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Ask Ethan: Would An Alien Civilization Classify Earth As An ‘Interesting’ Planet?

“I was thinking about the projection of light through space. My curtain was open and I saw the stars and something from a book popped into my head. It had said that the stars we see are basically reruns. The light is from so long ago, we don’t even know if the star still exists or not.

[…] Whatever signals we send out, or changes in our planet that might be observable to prove intelligent life lives here, would take billions of years to reach anything alive and capable of responding! What do you think?”

The cosmic distances separating the stars and galaxies are absolutely tremendous, and even though the speed of light is the fastest speed there is, it still takes an awfully long time to traverse the astronomical abyss of space. Humanity has only been a technologically advanced civilization for a few hundred years, and we’ve only entered the space age a few decades ago. Yet that doesn’t mean we’re off-limits to advanced aliens who might be looking for us at all. Even if they couldn’t discover our technosignatures, they could still tell, even from billions of light-years away, that Earth was an interesting, inhabited planet, using nothing more than more advanced versions of the technologies we’re using today and in the near-future to look for life on exoplanets in our cosmic backyard.

An alien civilization with more advanced technology could detect cosmically interesting things about Earth from extremely far away. Here’s where your hopes and fears meet with reality: on this week’s Ask Ethan!

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I’ve talked somewhere about how we need to clean out our subconsciousness sometimes, because crap gets in there, stuff we don’t believe comes bubbling up because it gets in there, gets twisted around, and we forget to examine it.
Like, if I asked somebody who watched a ton of “Friends” if s/he was friends with Jennifer Aniston, s/he would say of course not. But if s/he met Aniston and asked for a picture, or autograph, or whatever, I guarantee you s/he would talk much more familiarly with Aniston than one normally would with a stranger.
Because the brain - your subconscious - doesn’t know from tv, so your brain thinks “oh, yeah, we’ve spent hours a day hanging out with her”. Even though you consciously know that’s not true, it gets twisted in your brain, in your subconsciousness.
Same thing, I think, with how we think of geniuses, sometimes; like there’s some such thing as a super-genius who knows everything, when in reality people specialize. But in tv shows, the super-genius is *always* the one to come up with the solution, no matter how esoteric the information required to analyze the problem is. “House” is a great example of this.
I’m not saying that “House” is a bad show; it was really fun, especially the earlier seasons.
Just that, as fun as that can be, it further confuses the issue over what having a superior intellect even looks like.

One more point about the subconscious:
I think the way we think about romantic gestures via RomComs is the same way. Movies don’t have enough time to properly show real, true love; a typical RomCom lasts, what, an hour and a half? And true love is displayed in little gestures, all the time, not in grand, dramatic one-off gestures. But RomComs can’t do that, so they use short-hand. Which is fine; hell, I’d say it’s a good thing, it’s a good work-around to the problem of not having enough time. But sometimes people forget about that, and they don’t actively think about how creepy that would be in real life, to act like one does in a RomCom.
It’s important to consciously think about what goes on in your subconscious, and why, I think, in order to clean your mind and attempt to be the best person you can be.

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Uncovering a trigger to our emotional reactions is a lot more than the shallowly labelling.  I know that if I lose my wallet, I will be upset, worried.  Oh, if my lover leaves me, I will be upset, hurt.  My team loses and I am sad, or my team wins, and I am happy and excited.  Uncovering is more.

Uncovering is to find the first seed that sprouted this path of emotional reactions.  When you see a mighty oak tree, do you imagine the seed that started all these branches and leaves?  All these branches and leaves are all your emotional reactions.  Uncovering that seed is when that seed is perceived and then it is done, the entire tree goes away allowing for a more beautiful life to grow and to prosper unhindered.

When you uncover you just see, not judging, not saying it is right, nor wrong, not good, nor bad.  You just perceive the seed.  Most people only perceive the leaf and its twig.  That is all and so they think that is all there is.  Not noticing the gigantic tree that supports and nourishes that little twig and leaf.

Uncovering means do I really need that what has happened?  Then you start to notice that you are something else than these reactions and triggers.  You find rest.  You find a rock.  You find peace.  You find a stillness.  You find laughter.  

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A little boy went up to his father and asked: ‘Dad, where did my intelligence come from?’
The father replied. 'Well son, you must have got it from your mother, cause I still have mine.’

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