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#iron dad and spider son

Here it is! Chapter 2! I am so pumped to share this with the community. Thank you all for the warm response to my first chapter, I hope to keep them coming!

CW: Blood, gunshot wounds, cussing

Read on AO3 here!

Tony isn’t sure what happened.

One moment he’s having a perfect evening, walking out of the science fair to the tune of his spiderling rambling about his award-winning science project, and the next he’s being body-checked by the kid, and the next after that he’s catching Peter under the armpits as he goes down.

Three bright red splotches are growing on his soft blue shirt: one on just above his collar bone, one below his sternum, and one right above his heart.

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Peter: I just feel really bad, you know?
Tony: [looking up from his work] Uhh, what are we talking about here?
Peter: That time when I was 5 where I took a penny I saw a guy accidentally drop without realising it and didn't give it back to really haunts me
Tony: You were 5. That's like, 10 years ago.
Peter: I know, it's really stuck with me
Tony: It was a PENNY, Peter.
Peter: I know. I feel awful.
Tony: [taking a deep breath in and out] Okay, well, don't
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Peter: How much Halloween candy do you think I can eat with my faster metabolism?
Tony: [packing up his stuff, putting his jacket on, heading for the door]
Peter: Where are you going?
Tony: Out. Of the country. For the Halloween period.
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Hi, I’m pretty new to ao3 and tumblr in general, but I was wondering if I could have a fic list (is that what it’s called?) of peter calling back in black Led Zeppelin and Tony being like “excuse me I thought I taught you better” but it’s like really fluffy and cute? Thanks! Love your posts btw

I’m really sorry, but I couldn’t find any. I’ve been looking for fics like this for a few days now. Thank you for the compliment though :)

If anyone finds any fics like this, please send the link. Not gonna lie, I’d love to read a fic like this.

I’m sorry again :(

You’re amazing! Don’t doubt that 💙💚❤

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Chasing Demons Chapter 5


Chapter 5 is posted! 💕 Thank you so much to everyone reading!

The splash of the hot water raining down onto Tony’s chilled skin and tight muscles felt like tiny electrical shocks prickling throughout his body, and he let out a shiver as he backed further into the huge master shower so Steve could step inside. There was a shower on the Quinjet, of course, but given that it was barely large enough for Steve to fit inside by himself and that Tony often was piloting the jet at least half of the time, the two of them usually just waited until they were home and could shower together in peace.

Which is exactly what they were doing now. The Quinjet had touched down on the Tower landing pad at just after 1pm, and after sending Peter a quick text that they were home and would be picking him up from school after his practise, Steve had scheduled a debriefing for the next morning, made small talk with Rhodey for a few minutes to thank him for staying with Peter, and then pretty much dragged Tony into their bedroom, leaving DUM-E and U tasked with unpacking their stuff from the jet.

Read more on AO3/ FFN 😊

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Everyone please go and watch this video! It brings together the Father figures of the MCU, Spider-Man ffh, the ending of Endgame, possible future of the MCU and the Sony-Disney deal in ways you wouldn’t expect while speaking about the MCU Daddy issues.

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Tony: Have you eaten?
Peter: Yep
Tony: Enough?
Peter: A small family
Peter: What?
Peter: ENOUGH FOR a small family, not A small family, oh my god
Tony: Please clarify that next time
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Title: Windy Webs (specifically chapter 3)

Prompt: platonic co-parenting

Fandom: Spider-Man, MCU

Summary: And that was it. He was officially an idiot. Peter didn’t mean to be dramatic, but this was one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to him, even if there was no one around to witness the fall of the century.

Peter goes web-slinging in dangerous weather and gets seriously injured. It doesn’t help that he has to spend the whole summer living with the consequences.

Read chapter 3 on AO3

If you haven’t read chapter 1 yet, you can read it here.

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⠀ (\__/)

   ⠀  (•ㅅ•) chris hemsworth

 _ノ ヽ ノ\ __

/ `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ

(  (三ヽ人  /   |

| ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノ   


   |( 王 ノ〈 (\__/)

   /ミ`ー―彡\ (•ㅅ•) Tom Holland

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Ned: No offence to you, but dude, it would've been better if I was bitten by the spider
Peter: What??
Ned: I would've called myself [dramatic pause] Arachned!
Ned: Arach-Ned, maybe?
Peter: Dude. Secret identity. Let's say I'm a bad guy trying to figure out the name and your identity. What does the Ned stand for?
Ned: Edward? Obviously?
Peter: [facepalming] No.
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Peter: You know what the biggest problem with my spidey-sense is?
Tony: What?
Peter: I mean, sure, it detects danger, that's great, BUT it goes absolutely batshit crazy over flies and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I don't need to know where every single nearby fly is
Tony: I-
Peter: HOWEVER, that's not even the worst part. If I see bug spray? It's like my spidey-sense is detecting Earth being destroyed immediately.
Tony: That...sounds unpleasant
Peter: One time I killed a spider with bug spray and passed out. Unpleasant is an understatement.
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