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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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one of my friends irl that been following my blog for months now just asked me that she didn’t do anything wrong and etc , almost like wanting to cry or something , guilty or afraid 😂 thought it’s her fault and etc because I KNOW HUN . you DIDN’T do it . IT WAS somebody else DID IT . I DIDN’T SAID you’re DOING or lots of people are DOING IT . *points immediately to that one blog that i just screenshot in mad* seriously . there’s someone out there . and it’s not you , stop being stupid already . you’re fine . not you . why you get worried and stress also etc ? you didn’t do anything wrong . that person is this fucking 17 and have this dare and urge to settle in into each ones of my bloody freaking fucking veins today wtf just like satan , it contagios . all I WANTED TO kick it off . why can’t that one goddamn blog just shut up for just once . and i’m this yee *makes this in mad angry 1 inches with my 2 fingers* distance to slap this phone and that account for real . because fuck you . and i’ve found you . i’m gonna haunt you for next few years . not gonna let you go till you changed and say sorry or something . nope . nopeee . i’m not gonna be nice on that person for real . because you’re a total disturbance. kid, you’re really are messing up with wrong person . oh boy . i’m gonna crack my fingers and my knuckles a lot when i’m visiting your account . you’re considered unforgiven , heartache , pain in the ass , annoying, childish, also hurtful, you’re mocking everything and that is totally painful . i swear to god , if i see these kind of people irl around me, i swear i’ll kill them .

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I was Tagged by @the-dansing-queen

I’ll tag umm… I dunno….





@yesjejunus ?


I am over 5’5 // I wear glasses/contacts // I have blonde hair //I prefer loose clothe one over tight clothing // I have one or more piercings // I have at least one tattoos // I have blue eyes // I have dyed or highlighted my hair // I have gotten plastic surgery // I have or had braces // I sunburn easily // I have freckles // I paint my nails // I typically wear makeup // I don’t often smile // I am pleased with how I look // I prefer Nike to Adidas // I wear baseball caps backwards.


I play a sport // I can play an instrument // I am artistic // I know more than one language // I have won a trophy in some sort of competition // I can cook or bake without a recipe // I know how to swim // I enjoy writing // I can do origami // I prefer movies to TV shows // I can execute a perfect somersault // I enjoy singing // I could survive in the wild on my own // I have read a new book series this year // I enjoy spending time with my friends // I travel during school or work breaks // I can do a handstand.


I am in a relationship // I have been single for over a year // I have a crush // I have a best friend have known for ten years //my parents are together // I have dated my best friend // I am adopted // My crush has confessed to me // I have a long-distance relationship // I am an only child // I give advice to my friends // I have made an online friend // I met up with someone I have met online


I have heard the ocean in a conch shell // I have watched the sunrise // I enjoy rainy days // I have slept under the stars // I mediate outside // the sound of chirping calms me // I enjoy the smell of the beach // I know what snow tastes like // I listen to music to fall asleep // I enjoy thunderstorms // I enjoy cloud watching // I have attended a bonfire / I pay close attentions to colors // I find mystery in the ocean // I enjoy hiking on nature paths // Autumn is my favorite season


I can fall asleep in moving vehicles // I am the mom friend // I live by certain quote(s) // I like the smell of sharpies // I am involved in extracurricular activities // I enjoy Mexican food // I can drive a stick-shift // I believe in true love // I make up scenarios to fall asleep // I sing in the shower // I wished I lived in a video game // I have a canopy above my bed // I am multiracial // I am a redhead // I own at least 3 dogs

Here it is. Took awhile… 🕐

It’s not that impressive I know! But I wanted to try it.

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Talk to me!

Anyone? Helloooo!?

I would like more asks!

It doesn’t have to be my OCs.

It could be… Butch, James, Joshua Graham, Yes Man, Nate and Nora, Zeke… ANYONE! Even… Amata, President Eden, Benny, Caesar, General Oliver, Kellogg, Elder Maxson, Desdemona, Father… yes I’ll do some of the unliked characters! (it’ll be funny if you ask them in weird poses and expressions…😏)

So… bottomline is…I want asks! 😔

It’s alright to directly message me. It’s fine!

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WEEKLY UPDATE - Submissions are in from the 1st JFH Challenge, so be sure to vote for your favorite Hero Training sequence on our last iG post so we can decide who wins the prize.  If you missed the Challenge entry deadline, it will still be helpful for your Hero Profile to record yourself doing some sort of training (even if training for you means eating a burger [just add some epic training music]).  

We’re hanging up some historical JFH items at our sponsor martial arts school @heroesfactory, so you’ll see some stuff from the past here, and research toward the future of the Cinematic Universe we are building as a community.

Stay on the lookout for the next Challenge video coming in about a week.  

Heroes uniting worldwide. Join us. 

Powered by @reelwurld





#JoinTheCast #ShapeTheStory #IRL #filmmaking #martialarts #larp #cosplay #filmmakers #actor #actors #cast #stunts #actionchoreography #heroes #cinematicuniverse #JFH #JusticeForHire #mma #tkd #bjj #hiphop #startup #gaming #reelwurld #hero #superheroes #empowerment #larpers #actiondesign #comiccon2019

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for work, i need one that

-won’t poison me w/ BPA or crappy metal (i got one and it had rust spots in the stainless steel bottom!!) 

-is small and portable (.5 liter range)

-isn’t a million bucks tho i will pay a decent bit (30-40?) to not be poisoned (see above lol)

all the info online is confusing and frustrating! what’s a brand y’all trust?

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