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#into the spider verse

Jefferson : How old are you, Spider-Man.

Miles : Me?

Jefferson : Yup.

Miles : Oh I’m… I’m uh… Me? Oh, my age?

Jefferson : Yeap.

Miles, gradually lowering his voice : Me? My age…? I’m tryin’ ta… Me? My age? I’m an uh, I’m not a little boy, I’m–I’m

Jefferson : Hey, okay, pipe down

Miles : I’m 36 years young!

Jefferson : Okay pipe down, Benjamin Button. Let me lay it out for you, I’m Officer Davis the policeman from New York. Yes it’s great to meet you too, but. On the job, uh, when I’m in private life, I go by my real name, Jefferson Davis.

Miles : Oh that’s not that weird to have a professional name. A name that you use only in your profession. 

Jefferson : Yeah…

Miles : Can I tell you something?

Jefferson : Yes.

Miles, making his voice lower again : Can I tell you–can I tell you something?

Jefferson : Please.

Miles, even lower : Can I tell you something?

Jefferson : Yeah, go nuts

Miles : Spider-Man is my professional name.

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A sketch that went to far, like 3 hours to far.

Anyways guess who just watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! Yeah I’m aware just that it’s been out for a while now, but I’ve only just now seen it. :p Visually speaking I like Qwen but character wise I actually like the first Peter Parker, you know the one that dies, so yay me. :x

Also also, done in Krita which was fighting with me a lot, especially at the end. <.<

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Hey so I’ve seen the gifs going round of the scene in spiderverse where peter is like “i love you. wait do i want kids?” to miles and like, is that an actual scene? or is it a deleted scene or just an edited gif? Cos I watched Spiderverse and that scene wasn’t there? 

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Heyo! So I’m a multifandom / editing acc and looking for mutuals / friends on here with similar interests so reblog this post and follow me if you stan / like / post any of the following :

• Dc Comics ( Bat Family, Super Family, Wonder Family, Teen Titans, Justice League, Arrow Family, Super Sons, League of Assassins / Al Ghul Family )

• Marvel ( Mcu or Animation )

• Gorillaz

• The Beatles

• Led Zeppelin

• Original Characters

• Aesthetics

• Avatar The Last Airbender

• Legend of Korra

• Anime ( I’m not in a lot of anime fandoms, but I’m open for recommendations )

• Stranger Things

• Riverdale

• Mortal Kombat

• That 70s Show

• Anything 60s, 70s, & 80s related

• Queen

• Steven Universe

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Can we talk about The Prowler’s theme song in Into The Spider-Verse? I watched it again and it’s just? So chilling and so conveys the horror Miles felt seeing just who was under the mask and GOD, the soundtrack never fails to send me.

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K, buckle up because this is a ride. Peter in Gwen’s universe (Earth-65) became the Lizard after constant bullying from school lead him to develop the mutagen and use it on himself. Gwen, not realising who the Lizard is until it’s too late, takes him down, leading to Peter’s death. In his last moments, Peter tells Gwen how he just wanted to be special like she was as Spider-Woman. This is what kick-starts her career as a vigilante (1/?)

Onto the fic stuff(not canon): Basically there’s another universe (which I’m calling E-65-b for convenience) Where Peter, as the Lizard, kills Gwen. When the serum wears off and Peter comes to, he realises he’s not only killed Spider-Woman but also his best friend, and runs away out of guilt. From then on, he lives on the streets of New York, too ashamed and frightened to show his face. The world only knows the Lizard killed Gwen, not that Peter was the Lizard, so naturally there’s a search(2/?) 

(Cont)there’s a search for him. Eventually the police gives up and Peter stays in hiding. Peter’s version of the Lizard serum works differently to the comics, he needs to take it again before he can transform,rather than it being caused by stress like it is for Curt Connors. Good, right? Wrong, because this Peter made it into a pill format, so whenever he finds himself in a bind, he takes it and goes absolutely wild, terrorising the streets until it wears off. (2/?shit…)

4/?)Peter develops a dependency on the Lizard mutagen and starts sneaking back to Aunt May’s where he keeps making the shit. Note that he never tells anyone he’s still alive. This goes on for about two years until the events of the actual fic take place (all this is just exposition and flashbacks atm). Whilst being harassed on the streets, Peter is pulled through the multiverse to Noir’s world, where the stress causes him to take the Lizard serum (it’s reflex at this point :( )

5/?sorry this is so long)as always, Peter loses control, and it’s not long before Noir gets wind of the lizard monster in town and goes to sort it out. Cue the obligatory fight scene and Noir kicks Liz-Peter through a building and out of sight. He goes to investigate, and finds a scrawny, literally-homeless Peter Parker half-naked and running away. He gets hurt, Noir catches up to him and tries to get some answers. He doesn’t quite realise that he Lizard and the kid are one and the same

(6/?)Noir takes this new Peter (LP to avoid confusion) to Miles’s universe to get him patched up and calmed down. There, he is introduced to the other Peters, and it’s clear that something is off about LP. He’s small, thin, and doesn’t set off the Spider-Sense the way they think it should. By this point, no one knows he’s from alternate Gwen’s timeline, just that he’s scared, hurt, and doesn’t know what’s going on. Gwen hasn’t met him yet either, she just knows that another Peter has shown up

(7/?)When they do finally meet, Hell breaks loose. There’s guilt on both sides and LP just starts screaming and crying, so much that he can’t speak. The last two years really fucked him up and he never received closure over his Gwen. Our Gwen is having a silent meltdown. She KNOWS that LP is a living version of her Peter, and the guilt comes back and hits her like a bull. When they finally calm down, LP has completely shut down and barely speaks, refusing to answer any questions about his past

(8/?)I’ve not settled on how I want things to go from here, but I do know that it involves a lot of emotional stress and LP eventually cracking and giving into his dependency on the Lizard ego when he gets caught in the middle of a fight, maybe with another world’s Lizard, involving Gwen getting hurt. The spider-fam realised why they’ve not clicked with LP like they’d hoped, and are forced to subdue him. What follows is a lot of hurt involving LP coming to terms with his actions

(9/9finally)…and giving up the Lizard serum. From then on, it’s a recovery period as he and Gwen manage to find closure in one another, and LP finds his place in the multiverse. He may never have been bitten by a radioactive spider, but he’s still a kid genius, and the other Peters help him out that to use as he returns home to fill the void that his Gwen left. He takes on a persona (not sure what), takes back his life, reconnects with his Aunt and stays in touch with the fam. God that was LONG 

dude this is so cool oh my god <3

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