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#iron dad and spider son

I still can’t believe that we’ll never see this scene :(

And that we’ll never see peter grow up with a Dad and with a sister, with a lot of uncles.

We’ll never see Tony crying at Peter’s graduation.

We’ll never see Tony be happy with his kids having a normal life.

I’m sad we’ll never see Peter being happy with his family and having someone to rely on other than May.

I’m sad.

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So, *awkward cough* Tom Holland has a girlfriend

And I gotta tell you I just woke up to discover this and I’m so hurt and emotional

But if he’s happy I’m happy

*chokes on her own tears*

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

*puts clown mask on*

Life is mother fucker

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Remember how Tom told a journalist once that he sadly wears a tong underneath the suite and that he will never be the same, well during the press tour our little tong got a kitty cat see through tong

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Okay so I know the past couple fics I’ve rec’d have been angst and we’re gonna continue that, since it’s apparently the theme of the week. We’re going to the multiverse which oops I guess it isn’t real after all 

Infinite Ends Where We Begin by @ironfamjam

Summary: !Endgame Spoilers!

When the snap opens portals to the multiverse, Peter can’t help but jump through universe after universe trying to find Tony to bring him home. And while every Tony is different, Peter’s a part of his life every time.

Some things are constant no matter what world they’re in.


This might be my most angsty fic I’ve rec’d yet. It accepts Tony’s death basically, and not even I’ve done that. Is it sad? Yes. Did I sob? Also yes, started almost immediately. But oh my god this fic is one of the best fics I have ever read. ALL THE DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF TONY & PETER! I MELT. AND CRY. Oh my god it’s so well executed I couldn’t not rec it. And it has lots of different tropes! My heart is breaking and yet I’m almost happy about it??? This is a phenomenal story. 

I cried. I laughed. I smiled. I grieved. I maybe accepted. I cried even more. 

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Can we please talk about the freshman year pictures

Like Ned And Betty are honestly adorable

And Peter in the bottom left conner looking as awkward as he can be

Like Flash legit paid for his picture to be taken by a professional photographer and out ALL the pictures he choose THAT

What the fuck?

MJ was and still is a 24/7 mood

Peter looking like he had an allergic reaction to bad shrimp and decided to sneeze right in that moment

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