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#iron dad and spider son
Peter: Have a good day!
Tony: You know what happened last time someone told me that?
Peter: You said 'don't tell me what to do'?
Tony: I started crying
Peter: Are you...going to do that now?
Peter: Mr. Stark?
Tony: No. It seems like I'm mentally stable today.
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Peter: You know when you stand up and your vision goes static?
MJ: You know that means you need iron, right?
Peter, already on the phone with Tony: Hey Irondad you know when you stand up and your vision goes static?
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Tony Stark Taking His Son For Walk While Giving The

“DO NOT SPEAK TO ME OR MY SON EVER AGAIN” Vibes = a threat 🌠😌👌🏼


Bonus: Here’s A Courtesy Picture Of Tony’s Child, He Has Stated To Please Cherish And Love Him With All your heart Since He Is A Special


(Tony Told Peter They Weren’t Getting Ice Cream For Lunch And Peter Is a Bit Upset About It)


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Peter was laying on the couch when Tony walked in, “We’re supposed to be working in the lab not sleeping, Peter.”

“I’m not feeling good.” Peter says tugging the blankets around him tighter.

Tony reaches over to feel his forehead, “I don’t think you have a fever.”

“It’s something else…” Peter says.

“Peter…Did you eat gluten?”

“It wasn’t my fault! Someone brought gluten free cupcakes to school and there must have been cross contamination.”

Tony sighed. He wished that there was a way to avoid this but unfortunately it was their new normal since Peter had been diagnosed with Celiac disease.

“Okay. Movie night it is then!” Tony lifted Peter’s feet and set them on his lap.

“Big Hero 6?” Peter asked

“You love that movie.”

“It’s amazing.” Peter gushed.

“It’s sad.”

“Maybe something sad can also be amazing?”

“You got me there, Kid.” Tony said.

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Tony: How can I cheer you up?
Peter: Play uno with me and let me win
Tony:'re asking too much of me.
Peter: Monopoly?
Tony: I would sooner give you my entire fortune
Peter: Snakes and ladders?
Tony: I don't really have any control over that one
Peter: I'll take it
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Peter: Do you have your wisdom teeth still?
Tony: No, they were removed years ago
Peter: Then I have more teeth than you!
Tony: Bold of you to assume that I don't have a second set of teeth hidden in the roof of my mouth
Peter: ...dammit, that seems plausible
Tony: It does?
Peter: Yeah, absolutely
Tony: Wait, why exactly?
Peter: Because you're Tony Stark
Tony: extra teeth part of my reputation?
Peter: No. But I think I read that rumour somewhere
Tony: I was joking!
Peter: Sure you were
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Iron Dad & Spider-son Fic Rec

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I read this fic last night, thought about for 5 hours, reread it and then made this post because Blayne is phenomenal. 

Quid Pro Quo by @pokeydotes

Summary: Peter and Ned need a favor, Tony has an idea, and Pepper needs a vacation.

Or the one where Peter somehow ends up working as an actual intern and they all get more than they bargained for in the process.


One of first words that come to mind with this fic is unexpected. Wonderfully unexpected. That’s probably because when Blayne told me her original idea for it, I didn’t imagine it including everything it did by the end. And I’m so glad she’s the genius she is because guys, this is one of my favorite fics ever. I think it’s one that’s gonna stay with me for a while. 

With that being said, I think it’s best to go into this blind. So I’m not going to give a detailed review. The way she writes fluff and dialogue and nervousness and inner turmoil and angst is just perfect. The pacing is excellent. The banter is The Best™. Blayne has such an understanding of these characters and mad, mad writing skills. She’s easily one of my favorite authors in this fandom.

Read this fic. And if you like it, make sure to let the author know! 

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Peter walks into the lab and hands Tony a card.

Tony frowns but accepts the card, “What is this?”

Peter, “Why don’t you just open it?”

Tong shrugs and does as requested.

Peter watches his reaction but Tony has a great poker face.

“You really mean this?” Tony asks finally looking up.

“Of course.” Peter easily replies.

“This says I’m the best dad in the whole world…” Tony tells him as if Peter didn’t read the card before giving it to him.

“Tony that came on the card when I bought it. Did you even read what I wrote?” Peter laughs.

“No. I got stuck on the best dad comment.” Tony opens his arms and Peter glady accepts the offered hug.

“Happy Fathers Day, Tony!” Peter says.

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