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do you have any hcs for ward as a boss?

Ward Meachum as your boss

  • When you first started at Rand you were super intimidated by Ward. The way he dresses and the way he walks are all reasons for that. And of course the fact that he’s super intelligent, straight forward and well-spoken.
  • First time going to the top floor felt very unreal and nerve-wracking but everyone was very welcoming, including Ward.
  • Ward always keeps his door open.
  • After working with him for a while he tells you to stop calling him ‘Mr. Meachum’.
  • He tells everyone they can call him Ward. But only to the people he likes. Which are a lot of people. There just are a very few obnoxious people tha the likes to keep on distance.
  • As intimidating as he can be, he can be very supportive as well. Even very sweet. Whenever someone has an emergency, like a family emergency, he tells them to leave. “There is nothing as important as family”.
  • Working closely with Ward has it perks. You get invited to the coolest parties and events. You also get to steal him away when he ‘needs saving from peasants’.
  • At late nights at the office he likes to order take-out for everyone who’s still there. He also likes to loosen his tie and take his jacket off. Not a bad view at all.
  • He is also very funny. Throwing sarcastic jokes during a serious meetings to keep the attendees awake is one of his favorite things to do.
  • Ward has implemented new guidelines and regulations within Rand. Like doing a lot for the environment for example.
  • He actually visits other departments too and really wants to know what’s going on in the company. He actively works together with his coworkers and treats them as equals.
  • He also shows interest in the coworkers he likes. As much as he hates obnoxious people, he also tries to maintain healthy relationships within his company to make sure everyone feels good working at Rand.
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I JUST SAW THE BAD THINGS HAPPEN BINGO CARD!!! I was reading over what you've already written and can I just say you've done an amazing job! If it isn't already written would you be okay with doing the prompt doesn't realize they are injured with Danny Rand? Maybe it can involve Ward as well?

Bingo Prompt: Doesn’t Realise They’ve Been Hurt

Fandom: Iron Fist

Characters: Danny Rand, Ward Meachum

Word count: 1,747

A/N: Oh boy oh boy, this week has been busy. Haven’t managed to write every day, but I did get this done! It was lots of fun, enjoy!!


It had all started off so well. But really, Ward thought, most of their misadventures over the past few months could be summed up like that. It had started off so well, and then someone drew a gun. Or decided to go all ninja on them. Or pulled out some magic he couldn’t even begin to understand. Whatever the case, he wasn’t hugely surprised to find himself pinned down behind a pile of boxes in an- what they had thought was - empty warehouse, the former ‘drawing a gun’ option having happened this time around. 

Danny grinned at him from a pile of boxes nearby, and Ward returned the gesture with a glare. Unphased, Danny motioned for Ward to stay down, and then like the damned idiot he was, popped his head over the cover to take in the scene. Ward closed his eyes and leaned his head against the box, wondering once again how he had let Danny talk him into doing this. 

A sudden flurry of gunfire snapped his eyes open just in time to see Danny slide behind cover beside him, having sprinted the gap between their boxes. Ward made sure he hadn’t been hurt, then glared at him. 

“You’re an idiot,” he muttered. Danny’s grin only widened. 

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Me: happily thinking about how great Ward and Danny’s relationship is in season two and how great it is that Ward is so open and ready to call him ‘brother’ from early on.

My goblin angst brain: okay but hear me out. Ward is so used to being a protective older brother that when Joy shunned him he turned to the closest figure he could to put those feelings upon. The identity of 'older brother’ is familiar and comfortable to him in a time of lots of changes and bad stuff happening, so he focuses that need to look after someone on Danny. This is almost as unhealthy as the additions he has, since he sees himself solely responsible for Danny’s safety, just like he saw himself as responsible for protecting Joy from their father. This is seen most clearly in season 2 episode 7 when, after Davos breaks Danny’s leg, Ward has a relapse and gets drunk; he feels responsible and like he couldn’t protect Danny. He still, in a way, sees Danny as a kid who needs looking after.

Me:… okay wow rude

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New issue of Lethal Protectors is out… I LOVE the art. Morb is like 10/10 on point. My problem though is HE DOESN’T TALK LIKE THIS! Never! It’s just not his speech pattern. It’s like they just gave him anyone’s dialogue. 

Also Iron fist Mr. Ballet slippers getting all high and mighty like you dork. I was there in the 90′s for the first round of this. You didn’t join the fight till nearly the end don’t you even act like you’re better than Morb who took shit from his fellow heroes and yet still helped out at personal risk.

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New Warriors’ Sighting on this week! 

Firestar (Angelica Jones) the former New Warrior is among the reinforcements (consisting of Cloak, Dagger, Morbius, Deathlok and herself). They are called by Iron Fist (Danny Rand) to search and rescue Misty Knight from the Knull-controlled Symbiotes. This looks like a homage to the 90s storyline Maximum Carnage where the street heroes were called up by Spider-Man to fight Carnage and his horde except that in this issue, Spider-Man, Venom, Black Cat, Captain America and Nightwatch are absent in this tie-in. 

- Absolute Carnage: Lethal Protectors #2, 2019

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