 

Society screams at me to get a job” 

But I sit calmly and turn my head. 

I can’t hear you from inside my home. 

The passion i have to keep our home safe and sound 

Matters more to me than a dollar on paper. 

Family and cats and coffee.

This is what makes me happy.

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