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#iron dad

Peter a stressed teen during exam season: *stares at the wall with no emotion*

Tony, checking in on his studying spidey son: kid, what are you doing

Peter: internally screaming

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Chapter 4! Here’s the Ao3 version.

Summary: Steve’s POV. This chapter is very long, and it’s from Steve meeting Bucky through the events of the first chapter.

Note because I’ve been asked to make this clear in the past: Steve in this fic is, in fact, a cheater. I hate cheaters. Therefore in this fic, it is not Steve Rogers friendly. It also is not very Bucky Barnes friendly. While I love these characters to death, not so much in this fic.


Steve knew instantly that James was going to be his very best friend.

He had punched the person bullying him right in the face. It… it was amazing. To be defended. To feel like someone actually cared about him. Steve, a dirt-poor son of an Irish Catholic immigrant, who wore clothes twice the size of him and went to mass and said his prayers. Poor, immigrant, Catholic. The perfect victim, at least here.

And that isn’t taking into account how sickly he is. The doctors are sure he’s going to die before he’s 18. He’s malnourished, he has heart and lung problems, so many illnesses he can’t even pronounce. And he gets beat up every other week. His life expectancy isn’t the highest. 

Keep reading

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Peter: Let’s get one thing straight I. AM. NOT. A. KID! The next time someone references my age there will be consequences!

Peter, to Bucky: the next time you call me a tyke, I’m gonna throw a trike at your trachea!

Peter, to Sam: the next time you call me an ankle bitter I’m gonna bit off your ankles.

Peter, to Tony: and the next time you call me son I’m gonna bring the adoption papers!

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Peter rushing in: Help Mr.Stark, I’m dyeing

Tony, dropping everything: WHAT?!

Peter: Never mind it’s just a paper cut

Tony on the verge of a heart attack: Kid I-

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anyone: the probability of you getting attacked by a huge gang of aliens coming down from outer space is low but never zero

everyone from mcu New York: it’s high bitch, it’s fucking high

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[A letter that reads: From Tony Stark] Hey Rose. I think you're great. I honestly thought I needed to protect you ever since I got to know you better. But I've come to realize you're a tough kid and I betcha you can handle anything life throws in your way. There's gonna be a lot, but if you ever need any help, Pep and I will always be here to support you. I think I speak for both of us when I say we're really proud of the person you've become, and we're sure you can only go forward from here.

Thank you so much for this dad, this means the world to me coming from you! I’ll be sure to make you proud in any way that I can! Love you dad! And tell mom I love her too!

(Aghhhh!!! Thank you so much for this!! This has made my dayyy!!! Thank you!!!!)

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Iron Dad & Spider-Son Fic Rec

Today’s fic is really short and really enjoyable. I’m so so excited to share it with you guys!

Lab Day by @ferretshark

Summary: A snapshot of a lab day with Peter and Tony


Okay so first off, this is a drabble less than 500 words. So you have absolutely no excuse to not stop what you’re doing right now and read this fic. It’s a wonderful little slice of life that just makes me smile so much! I love Susan’s look into the early irondad relationship and how they start to work together doing one of the most widely accepted headcanons of this fandom, lab days! I love Peter’s uncertainty and awkwardness and Tony’s I’m-the-coolest vibe.

And if you ever like a fic, always be sure to let the author know!

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Peter: Did...did that painting just smile at me?
Tony, squinting at it: It does that sometimes
Peter: Aren't you a little alarmed?
Tony: FRIDAY is though
FRIDAY: Very alarmed, Sir, if you would just call-
Tony: No.
Peter: I feel like FRIDAY has a point
Tony: You're both overthinking it
Peter: It's a painting!
Tony: Yeah but it's realism
Peter: Realism art doesn't do that!
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New Fic: Love Will Remind Us Who We Are

Chapter One

Tony sits out on the front porch of the lake home, waiting for Peter to come out– having already waved goodbye to Pepper and Morgan as they drove off, bound for SI and preschool.

It’s a beautiful June day, the kind where the cool breeze provides a perfect respite from the summer sun, and everything smells fresh after a night’s rain. The birds are in good spirits, singing in the trees– the sound of the lake softly lapping at the shoreline providing a constant background beat.

It’s a beautiful June day, and Tony’s in a rotten mood because today?

Today Is a Bad Day.

He’d had many phases of Good and Bad Days in his life, of course. The first few months after his parents died… the trenches of PTSD post-wormhole… the years where Peter was gone (not dead, not dead, just gone– the dead don’t come back and Peter came back. You brought him back).

So yes, there had been times in Tony’s life when he’d known the piercing clarity that separated a Good Day from a Bad Day. Had known the ways in which, upon first waking, one’s soul would strike a balance between agony and relief either in your favor, or not.

But none of his earlier Good and Bad times had prepared him for his reality now.

Hadn’t prepared him for days when the pain in his arm and chest is unrelenting– burrowing into every muscle and vein like the roots of a tree digging into the earth.

Hadn’t prepared him for the tremors every time he attempted to lift his right shoulder more than a few inches, or when he tried to hold a cup of coffee in his weak grip.

Hadn’t prepared him for the emotional toll of watching Morgan run into someone else’s arms and be immediately scooped up, knowing he could no longer do the same– and probably wouldn’t be able to until long after she was too big to be carried.

Tony’s pulled out of his grim thoughts when the screen door swings open, Peter stepping out only to immediately turn to Tony. His smile is soft but wobbly, and Tony knows then Peter can already tell what kind of day it is.

“Hey, you ready to go?” the kid asks, voice light and tentative.

Tony looks out at the lake for a few seconds– taking a moment to gather a good front.

The kid feels guilty enough, and Tony hates being the reason why– hates even more when the pain and frustration get to him and he can’t hide it, which just makes Peter feel even worse.

But for right now, Tony knows he can keep it under wraps– at least until they get to the clinic.

When he turns back to Peter he has an easy grin plastered on his face.

“Ready when you are, underoos.”

Peter nods, turning and locking the front door while Tony gets to his feet, his bum arm staying close to his stomach. It was an instinctive posture of stooped protection he knew he’d have to work to eliminate, along with a million other milestones he had to reach before he’d be back to his normal self– ignoring the voice of reason in the back of his mind that said that day would never come.

No, he tells himself. He’d get there– he would.

He had to, because he couldn’t stand the thought of always being this useless… of always being such a burden to his loved ones.

“Mr. Stark?” Peter calls, pulling him out of his thoughts. “You okay?”

Damn. Not even thirty seconds and he’d already let his front fall long enough for Peter to spot the cracks in his mask.

“Pass me the keys, kid,” Tony teases, and he can taste the dry plaster on his lips. “I’m driving.”

Peter rolls his eyes dramatically, and Tony knows he’s not the only one trying to put up a front.

I’m sorry, kid.

“Not on your life, old man. C’mon, we better get going or we’ll be late and Vee will chew me out for once.”

Tony knows it’s a miracle he survived the snap.

He had been so certain he was going to die in those last moments of consciousness on the battlefield. Even in agonizing pain, all he felt was an overwhelming sense of love as Pepper knelt beside him, begging him to stay awake.

The last thing he’d seen was Peter’s bruised and bloodied face, eyes shining with tears as Rhodey held him.

Worth it, he’d thought just before his eyes closed and everything - colors, sounds, feeling - drifted into oblivion.

But it hadn’t been the end.

Read the rest on AO3

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Every week we hope to spotlight an Irondad author. We’ve compiled a few questions for each author to answer to help everyone get to know them better. This week’s author spotlight is…


1. When did you first start writing?

I actually started in college, but didn’t actually publish anything until much later.  I’ve always been a fan of it as a sort of stress relief.  It’s fun for me to take some of my wild ideas and put them to paper.

2. What was your first story?

My actual first story was a Star Trek fic that will never see the light of day 😉.  The first story that I published is called By Your Side for the Hunger Games fandom.

3. What inspires you to write?

I suppose that can all boil down to be dissatisfied with canon events, which I think tends to inspire a lot of people.  I also am inspired a lot by various books, as well as movies and tv shows that I watch.  I’ll also hear a song sometimes and think, “Oh, that’s definitely a Stony song, or and Everlark song, etc.”

4. Favourite character to write?

Oh, this is hard!  I don’t think I have an actual favourite, I like writing all three of my superfamily boys because it’s fun to switch up who’s POV I’m writing in.  I’d like to think I have a fairly good grasp on all three of them, and where they are similar and different with each other.  If I absolutely had to pick one I think I’d say Peter, but that’s a really hard question to answer.

5. Favourite story of yours?

Definitely Pieces of Echoes.  I’m a big fan of the biodad Tony trope, and that story was fun in that I got to combine some romance along with Tony and Peter being the sweetest father and son duo imaginable. 💕

6. Why Iron Dad?

I fell in love with the MCU’s version of Peter Parker from the moment we see him on-screen in Civil War, and the thought of him sort of idolising Tony and then Tony taking him under his wing had me hooked before that movie’s credits had even rolled.  They are just so lovable, and I hadn’t been that attached to a fictional relationship in a long time.

7. Any fun random facts that you want to share?

Um… I’m a homeschooling mom of five daughters, I grew up in Minnesota and have the accent to prove it, and I love American football 😎 .  Oh, and I’m often a wealth of useless trivia knowledge 😆.

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