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#into the spider verse
Psst... hey... do you have a spidersona?

Oh man, I LOVE spideysonas!!!

To answer your question, no not currently. But I just haven’t come up with a good design for one. Also kinda want to revamp my old persona cause i dont think she fits my personality as accurately as she used to.

If you guys want a spideysona ill gladly design one! Spiderverse is probably my favorite marvel movie to date. I love their version of doc ock

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Hey, all! The one and only Silk Widow here! Here to make the mean streets of my city a little less mean! Whenever I’m not fighting bad guys, I’m happy to take questions, big or small! Catch you around! -Silk

Howdy, Mod Rhen here! Feel free to ask Silk any questions you’ve got for her! This is gonna be a wild ride! -Mod Rhen

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this is my spidersona, spider pink! i used the Steven Universe gemsona game to make her.

her powers are based off of a Himalayan jumping spider. they are known for loving sunshine, tolerating extreme cold, and “bouncing” to catch prey. they use special fluids in their legs to essentially bounce around like a rubber ball, controlling their height and descent.

spider pink does the same: bouncing from place to place. she can shoot webs, but usually prefers just jumping on her very strong legs. think Steven Universe how he seems unaffected by gravity.

like the Himalayan jumping spider, she’s not as agile or fast as some of her spider brethren. but her body is very dense, making her one of the strongest spider people in the multiverse despite her short stature. you don’t wanna get punched by this cute little powderpuff. she’ll literally piledrive ya into the ground.

her outfit is roughly based off of the ballerina hippo from Disney’s Fantasia. pretty and graceful while being rounded and soft.

Her mask only covers the same amount as a typical sleep mask because she’s on the autism spectrum and having things around her head and mouth make her very stressed (just like me).

still. nobody has figured out her identity despite the visual cues.

the autism actually helps with her crime fighting because it tied to her spider sense after she was bitten, making her extremely aware of everything around her.

she’s an asexual lesbian and works as both a political writer and a tutor. she tries to educate people about autism and the LGBT community through her writings. As spider pink, she works to keep the community safe from harm. usually by kicking the crap outta fascists.

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You know…

I want an Into the Spiderverse inspired video game. It could control like the Spider-Man game that came out late 2018. Open world exploration, different types of story missions and side quests, etc.

But I want the deal to be, like, you have the autonomy to travel between the universes and play as a bunch of different iterations if Spider-Man/spiderwoman.

Each universe would provide not only its own spider-person with unique base fighting styles and special attacks (stealth in the shadows while playing as Noir Spider-Man or gliding and using “venom blasts” as Spider-Woman), but also different environments and a new variety of enemies.

Maybe there could even be a cool team up mechanic for ultimate moves, etc. but there’s just so much there, it’s a shame that there hasn’t been moredone with it.

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Waiting a while to post this on IG bcuz I want some interaction with it lol, but in the meantime I will post it here!!!

The crackship that the world never knew we needed: Spider-man Noir x Vriska

Bcuz u know? he’s voiced by Nic Cage and hes a spiderfolk ? two things that vriska would 10/10 love?

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I’ve recently been dipping my toes into the digital art world and I’m real happy with what I’ve made so far, it’s hecka reference and took me a long ass time cuz I’m a slow drawer but I love what I’ve done so far. I applaud all digital artist cuz this isn’t the easiest and getting the hang of it takes a hot minute. The first I finished a few minutes ago and the other was a gift I drew for my friend. I’m super happy with them and wanted to share.

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