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#iron dad

Tony was in the lab when he got the alert. Music was blasting through the room as he hunched over a circuit board when his phone screen flashed with the notification that the integrity of Peter’s suit had been compromised, and that the graphical processing unit of its AI had been damaged, rendering her useless.

“FRI? Baby monitor,” he frowned, putting down his tools and turning to his computer.

The screen lit up with a live feed from Peter’s suit, and Tony swore under his breath when he saw a haze of fire. The boy was staggering through the burning building, coughing and panting with arm around a young woman who was struggling to stay upright. Within seconds, Tony was in one of his suits, the feed now coming through in front of his eyes as he took off from the tower, speeding through the air towards the blinking red dot on the map. 

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Fandom: MCU

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark

Summary: Peter adjusts to his new normal, which includes tickle fights when he’s being too snarky. Apparently.

A/N: The last day of the Avengers tickle fic week aka the bonus character day! Thank you to all who have participated in the event, and thank you to those who have interacted with the fics! It’s been fun, but I’m gonna sleep until 2020 now.

Words: 474

People called him the new superstar in the superhero world. The newest and youngest Avenger. The hope of the city. But on most nights, Peter was just a teenager. Even in the Avengers Tower. Having gotten so used to being there, he would often be grumpy, or stressed, or upset, and occasionally, if things seemed slightly too frustrating, he would snap at his team members. Even the words team members didn’t really make him flail in excitement anymore.

It was cool as hell still, but had become his new normal.

The others seemed to be just as used to his presence, not watching their language or acting like professionals as they lounged on couches, counters, a bowl of cereal at 4 in the morning in front of them, hair so messy Peter wondered how they would ever comb it out. And, maybe influenced by their comfort, he acted the same way.

“Hey,” Tony said, giving his side a poke. “Language.”

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Peter: Mr. Stark, are you okay?

Tony: Yeah, I’m fine kid. Just a little stressed.

Peter: I have emotional jumper cables! I’ll boost you!

Peter, wrapping him up in a hug: Just attach like so.



Tony:… this is a hug.

Peter: Is it working?

Tony:…. yeah :)

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Voicemail #70

To: Tony Stark

From: Peter Parker

The first week of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory rehearsals have started and Ned’s really into his role. And I mean really into it. He decided to do something called “method acting”, which means he acts like Willy Wonka all the time. So, like, when we’re ordering food on the phone, and when he’s talking to girls, and when we’re presenting in Spanish class. He wears the hat and everything! In the beginning, I thought it would be a bad idea, but Ned sorta becomes super confident when he’s doing it and that’s pretty cool. The only thing is, he’s been trying to convince me to try it too- but I told him I would rather die than pretend to be an Oompa Loompa in public.


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Can we talk about how this staff is keeping Atlas up in the air and that James said that it can only work once in a blue moon knowing he’ll ozpin kept the lie about gin the lamp and only being used already I’m pretty sure that stuff can be used to bring up the Tower instead of using the Dust but you know oz keeping it a big secret you think about it you could have think Oscar would have catched on that but more as I think about it he has to keep the secret and they still haven’t told them yet another words oh boy this is going to be a trip

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