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The lightning flashes like stars exploding. Rain falls with the fury of hammers. And every eye does lift with fear and wonder… to behold the coming… of the Storm of Thors.

Cover art for War of the Realms #006, “The Storm of Thors”

Art by Arthur Adams and Matthew Wilson

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I’m really sad the Netflix MCU shows have finished and can’t continue anywhere else immediately, but that was a great ending to the whole thing for now.

Not gonna lie though, after Luke cameoed, and being upset he wasn’t mentioned at all, I for some reason thought for a second Matt would show up at the train station hahah. If these do continue, even years from now, I really hope Matt or Jess show up in each other’s shows. Also Matt teaming up with the Punisher in his 3rd season could have been a great thing, even if it’s one episode. And gods Luke Cage and Iron Fist really needed that 3rd season each. Even if they were 10 episodes like IF S2 (which I still don’t understand why that was).

Anyway, I hope Jessica, Matt, Luke, Danny and Frank (plus others) don’t end here. Now that they’re off Netflix, I hope Kevin will find a way to integrate them into the MCU film side of things in a couple of years, seen as the film characters are getting their own shows now. A Daredevil and Spider-Man team-up is still one of my most anticipated MCU moments.

Also dang I just realized it sucks even more, imagine Daredevil Season 4 set like a year or two after Infinity War. Same with the others, except that would mean a big time jump for Luke and Danny whose stories didn’t really conclude properly. But still, that could have been such a cool way to explore that time in the MCU. Darn.

Still JJ Season 3 was fantastic, what isn’t in the MCU hahah. Can’t wait to see what we’re gonna get next decade. Here’s hoping it’s these characters becoming a more connected part of the MCU.

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Otto Octavius, aka Superior Spider-Man, aka Dr. Octopus says: “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!”

Some knock-out moments from Superior Spider-Man #8 (2019)! Grab it today!

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I am a very very big Iron Fist fan, so I was bummed to hear how many people said the Netflix show was no good. Ah well, I can always reread the Immortal Iron Fist again!

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Danny Rand from Marvel's Iron Fist is autistic! He doesn't get or follow social norms or rules. He doesn't notice that what he's saying sounds weird to people. He doesn't lie and he doesn't understand why others don't realize that, and he has trouble not realizing when people are lying and I'm the same way. He's hyperempathic towards others. He doesn't pick if people are confused or if a situation is awkward. He has a lot more autistic traits on top of all that as well.
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Brand new horrendous thought about Ward: I reblogged this gifset of Ward earlier - in Harold’s apartment from 1x08, from the scene where he’s manipulating Danny into leaving so he can clean up all the blood and whatnot after stabbing the shit out of Harold - and it occurs to me that this kind of emotional manipulation/gaslighting is something that isn’t really in Ward’s usual toolbox of tactics. I mean, he does plenty of horrible things in season one, but it tends to be more straightforward: trying to have Danny killed, trying to buy off Colleen, that kind of thing. Even when Ward manipulates people (or tries to; he’s not very good at it), it’s not generally like this: pretending to cry and playing on Danny’s emotions to get the desired result, which is Danny going away and leaving him alone.

You know who does that? Harold. To Ward. CONSTANTLY. It’s not the only thing Ward seems to have picked up from the Harold Meachum playbook of manipulating people; I also noticed on my recent S1 rewatch how frequently Ward tries to bribe or buy people off in S1, as opposed to very rarely doing it in S2, which makes me think that’s quite likely a thing Harold trained into him, as well. (Also, notice how often it works for him? Basically, never.) But this is perhaps the only scene in which he is blatantly drawing from Harold’s gallery of gaslighting techniques, and deploying it both ruthlessly and effectively.

In general, Ward is a blunt instrument, not a master manipulator. He’s not good at the finer manipulative stuff the way Harold and Joy are. One of these days I need to write up a post that’s been brewing in my head about how it never even seemed to occur to him to do the kind of long-game vengeance planning that Joy does between S1 and S2. With both Harold and with Danny in S1, Ward never actually seems to think of working out some kind of elaborate plan to trap, thwart, and/or kill them. It’s entirely reactive, a kind of self-protective lashing out. I’m not saying that makes anything he does right; it’s just interesting to me that Ward never actually seems to engage in the kind of active malevolence that Harold does (and that Joy is also capable of). He can be incredibly nasty when he’s hurt and/or pissed off, and for a very long time his more sympathetic qualities are almost entirely focused on people he cares about, with utter indifference to his effect on everyone else. (This is starting to change in S2, but he’s only just starting to get there.) It’s very much about Us and Them for S1-era Ward, and Danny only gets incorporated into Us after he saves the Meachums at the penthouse. 

So basically it’s not like he can’t be awful. But he isn’t cruel. Let alone cruel in that calculatedly cruel kind of way that Harold and, sometimes, Joy both are.

Except in that one scene. And … actually, come to think of it, he does something similar with Joy a little later in the same episode (I think it’s that episode? maybe the next one?) when he takes her to the penthouse and then has a freakout and tries to chase her away. It’s the same thing he’s doing with Danny – taking the things he knows that will hurt her most and using that as a bludgeon to get her to stop doing what she’s doing.

I kinda feel like it’s thematically important to his character arc that the one point in the series when we see him acting in this incredibly Harold-like way is right after Harold’s death. It’s almost like a passing-the-torch kind of thing – Harold tried to mold Ward in his own image, and the part of the series in which it came closest to working is in those middle-to-late episodes in S1, when he kills Harold and then teeters on the edge of becoming like Harold.

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