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#iron dad and spider son

Okay, I had that idea for a while now since I watched Paul with my dad. I also plan on writing a whole fic (but after my exams and term papers and stuff.) It’s a non-power AU, no Alien invasions or whatever happened. Also, they are way more headcanons I have for that but I am not sure anyone would even like it sooo????

- Peter lands accidentally on the planet earth, crashing the ship in the process. Tony finds the scared weird creature. He approaches carefully and Peter merges into a human-looking boy.

- Tony takes him home to feed him and give him some clothes with the intention of helping him get home. (+he’s also a scientist and super curious about Peter, doesn’t want to harm him tho.)

- Turns out it will take a while for Tony to fix Peter’s ship so he suggests staying at the tower with him. 

- Peter is a clueless little bean and doesn’t know anything about the human race. He spends most of his time in the lab with Tony, asking all kinds of questions and telling Tony everything about his home planet.

- Tony takes him grocery shopping to let Peter decide what he wants to eat. Peter has no clue what any of the stuff is so Tony ends up buying a little bit of everything. Peter happens to love asparagus with melted marshmallows. 

- They often go out for walks and Tony tells Peter about all the things they see on their walks. Plants, street signs, means of transportation and fashion.

- Peter disappears one afternoon and Tony panics, thinking that something must have happened to the young alien. Peter comes back after 2 hours, a smile spread over his whole face with 2 puppies in his arms and 3 other dogs trailing behind him

- “Tony, look! I found fluffy creatures. They don’t talk like you do but they are very small and need my protection. They also let me pet them.” “PETER WHOSE DOGS ARE THOSE???” “I found them in the park we went to the other day. They were restraint by ropes but I broke them. It’s fine!” 

- Peter doesn’t know what music is and he starts crying out of pure joy when Tony introduces him to AC/DC. He says that the noises are so pleasing to listen to. 

- Peter is not familiar with relationships and how they work. But his enhanced hearing picks up all kinds of conversations on their walks and gathers that a lot of smaller humans refer to bigger humans as Mom or Dad. He ends up asking the voice in the ceiling, J.A.R.V.I.S, about their meaning. 

- Tony takes Peter to all kinds of museums and zoos and exhibitions. The first time Peter calls Tony dad is at the zoo when he sees snakes. “Dad, look! A moving rope!!” Tony chokes on his drink and tries to suppress the happy tears.

- Tony tells Peter that snakes lay eggs just as chickens and other animals do. Peter looks at him and points proudly at himself. “So do I. Isn’t that cool?”

-Peter tells Tony that every Pewsum (that’s what Peter’s kind is called.) is brought into the world in a tiny egg. They stay in the egg for 2 months in special constructions (Peter says they can be compared to plants.) They have no such thing as a mother or a father and live without concepts of family and friends or gender and sexuality. Being all alone on his planet made Peter leave it in the first place. 

- Cars make Peter really nervous. He shrieks and yells the whole 7 minutes drive the first time Tony introduces them to the alien boy. 

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“You think it’s odd that I’ve grown to take care of him? That I’m parental?” Tony questioned, suddenly on the defense.

Steve scoffed, his hands behind his back as he tied the apron on. “Are you kidding me?”

Gen, 830 words, Iron Dad, Everybody Lives/Nobody Dies, Fluff

I don’t normally post my writing here (or anywhere, really) but I like how this little fluff piece turned out so I figured I’d share it~
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I haven’t read your new fic yet, I’m about to and so excited!!! 🥰 anyway if you haven’t done it already, please give Tony and Peter dire wolves named like Karen and Friday/Jarvis!! Omg, I literally don’t know what to say, thank you so much for writing this,, I’ve been wanting to read a fic like this forever ❤️

AHH You saw the new fic :DDD

I’m not sure if I’ll give them direwolves but that’s such a great possibility with Peter. Sadly the name Jarvis is already taken (a maester in Tony’s household), so maybe they’ll name them something else. It would be cool to have them both bond with a wolf, though!

BUT LET ME WARN YOU. This fic will not be updated often.

For those of you who want to know, the fic is a MCU / A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones book universe) crossover titled A Song of Marvel and Vengeance. I only borrowed ASOIAF’s settings, and since the story is set before Westeros was united by conquest, none of the TV or books’ characters will be making an appearance, although almost all of the major players in the MCU will. That being said, it’s available on AO3/FFN (only one chapter of it for now…)

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In a cataclysmic event termed ‘Ragnarök’, the almighty Valyrian Freehold has fallen. Two decades of chaos ensued as city states vie for control, while the self-crowned High Queen Hela, the Lady of Death, searches far and wide for her two renegade brothers…

Meanwhile, across the Narrow Sea, Westeros was the same as it had always been: Divided.

King Antony Eddard Stark, the Iron Wolf, rules over the North, locked in a generations-old conflict with the River Kings of Hydrahal. After a hunting trip gone wrong, the King meets an unlikely savior in the forest, a masked child-like figure with a crude spider drawn on his tunic…

In the Vale, Prince Samwell Arryn, the Falcon of the Eyrie, sets out with his loyal friend, Ser Stefon Rodgers, to find their friend and companion, Ser Jaymes Barnes, who’d reportedly gone missing somewhere near Hydrahal…

On the Wall, there are more worrying news. Before she went missing, the legendary First Ranger, Lady Carol the Marvelous, had sent back alarming ravens regarding whispered rumors of a Night King. Lord Commander Nic Durrandon the Furious fears that this might be the Long Night that was once prophecied…

Genre: Crossover

Rating: T

Basically the MCU set in the world of ASOIAF… before the events of the books. This is a pet project so I won’t be updating frequently, but I do have a whole world planned out!


The hoof falls were soft against the powdered snow.

They were both breathing fast, man and beast, white mist coming out in puffs before them, and by rights the sound should have been deafening in the silence. But here, in the Wolfswood where the First Men roamed and the Children of the Forest once made home, the gnarly branches and needle leaves had a way of swallowing all things foreign.

And that they were — amongst the sentinel trees ancient and immovable, guardians of ages past, it didn’t matter what titles one held — one was foreign.

Looking up, the sun struggled to pierce the snow-studded leaves, a wan and pitiable thing. It was afternoon, soon to be supper time — daylight for a few more hours, thank the gods — but the Wolfswood stretched for hundreds of miles, millions of acres of untouched primal darkness, and there was no saying where exactly they were.

Not for the first time that day, King Antony Eddard Stark wrapped his furs a little tighter around his shoulders and cursed himself for going along with this abominable plan.

“I hope you are very satisfied, Rhodey,” he muttered crossly as he took another futile look around. He imagined his best friend and Master-at-Arms, calling out his name in the shadowed woods, searching for him with the rest of the hunting party. For a moment it almost amused him to think how frantic everyone would be right about now, until he remembered the small size of the hunting party. He would be fortunate if they managed to cover beyond a fewscore acres by nightfall, which made the likelihood of rescue rather slim.

It had been a spectacular stroke of bad luck, really. Bad luck, the stag, the thrice-damned boar… plus the small inconvenience of Antony’s aversion to horses. Dangerous at both ends and crafty in the middle, he’d always said.

Oh, he could ride them for some boring ceremonial purpose well enough, as his duties required of him; but that was atop a tame mare, on the paved paths of Winterfell, with nothing and no one daring to block his way. A spirited stallion that’d just been spooked by a boar, trudging over the tangled undergrowth, every branch or weed or bits of rock seemingly conspiring against them… that was another matter entirely.

Antony, or Tony as he was known to those close to him, had never been very… Stark. Of course he had the same dark hair, dark eyes, and stocky build of his ancestors before him, but altogether he was too soft, too quick to laugh, too eccentric. He had always preferred mechanical things and metalwork to swordplay or target practice, for one thing, and for another he was an inquisitive and avid reader, having gone through the entire library tower by the age of fifteen. He despised hunting or hawking, and preferred to spend his days relaxing amongst finer, more southron comforts — wine and women, mostly. Lord Stane had always joked that he reeked of summer — not a compliment for the heir of a family whose very words warned of winter.

Tony’s mouth pursed into a hard line. Lord Obadiah Stane, the Lord of the Dreadfort; his father’s most trusted bannerman and the sire of his future wife… if the man hadn’t tried to murder him within the halls of his hearth, committing sacrilege under the eyes of the Old Gods. He would have succeeded, too, but for a fortuitous stroke of luck and Winterfell’s head housekeeper, one Virginia Potts. Before Tony could dispense the King’s justice, however, Stane had slain his daughter — Tony’ betrothed — then stabbed himself through the heart.

Poor Valorie. She had done no wrong.

Read more on AO3/FFN!

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Pieces of Echoes Chapter 8 Preview

Behind? Catch up on AO3/ FFN 😊

Thank you to @stjohn27 for prereading ♥️

Fighting the urge to roll his eyes, Peter rested his chin on his stack of books in a vain attempt to get his teeth to stop chattering, grateful that he’d at least thought to move his phone into his back pocket where it would be more difficult for JARVIS to get a read on anything unusual. Every other time this had happened he’d felt better after a couple hours or so, so there was no point in alerting anyone and causing a fuss if it was just going to correct itself again.

And sure enough, by the time the bell rang to end their first class, Peter was already starting to feel a bit better.

“So I was thinking,” Ned said as they made their way to the lunchroom. “Since you stayed at my house the last time we had a sleepover, I’m thinking it’s your turn to have me come to the Tower this time. Plus, you haven’t shown me the Hogwarts Castle yet, and I really wanna check it out. I still haven’t been able to convince my dad to buy that one for me yet.”

“It is pretty cool,” Peter said distractedly, blinking as he picked up his lunch tray. His eyes had been acting a bit weird lately too, almost like his glasses were too strong for him, but only intermittently. “I left it in California though. It’s not exactly what I would call a portable size, dude.”

“Oh, that’s a bummer,” said Ned as they sat down at their table. “I was looking forward to seeing it.”

“I can send you a picture next time we go back,” offered Peter. “Or even better, I can have JARVIS take a picture now and send it to you.”

“Mmm, okay,” grumbled Ned. “It’s still not the same as seeing it in person though.”

“Sorry, dude,” Peter said as he bit into a chicken tender. “I can’t really help you there.”

“Okay, but at least we can still have a sleepover soon, right?” Ned asked through a mouthful of potato chips. “I haven’t been to the Tower since last spring, right before you left for—”

Peter immediately froze, his stomach turning into a giant hunk of lead as Ned’s eyes went wide and he clapped a hand over his mouth. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry Peter! My mom even told me that I was never supposed to bring that up, I’m so sorry!”

Squeezing his eyes closed, Peter shook his head, trying desperately to keep himself from throwing up his lunch all over the table. It was still so hard for him to be reminded about what happened in Afghanistan, especially since he still heard the deafening explosions of the bombs in his sleep every night, still saw his father screaming helplessly from his hard metal cot as Peter was carried away from him into that pitch-dark and freezing-cold room, still smelled the burning rocket fuel as Dad destroyed the terrorists’ cache of stolen Stark Industries weapons just before they managed to fly away.

And still tasted death as it came up to choke every last dram of air from his lungs only seconds before he heard the echoing sound of Steve’s kind voice. The voice that told him he was going to be okay, and to just keep coughing.

The full chapter will post on Monday, March 25th 😊

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Peter: I don't get why we need driver's ed. driving is just like mario kart except slower and you can't throw blue shells at people
Tony, hiding keys to the Ferarri he just bought Peter: please never drive
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Stephen: You're smiling. Did something good happen?
Tony: can't I just smile because I feel like it?
Peter: Steve tripped and fell in the parking lot
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