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#irondad fic
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It isn’t nearly as easy as just asking what is the problem, though, because he can’t get through the battle without ammuni—Bad analogy. It’d be much easier to tackle if he had an inkling to start with. He doesn’t, though, even after asking Peter a second time. In the midst of working on the new project, he is completely unable to focus, especially when Peter is there to help.

He should have known what the problem was. He should have. He didn’t.

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Febuwhump Day 15 & 16 – Hearing Loss & Brain Damage

Read on AO3

Seventy-eight hours.

Seventy-eight fucking hours and Tony thinks he’s going to fall apart at the seams if he has to keep going like this.

Not because he’s hurt, no, Tony’s barely got a scratch since they’ve gotten here (Seventy-eight hours ago) and Ned’s doing just fine as well, eyes wide and red-rimmed, nose flushed and hands shaking in their restraints, but fine, just another wrong place, wrong time kind of situation for the poor kid.

Tony and Ned are fine.

Peter on the other hand?

“Ned, kid, I need you to breathe, okay? Panicking isn’t going to do anyone any good,” Tony says. He knows he sounds harsh, eyebrows lifted and hands clenched around the arms of the chair, voice coming out rough and angry. He takes a deep breath. “I know this is scary, but Peter’s going to be alright.”

Tony’s not sure if he’s lying or not, all he knows is that he’s going to do all he can, even if all he can do is take care of Ned.

“What did they do to him?” Ned asks, voice so quiet in the small room.

Tony looks over at Peter and his heart sinks.

His kid, god his fucking kid, looks awful. His eyes, glazed and unfocused, slide over the room unseeingly, hands clenched around the arms of his chair like Tony’s are. They realized yesterday, when he was brought back, that Peter couldn’t hear anything they said, couldn’t see them. It was like they’d ripped away his senses.

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by @whumphoarder​ & @awesomesockes

Tony has finally started allowing the kid to tag along on missions with the team. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.

(Or, five times Tony makes Peter sit out on a mission + one time the tables are turned.)

Alternative Title: The Benchwarmer

Link to read on Ao3

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Febuwhump Day 13 & 14 – Unfortunate & Broken Heart

Read on AO3

For once, the day didn’t seem to hold any heaviness to it. The sky was bright, the cake made to immaculate perfection, the card and present nervously left in the center of the table.

“Happy Becoming a Stark Day, kid,” Tony says, uncertainty obvious in the way he holds himself, shoulders tense and eyes wary.

Three years ago, Peter would’ve hid away in his room at the reminder, scolding himself for calling it his room. He would’ve tucked himself under his blankets, locked the door, and cried, begging May and Ben to come back.

Two years ago, Peter would’ve shrugged Tony off. He would’ve rolled his eyes, refused to have any of the cake, and ignored the gift. He would’ve shouldered his backpack and stalked to school, not even accepting Happy’s offer for a ride.

Even last year, Peter would’ve squared his jaw, maybe attempted a half-smile in consideration. He wouldn’t have eaten the cake, would’ve maybe peeked at the gift when he thought Tony wasn’t looking, but would’ve ignored the idea of the day that stood before him.

But today’s different. Three years is a long time to heal.

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hey guys! its currently 1:46am over her in ye old England. and I have just written this! non edited so might be spelling/grammar mistakes. thank you guys so much for reading!

HEAVY TRIGGER WARNINGS: self harm mentioned, not the act, but if you get triggered by that, please take care of yourselves.


In hindsight, Tony knows he should have seen the signs. That was probably why he was beating himself up about it so much- he didn’t notice. From the constant long sleeves to the mindless scratching, it seemed like whenever Tony looked back on their time together, he should have known Peter wasn’t okay.


Pete walked into the lab, FRIDAY already having opened the doors upon his arrival. Tony looked up from what his mind was currently focused on and shot his intern a soft smile before quickly turning it into a frown of confusion.

“Wait, what time is it?” he asked, full attention on Peter now.

“Uh-” he checked his watch, “around five thirty”

“Shit, i’ve been in here since breakfast”

Peter gave him a small laugh and sat on his stool at his designated area, placing his backpack to the side of the desk and laid his equipment, he started making some new web formula, a seemingly easy task but time consuming.

It was a few hours before Tony proposed the idea of food, the teenager agreed immediately. They left the lab and went up to the common area- a seemingly pointless floor as half of the team were on various missions at that time. Tony took out and heated up the leftovers from their last lab session, taking both plates to the living area and setting them down on the coffee table before pulling up some kind of disney movie. They were both happy to eat in silence as they watched the film, before Peter finished his seemingly record time and decided to nuzzle into Tony’s side.

Somehow along the course of the movie, the two had managed to end up cuddled up together, mumbling nonsense about whatever crossed their minds, as Peter slowly drifted to sleep. Tony thinks that was where it went wrong.

If tony could rewind time, he would take himself back to that moment and not let himself look down, not let him notice how the kid’s face was as relaxed as he’d ever seen it and he would definitely not let himself look down and see how Peter’s sleeve had ridden up as he moved his arm, displaying the deep red cuts along his wrist and up his forearm. Tony wished he could just have savoured his own ignorance for just a while longer, let himself realise how perfect the moment was.

He couldn’t hold in the gasp that left his mouth at the realisation, somehow- probably due to spider sense- he has woken peter up. He raised his scar covered arm to cover his mouth as he let out a yawn, slowly opening his eyes and looking up at tony, a small smile on his lips, quickly turning into a frown as he saw tony’s shocked face.

“What?” Peter looked at Tony’s uncertainty.

“Kid,“ Tony was seemingly speechless, he couldn’t take his eyes away from the kid- his kid’s arm, the same arm that was still exposed, sleeve rucked up. Peter slowly realised where he was looking, trailing his eyeline and quickly pulling his sleeve down, looking up at tony with only guilt in his eyes.

“I’ll just- just go to bed,” he stood up to leave but Tony caught his arm, the one that wasn’t covered with cuts and scars, god, Tony wished it wasn’t.

“Kid, we can talk about this,”

“No, it’s fine, Tony” he tried to pull his arm free from Tony’s grip, but Tony held steady.

“Kid, it clearly isn’t-”

“Just leave it, tony! Its fine,” Peter almost yelled, said with such finality Tony would almost believe it if it wasn’t for the tears he could see threatening to spill from his eyes.

“Peter. Talk to me, it’s okay “Peter looked hesitant but slowly a tear fell, and that seemed to be the last of his resolve crumbling, more tears only following.

“But it isn’t, tony. I have school and spiderman and you have a freaking company to run, you don’t have time to deal with my problems,” he was looking at the floor now and, god, if tony didn’t feel like the worst person in the world right then- he couldn’t believe he ever let his child believe that for one second.

“Oh kid,” he pulled him to his chest, feeling him shake with sobs, “i’m so so sorry if i ever made you feel like that, you can always talk to me about anything, okay?” he felt a small nod against his chest, “okay, we’re going to get some sleep right now, but tomorrow, we’re talking about this and we’re going to work through it, okay?” another nod.

And Tony felt himself lat out a breath, still holding onto Peter, and he let himself think, maybe they would be okay.


thank you for reading! im not going to be tagging many people so im sorry if I missed you. message me if you’d like to be added to my tag list.

@romeoandjulietyouwish @baloobird

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Hi! I love your fics, so I'm requesting again😊 Aren’t you supposed to be the adult? With tony and penny/Peter (you can choose if you want it to be Peter or penny) (from Drabble Challenge! #1 - 150)

Sorry this took so long! (I didn’t use the prompt exactly, I mostly used it as inspiration for this.


Penny sits on the couch in the living room, thinking over what she is going to say to Pepper when the couple walks in, Pepper with her hand on Tony’s bicep. They look happy, Penny notes. Pepper’s cheeks are flushed with blush and her smile radiates her love for Tony. Penny is happy for them, but there’s something she has to do first.

“Hi, Pen!” Tony greets, kissing the top of her head. “What are you still doing up?”

“How did your date go?” Penny asks, ignoring her dad’s question and leaning into his arm as the couple sits down on the couch beside her.

Tony looks to Pepper with a loving smile, “It was great. We had a wonderful time.” Pepper nods her agreement.

“Dad?” Penny asks. “Could I talk to Pepper for a moment?”

Tony lifts an eyebrow, “Are you going to do what I think you’re going to do?”

Penny shrugs, “You did it to me when Harry came over so I think this is deserved.”

“Well,” Tony stands, looking at Pepper, “good luck.”

Pepper tips her head to the side, “What?” Tony just smirks and walks out of the room, leaving the two women alone. “What’s up, Penny?”

“I know you and my dad are getting kind of serious now,” Penny starts. Pepper looks embarrassed. “My dad is the only family I have and if you ever try to come between us I will tear you limb from limb.” Pepper gulps. “I don’t want to see you break his heart, he absolutely adores you, Pepper. Don’t mess this up.” Pepper nods, looking determined.

“Penny, can I ask you a question?” Pepper leans forward. Penny nods. “How would you feel about me marrying your dad?”

Penny’s eyes widen comically, “Really?” For as much time she spent wondering about what her dad’s future with Pepper would look like, she tried not to get her hopes up that Pepper could someday be her mom; she’d seen too many of her dad’s relationships fall apart.

“Yeah.” Pepper smiles warmly. “That’s actually what the dinner was about, we wanted to set time aside to discuss it and we did. We came to the conclusion that neither of us can picture a world without each other. So, what do you think?”

Penny doesn’t respond at first, she just tackles Pepper with a big hug, “I’ve always wanted a mom.” Penny doesn’t have to look at Pepper to know the older woman is choked up. “And I can’t think of a better one than you.”

Pepper pulls out of the hug then, and sure enough, her eyes are quite misty. She takes Penny’s face in her hands and kisses the top of her head, “I can’t think of a better daughter.”

Penny and Pepper hug again, both crying. Penny clings to Pepper’s shoulder, “I’m sorry I threatened you.”

Pepper laughs, “It’s alright, Pen.” Pen. It was the nickname her dad had called her ever since she was a little baby. Pepper has never used it before and Penny finds that she doesn’t mind it at all.

She’s going to have a mom.

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failure’s a stranger we all dream about

febuwhump/fluff fic #5! written for the fluff prompt missing you and the whump prompts revealed secret, creators choice (i’ve gone with some classic college stress) and mental disorder. 

Summary: Peter’s college workload and anxiety makes him worry that maybe he’s not good enough for Tony.

read on ao3 here!

The only thing coursing through Peter’s veins is Red Bull.

May would probably go into cardiac arrest if she could see how many empty cans of the stuff Peter has littered on the desk around him. It’s not like he can help it. He just burns through it so fast and he really needs to stay awake tonight - his Circuits and Electronics assignment isn’t going to write itself, as much as he wishes it would.

So, here he is, with an assignment due tomorrow and an empty word document in front of him. The questions on his laptop screen are blurring together, burning into his eyeballs in the dim late-night light of the library and he has to blink a couple of times to refocus.

Which of the following is an effect of reflective radio frequency power?

What is the frequency of the source if the capacitive reactance is 0.06?

Compared to bipolar transistors, field effect transistors are normally characterized by what?

He knows all this. He does. Or at least, he should know all this. He should be able to do it in his sleep. He’s been doing this stuff with Tony in his lab since he was fifteen. He’s had adults telling him that he’s a genius his entire life.

So why is it so hard to think?

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Febuwhump Day 11 & 12 – Graceless & Stabbed

Read on AO3

Despite what everybody thinks, Peter doesn’t get hurt on patrol that often. Sure, he gets a few cuts and bruises most nights, but real injuries, serious injuries rarely occur.

There were The Incidents. Like the mess with Toomes including the ferry, the warehouse, and the plane crash. And then there was the whole mess with Thanos where Peter, you know, died. And after that, there was Mysterio which left Peter a little worse for wear.

But generally?

Regular patrol, he’s fighting against people. Just regular human beings with stupid ski masks and easy to take guns that they wave around in carelessly.

And Peter’s a superhuman. He’s got his spidey-sense and his incredible speed, reflexes, agility, strength. He’s got Karen, his suit with all it’s crazy capabilities, and he’s got Iron Man on speed dial.

He doesn’t get hurt.

Especially after he got back from Europe, where he honed his skills even more and started to really trust his senses, nobody can really get the upper hand with him.

So he doesn’t get it.

Why in the world is he bleeding out in a grim alleyway, criminal long gone?

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It’s been over a year since Civil War, and Tony is still having a hard time. He simply can’t reach out, can’t get over the sinking feeling in his stomach. It takes the kindness of a young Peter Parker to remind him that things are okay, that they can get better some day.

Read it on AO3.

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Here to Help

Words: 24906

Chapters: 5/?

Summary: Tony Stark finds his intern Peter Parker tired, hungry, and scared, in the alleyway next to Stark Tower. Cue Dad Instincts and hugs because I need more fluff in my life. 

Status: Ongoing

Just so Hungry

Words: 6681

Chapters: 6/6

Summary: Peter doesn’t eat all day and Tony is a protective dad. Also there’s a cat.

This is just better version of another story I’ve published on AO3 under the same title. I’m not deleting that version so if you wanna go find it for some reason go ahead. But this one is better.

Status: Completed

Silly Little Spider

Words: 4015

Chapters: 4/4

Summary: Poor Peter Parker doesn’t have enough money for food (And Tony has to do something about that)

Basically a more angsty version of Just so Hungry lol

Status: Completed

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I will hold you ‘til I hold you right

A/N: So forever ago, I asked for prompts. This sat in my Google Docs for months and months because I wanted to make it a full fic, but all I cared about was this scene. So I decided today that I’m gonna post it as a drabble. Special thanks to @sophie-the-compulsive-fangirl and @hardjaxlarnir for giving me the prompt “captivity”

Title from “Lost” by Dermot Kennedy

“Peter, come’re.” Tony outstretches his arm in invitation, the motion pulling at his sore, beaten limb. But he needs this physical contact that grounds him, as much a comfort for Tony as he hopes it is for Peter. They had been taken eight hours ago, but the trauma they’ve endured since then has made it seem like so much longer. The younger boy sniffles, a tear spilling down his cheek as he complies, folding himself into his mentor’s side. 

“I’m sorry,” Peter mumbles into the cotton of Tony’s shirt. It’s coated in dirt and blood and Tony swallows down bile at the sight of it.  “I should’ve-”

“Shhh. Nope. You’ve done amazing, kid. You shouldn’t have done anything, kid. This isn’t on you.” He wraps both his arms around Peter, and god he’s shaking. Tony reaches up, gently scratching at the nape of his neck and through his long chestnut curls. “This shouldn’t have happened.”

The room smells of piss of molding water, and Tony inhales a whiff of it as his mouth opens in a choked off sob. It had just been their normal morning jog when he was grabbed, Peter unlucky enough to be with him at the time. No, this is on me, he thinks. He knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that he would give anything to erase this trauma from Peter. Their captors seemed to catch on too, deciding the best form of torture would be having him watch as they messed with Peter first. For Peter’s part, he had been so incredibly strong, taunting them in a Tony-Stark-like fashion for the first few hours, but his bravado crumbled as the pain increased and time passed, his body working overtime to heal open wounds and darkening bruises. Anger coils in his chest, so hard and heavy in its depth that he struggles to sit still. But that’s not what Peter needs right now, so he stays still.

“I’m scared, Mr. Stark.” Peter whispers, burying his head further into Tony’s shoulder.

“Me too, bud.” Tony admits, fingers continuing their ministrations through his mentee’s hair. 

“You are?” he asks, lifting his head to look up at Tony. 

“All the time. Why do you think I put all those protocols in your suit? I’m - I’m terrified of something happening to you. Something like this…Pete, I’m so sorry. We’re gonna get out of here. I promise you.”

Peter just nods, eyes glazed and unfocused as he lets his head fall back against Tony’s chest. In the distance, the familiar sound of repulsors pierce the air. 

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Irondad Fic Rec

Sorry I disappeared! I was rereading a long fic, writing one, and have been working full time. I might make these less frequent to make it easier on me but I have no plans to stop anytime soon. Today’s fic is

Hero by lady_oneder

Summary: Time travel is fickle, and Tony is busting out his dad moves. Peter just wants to take the physics test he studied hard for.


Tony, Morgan, and Peter accidentally travel back and time and meet Howard and Maria Stark


Can this be a trope please? I absolutely love all the tension and interactions between Howard, Maria, Jarvis, and Tony, Peter, and Morgan. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this and I really just want to read about 50 more fics just like it. Howard Stark’s A+ parenting is my favorite tag because it’s so sassy and never means what it says. The juxtaposition of Howard’s parenting vs. Tony’s parenting is truly beautiful.

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Febuwhump Day 9 & 10 – Lose You & Farewell Forever

Read on AO3

{Major Character Death}

There was a chair left empty at Academic Decathlon, the spot reserved for someone that would never show up.

Even Flash knew not to take it, sitting on the edge of the stage and kicking his feet. They don’t have enough players to compete in any competition or event, but MJ still hasn’t made the call for Flash to join the team as anything but an alternate.

Their teacher didn’t bother to show, writing some bullshit email to the group about feeling sick but that they could meet without him. Nobody mentioned the extra emailed person that didn’t need the emails anymore.

MJ stands tall at the head of the table, pushing her sunglasses further up on her nose and running a stressed hand through her hair.

“Alright, let’s practice,” she says, voice rough and low. She grabs the stack of cue cards off the table like it’s a normal practice.

It’s not like it’s the first time they’ve been a player short, but this is the first time it’s been a permanent absence.

The room is quiet, nobody knowing the answers to half the questions she asked. The empty chair, the missing player, the extra email address, he would’ve known them all. He was always the one to carry them to victory at the competitions.

Nobody says it though.

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A/N: Written for the wonderful @blondsak for the irondad fic exchange!! She actually gave me this idea and I like to think I twisted it and made it my own. Angst and fluff ahead friends.

Also on Ao3

“FRIDAY has already scanned the area. There’s no civilians. Give me the mission rundown.” Tony says. He’s hovering above a rooftop with Peter, surrounded by dusty warehouses that look like they haven’t been visited in at least two decades. It’s a low grade mission for Iron Man, but he’s been trying to train Peter more. He’d been tipped off that more of Toomes weapons were being sold here, and Peter has seemed to make it his personal responsibility to keep them off the streets since The Vulture fiasco.

“Okay I swing in while you stand guard out here. The tracker said the computer that we want to hack into is somewhere in the middle of the building. We just have to get to it first. So, we take out the guys, or girls - girls can be super villains too! - guarding it, and then have FRIDAY or Karen download all the info. And then, get out and bust the bad guys. Easy peasy.” Peter smiles, fingers drumming against his leg in anticipation. 

“I think you’ve got it. Let’s go. You’re gonna do great, kid,” he says, trying to encourage Peter in a way he never was as a child. Or even an adult. He really doesn’t want to mess this up, whatever this is. 

Pepper had immediately coined it as co-parenting over dinner one night, much to Tony’s denial. 

(“So you’re co-parenting the kid now?” she’d quipped, her brow raising as she suppressed a laugh. 

“No. I’m not a parent. A co-parent or a co–”

“You spent dinner last night telling me about his chemistry project and academic decathlon meets. The only other person you talk about more is yourself.”

“Not true.”

Her amused smile turned smug as she cast her gaze to the ceiling. “FRIDAY?”

There was a pause as the A.I. gathered her data. “In the past 5 months, you have talked about Peter 40% more than anyone else. Most of your conversations with Happy Hogan revolve around Peter Parker as well.”

“That doesn’t prove anything.”

“You picked him up from school, Tony. Because he was sick.”

“I was being a responsible mentor. ”



“Fine, live in denial. Tell May I said hi at your monthly dinner where you talk about your kid.”) 

Tony smiles at the memory. And yes, maybe he had bought back the tower on impulse after Karen called him while Spider-Man was half out of his mind with pain and a knife wedged six inches into his leg. And if he thought the sight of blood seeping profusely from the wound was awful, it was nothing compared to his mentee’s muffled cries as he held him against his chest during the flight over. After that, Tony had upped his training. Which brings them here. He’s brought out of his reverie with the sound of said kid quietly singing “Private Eyes” to himself. Under his mask, Tony smiles as he sighs. 

“How stealthy of you, Spider-Man.” 

Peter mutters an apology, but continues to hum the song at a lower volume. A few minutes pass before he speaks up. “I found it! It’s not even guarded. Okay, Karen, just do your thing.” A beat. “Okay, Mr. Stark. It’s downloading. I’ll just…wait here.” 

“Boss. I think -” FRIDAY stops mid sentence, her constant, faint humming silencing completely. He calls out for her, and nothing happens. He calls for Peter and Spider-Man. Nothing. His stomach drops, a panic coiling it’s way up his throat, constricting his airwaves and he has to get out, has to help Peter, Peter –

“Confused, Stark?” A voice taunts into his comm. It’s an older, male voice, raspy and definitely not the voice he was wanting to hear. “Just consider me an old friend.” 

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Febufluff Day 9 & 10 – Sick Day & Waking Up Together

Read on AO3

Peter rolls over, blearily blinking his eyes open and wincing when he sees the bathroom light spilling into their bedroom.

“Harley?” he calls out, coughing into his elbow until tears spring up in his eyes. He takes a sip from the waterbottle left on the nightstand and rubs at his aching eyes. “Babe?”

A moment later, Harley appears in the doorway, eyes red and body shivering. He looks just as miserable as Peter feels.

“You okay?” Harley asks, swallowing visibly. He winces and shuts off the light like he has some telepathic way to feel Peter’s headache.

Peter lifts one of his arms on the bed with a miserable pout. “If you promise not to throw up on me, I could really use some snuggles.”

The older boy’s still too pale face softens gently, grabbing another box of tissues as he stumbles back over to the bed.

“I hate this,” he groans when he falls into their bed, immediately tugging Peter into his arms. “Hate this.”

Peter hides his face against Harley’s old hoodie, ignoring the sort of gross smell. “Me too.”

Yeah, Harley caught the flu after taking the subway home from school one day. He tried to convince Peter to stay away from him until he was better, but Peter couldn’t resist helping Harley and Peter caught the flu too.

So now they’re both absolutely, miserably sick with no healthy person to take care of them.

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Febuwhump  Day 5 & 6 - Intruder & Fire

Read on AO3

Peter hadn’t been patrolling as often as he used to, ever since their baby was born. It was more important for him to be at home with his family. The risk he was taking was too great, now that he had a baby.

He knew what it was like to grow up fatherless. He had father-figures with Ben and then Tony, but his biological dad died when he was so young. He grew up without his dad. He knew how much that can affect a child firsthand. That was the last thing he wanted for his baby.

Plus, he just loves the domesticity of nights at home with his fiancée and child. There was something so beautiful about dinners together and bed times and movie nights. It was so peaceful and wonderful, and he always hated going out just in case his baby woke up in the middle of the night.

Even the thought of getting hurt made him shudder. He’s already put so much stress on May and Tony, MJ and Ned, from the nights spent out as a hero. They don’t want to lose him, and he can’t lose them either.

But occasionally, he can’t help himself.

The nagging feeling that somebody would be getting hurt and he’s not there to protect them constantly hangs onto his mind, sneaks into his lungs and plants itself as guilt.

“I’ll be back before you know it,” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to MJ’s forehead.

She smiles sleepily, nodding. “Go do your thing, Spider-Man.”

“I love you.”

“Be safe. I love you too.”

He swings out the window, reveling in the feeling of wind whipping past his head and the sounds of the city, alive even in the dead of night.

“Karen?” he says. “Make sure the Baby Monitor 2.0 is hooked up to my screen and working, and then find me the nearest crime.”

“Baby Monitor 2.0 is up and running,” she responds, just as kindly as ever. The little picture in the bottom of his screen shows his baby with a sound wave that stays flat.

He hooked the baby monitor in their baby’s room up to his suit. He can make sure to head home as soon as he sees a spike in the noise.

“There’s a robbery occurring three blocks away from here, a car theft seven blocks away, and a mugging nearby.”

Peter can’t help but smile at the feeling of finally being out, helping, for the first time in months. And with the flat baby monitor wave, he doesn’t have the lingering guilt of leaving his kid at home.


That is, until, MJ calls him.

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have you got any fic recs where peter and mj have a kid? with iron dad 🥺🥺

DO I EVER. Dad!Peter is one of my absolute favorite underrated tropes and I’ll never shut up about it. I have some from others:

And the rest are by me because when I said I love dad!Peter, I LOVE DAD PETER.

They say you write the things you want to see and you know if y’all won’t give me more dad!Peter content I’LL DO IT MYSELF.

That being said, if you have anymore recs - PLS SEND THEM TO ME. And this seems self-serving but as always, pls don’t forget to kudos and COMMENT. Authors always love hearing what you think of their work!!

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febuwhump day 3: living nightmare

read on ao3 

jan’s a living nightmare

The lake house living room was covered in yarn. There were unfurled rolls of every color, nestled in baskets, surrounding the armchair Tony sat in. There were stacks of knitted sweaters sitting on the coffee table, on the space on the couch next to Pepper, and under the window. Morgan laid on the hard wood floor, belly down, coloring, but also nestled in a sea of hand knitted socks.

Peter dropped his overnight bag on the floor to announce his arrival, but none of the Starks gave him any attention. Pepper focused on her work, Morgan on her coloring, and more strangely, Tony on the pair of knitting needles in his hands.

“Um,” said Peter. “What’s going on? Why does it look like a craft sweatshop in here?”

“Daddy’s practicing his knitting,” answered Morgan. She kept her eyes on her picture, but at least she had the decency to answer him.

“I’m not practicing,” said Tony, his hands working the knitting needles quickly and effectively. Peter had to admit the stitches looked pretty skillful. “I’m perfecting. My sweaters already ions better than Jan’s, anything else is just an added bonus.”

Peter wandered further into the living room, sort of hesitant, sort of afraid. “Um, who’s Jan?”

“Peter,” said Pepper, releasing a long, weary sigh. “Please don’t ask.”

“Daddy says that Jan’s a bitch.”

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