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OOC Update:

- I’m on new meds for my PCOS, they are making me sick and I hate food. I sometimes may have to reschedule RP etc based on how I feel day-to-day hour-to-hour rn. The adjustment period is ~8 weeks, I apologize for any related whining ahead of time to my closer friends cause it sUcKs.

- I’m moving soon! I’m hopefully getting keys in this coming week but at the latest 1st of feb. Naturally speaking I wont be available for RP in that time, rn I have internet access (with a PC) until the 1st, and I don’t quite have a new provider lined up yet so it might take me a hot minute to get back online.

And my puppy is the best in the world, he’s learned how to SIT and LAY DOWN and he gets lots of treats. If you want dog pics I have like, a million, let me know.

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speaking of characters, I really don’t like Itachi nor Death Note. meh. I used to bought Death Note movie irl and I begun to hate it, I didn’t even watched fully, not even in the middle part of it. not so my thing. I tossed that DVD to somewhere, till now can’t be found. I just like their arts. aesthetics. that’s all. in video games, I won’t even pick Itachi. I’ll skip him. I do adored his love as a brother but it just like Platonic love. don’t even start with Orochimaru or any of their allies, I’ll slap them tf out immediately. it stupid. it’s just not my style or thing. I know which I likes and etc.

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