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#iron dad and spider son
Tony has it set so he gets all the automatic school calls so even if peter won’t tell him he knows when things are happening

He gets a phone call every time Peter gets detention. Every time he skips class. Every time he gets into an altercation with Flash. Every time Peter doesn’t show up to school.

One day Peter decided to skip 8th period since he had a free period anyway and it was the last period of the day. This way he had time to get a snack before going out as Spider-Man.

He was sitting on the roof of an apartment building, eating a hotdog when his phone started to ring. He looked at the screen and paled slightly when he realized it was Tony calling.

He answered quickly to hopefully avoid suspicion.

“Heeeeyy Mr. Stark!” He said cheerily.

“Hey Peter,” Tony said casually, “I’m surprised you answered the phone. Aren’t you still at school?”

“Uhh… yeah. It’s a free period though. Study hall. Just doing my homework before I leave so I have more time at the Tower later.”

“Uh huh.”

Peter jumped when he suddenly heard the whirring of repulsors above him and the unmistakable sound of the Iron Man armor as it touched down on the roof with him.

He watched frozen, hotdog halfway to his mouth and phone still by his ear as Tony lifted the faceplate to give him a flat stare.

“Never lie to my face again,” Tony said, pointing a finger halfheartedly before stepping out of his suit.

“How’d you know I was here?” Peter asked, finally putting the phone down and taking another bite of his hotdog.

“Your school is very nosy,” Tony said, taking a seat next to Peter on the ledge, “they call me every time you miss a period, not just when you’re absent the whole day. When they told me you didn’t show up to 8th period I had FRIDAY track your suit.”

“Oh. Well, that’s not very nice of them.”

“No,” Tony chuckled, “especially when you’re trying to sneak out and be a superhero.”

“Right! They have no respect for the superheroing time table. Crime doesn’t happen on a schedule.”

“I’ll be sure to file a formal complaint,” Tony said dryly. “Hey! I have an idea! How about we stop skipping class to go do Spider-Manning.”

“It was just a free period, Mr. Stark, it’s not like I missed anything.”

“Fair,” Tony said, “but whether you like it or not, you’re still a kid, kid. Until you turn 18, skipping school is literally illegal. It’s called truancy. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.”

“I’m pretty sure they won’t send me to juvie for missing one period, Mr. Stark.”

“Still,” Tony said, reaching over and taking Peter’s hotdog and taking a bite, “no skippy. Don’t want your aunt to come after me.”


“Nope,” Tony said, halfheartedly fighting Peter off, “this is your punishment, my hotdog now.”

Peter stopped fighting him and looked at Tony with wide eyes, lip out in a pout.

“Jesus Christ, kid, put that thing away,” Tony said, shoving the hotdog back into Peter’s hand. “Here’s your damn hotdog. That look should be illegal.”

Tony tried to ignore that smug look on the kid’s face as he finished his hotdog. He knew the kid had him whipped, but he didn’t need to rub it in.

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ooh what do you think of #49, “Safety first. What are you? FIVE?” for either stony or iron dad or boTH??? if not that's a-ok anywho, thanks!

49. Safety first. What are you? FIVE?

“Ok. Is your seat adjusted? Can you reach the pedals?”


“Did you adjust your rear view mirrors?”


“Did you adjust your side mirror?”


“Did you look to make sure no one is coming?”

“Yeet Skeet.”

Tony glared. Peter smiled back innocently.

“Right,” Tony said, leaning back in his seat and adjusting his sunglasses on his nose, “well, if you think you’re ready then go ahead and back out slowly so we can get started.”

Tony shut his eyes and tried to ignore the anxiety of letting a teenager drive him around when he noticed that Peter had yet to move the car. When he glanced over, he noticed Peter was still sitting there staring back at him, hands resting at 9 and 3 on the steering wheel.

“Are you gonna drive anytime, kiddo?”

“Mr. Stark, you gotta put on your seatbelt.”

Tony blinked. “What?”

“You’re seatbelt.”

“Peter, we’re in an abondonded Sears parking lot and there’s no one around. Just drive.”

“Didn’t you ever watch Dora!? ‘Seatbelts! So we can be safe.’”

“Peter, why the fu—“


“—ck would I watch Dora?”

“Come on, Mr. Stark. Safety first!”

“‘Safety first,’” Tony mocked, though he still reached back to put on his seatbelt. “What are you? Five?”

“It’s always important to be safe, Mr. Stark,” Peter said as he put the car in reverse and started backing up, “isn’t that what you’re always telling me?”

“Low blow, Pete. Low blow.”

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Loki: Listen, beach, we got a problem here and-

Tony: Loki, what did you just say? 

Loki: … Beach?

Tony: Uh huh… And uh… How much time have you been spending with Peter?

Loki: Actually, I was watching make-up videos on youtube. I could give you cat-eye sharp enough to cut glass if you want.

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Summary: When May reappears after the snap, it’s in front of a moving car. She survives, but needs to stay at the hospital for a while. Where else is Peter supposed to go but to stay with Pepper, Tony and Morgan?

A/N: I turned an angsty prompt from @insane-sociopath slightly less angsty by having May (and Tony!) survive. I hope you like it!

Warnings: Endgame spoilers, nightmares, hints at trauma and PTSD.

Words: 2 100

Tony had known May Parker had vanished after the first snap, and as awful as it sounded he’d been grateful for it. The pain he’d been feeling after Peter had turned to dust, disappeared right in front of him, had almost broken him. He couldn’t imagine how May would’ve felt, losing someone who was her own flesh and blood. If he was to lose Morgan now he was certain he’d go insane.

Not that his love for Peter was any less because of their lack of a blood relation. He would still kill and die for that kid.

Point was, he was grateful May hadn’t had to go through it. It hadn’t been fun.

“Mr Stark?”

Waking up at the hospital, a model of a prosthetic arm on a table across from him courtesy of Bruce, had been jarring. Partly due to the pain and the drugs, but he’d been so sure he was hallucinating Peter being back for the first couple of days that he’d hated his brain for doing that to him.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe


In the aftermath of the war, Tony has everything to live for.
And that’s exactly what he does.
A snapshot look into the life of Tony Stark after he saved the universe.

Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Morgan Stark, Pepper Potts, Nebula, James Rhodes, Harley Keener, Happy Hogan

Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Tony Stark & Morgan Stark, Tony Stark & Peter Parker, Peter Parker & Morgan Stark, Tony Stark & Nebula

Pepper has spent the majority of her adult life putting up with all things ridiculous, mainly because Tony Stark himself is the absolute epitome of ridiculous.

So it stands to reason that the children in his life would be prone to being just the same.

She becomes used to seeing Peter on the ceiling, whether he’s crawling across it or hanging down by his webbing, it just becomes part of the household scenery somehow. He’ll regularly dangle upside down beside Tony, chatting away as the older man goes about making dinner, threatening to hit Peter with a spatula if he gets any webbing on the fluffy rug by the fireplace.

Yeah, Pepper’s definitely used to ridiculous.

So she isn’t surprised to walk into the living room to find Peter and Morgan both hanging by their feet from the ceiling directly above Tony who is sleeping on the couch. Pepper doesn’t feel the slightest bit of alarm, especially when she sees the protective hand Peter has wrapped round the string of web holding Morgan, and merely watches them for a moment. They’re mere inches away from Tony’s face, close enough for his breath to make Morgan’s hair flutter, and immediately Pepper knows what their plan is.


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Hi hello um so I saw you were taking requests??? Like, that’s awesome, cause you’re such an amazing artist. ahhhh okay, so, I was wondering if you could do platonic (obviously) Peter and Tony where tony is just??? Wrecking Peter??? With raspberries??? Like yes please. You totally don’t have to, though! Sorry if I’m bothering you. Okay ok ilysm you’re an amazing, perfect human being okay bye 💞💞 -Kat


Peter tried to spook Tony and he’s not having it!


(Platonic! Don’t tag as St*arker!)

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