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Evil-Lyn Fan Art

Skeletor’s second in command whose loyalty is questionable. Among st the most intellectual and scheming of He-Man’s villains. I have been doing a lot of painting recently and through that process I have realised I want to be focusing on drawing and inking. I am heading in that direction going forward and will use the painting knowledge accumulated to present my drawings with color. I used a more simplified cell shading style you usually see in 2D animated shows for this drawing.

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There is little to no fanart about Hanzo’s family, so Imma do it myself ♡

The portraits are only practice for a very wholesome painting that is gonna follow. Hint: family photo 🤗💛

PS: I didn’t ink Satoshi because I already messed up Harumi, and I’m having a hard time drawing kids anyway 😥

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Illustration of my lovely ocs Kau and Klauf. Kau is a martian living on Earth with her parents. Klauf friendly energetic girl who likes to spend time outside, explore nature, searching for some interesting stuff to do! Kau more shy but loves adventures too:) They’re best friends:)

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Well, folks… here it is: my final comic strip. After six years (or so) of fun, effort, frustration, and almost indiscernible improvement,  I’ve finally called it quits. There’s a very slim chance that I might pick up my mechanical pencil again at some point,, but, at the moment, I feel I’d very happily never draw again.  Thanks very much to those of you who read my silly efforts. Maybe if I’d improved more I’d be prepared to continue, but I can only tolerate my own ineptitude for so long. Thanks again. And: here’s Blue Beetle! Sort of!

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Today’s art club challenge was to sketch and ink. I decided to copy a page from Moebius’ The World of Edena.I’m a super fan of his clean line style, with no shading, minimal hatching, and flat colors. Since I’m learning to draw landscapes, I copied page 167, which shows an aerial view of a meadow in the midst of a forest stretching to the horizon. I added my three characters at the bottom left as they hustle across the open grass.

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