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#irondad fic

Date night is something sacred for Tony and Pepper. Mostly because they’re so rare due to their busy schedules. Sometimes, they go weeks without having one, and even though they try to balance it out by having three in a week with little work to do (which happens almost never), it still isn’t enough. Hence the Date Night Protocol which blocks every call, text, and email, making it almost impossible to reach them. The only ones that can reach them in case of apocalyptical emergencies are Rhodey, Happy, and Peter.

They just finished their steaks when FRIDAY interrupts their home-cooked meal. “Mr. Parker attempts to contact you.” Tony’s mouth is already open, the words that asking him to come to the boy’s school for his Physics project is not an emergency, but the AI continues. “He wishes to speak to Miss Potts.”

“What?” Tony can’t help but yell, and Pepper laughs at his dumbfounded expression. “Why?”

“He did not specify.”

“Are you worried that you’re going to lose your intern?” she asks with a smirk and takes another sip of her wine.

Tony squints his eyes. “No, why? Are you conspiring against me? Should I be worried?”

“I’m just saying that he’s still starstruck every time he sees me. You, on the other hand, just get his sass.”

“Well, I’ll have you know that that’s how teenager express their love these days.” Pepper chuckles again, and Tony waves his hand. “Let’s see what he wants, then. Connect the call, FRI.” A soft beep indicates the connected line. “Parker! Why do you try to distract my date? I have dibs on her tonight.” He winks at Pepper and gets an affectionate eye roll in return.

Something is wrong. Peter isn’t rambling. He isn’t apologizing. Instead, they just hear heavy breathing, and some noises Tony cannot place. A bad feeling settles in his stomach, and Pepper puts her glass down.

Finally, Peter speaks. “I’m sorry.” He sounds awful. His voice cracks at the first syllable, and it carries a kind of hoarseness Tony can’t put his finger on. “I forgot it’s date night. I’ll call back tomorrow.”

“It’s fine, Peter,” Pepper quickly says before he can hang up. “What do you want to talk to me about?” More silence. Something Pepper had dubbed Peter Panic – the kind of frenzy panic Tony always gets whenever a certain spider-boy is involved – starts spreading inside him. Without thinking about it, he pulls up Peter’s vitals – or tries to, at least. He’s not in his suit, hasn’t been for hours. More panic. “Peter?”

On the other line, Peter takes a deep breath. “I know you’re in charge of all the bureaucratic stuff and all that, and- I’m really sorry for asking, but I need my internship to be a paid position.”

Tony and Pepper share a look. Peter never ever asks for money. They tried to give him some on multiple occasions, one way or the other; a paid position, a bonus, a special gift. He always rejects them, saying he isn’t doing this for money, it feels wrong to take it, it’s too much to accept it, etcetera, etcetera. And now, without any preamble, without a single, exiguous hint, he’s asking for money?

Something is wrong. Something must have happened.

Pepper’s voice is warm and calm, with absolutely no indication that she’s worried. “Of course. We already offered you one weeks ago.” Peter doesn’t comment, and Tony’s mind is racing. Pepper lays her hand on his to keep him calm. For the first time since, well, ever, it’s not working. “Do you want to talk about the details?”

“I –“ he takes a shaky breath, and clears his throat. “I don’t think so. I just need a certification as soon as possible.” Tony has to draw a deep breath to stay calm, his hands gripping the table so tight, his knuckles turned white. The only reason he isn’t screaming and demanding answers is that he knows that Peter probably will not answer them if he does. It takes a lot for the boy to ask for anything at all. Showing any negative reaction, no matter what it’s aimed at, will most likely backfire. “And I … I want to ask about lawyers.”

Tony is close to hyperventilating now. Why is he asking for money and about lawyers? Every atom in his body screams at him to suit up and fly to him and fix whatever happened. To demand answers, to demand them now, because he needs to know what’s going on. Pepper gives him a pointed look, silently asking him to let her handle this. He can’t open his mouth. He’ll most likely start screaming if he does. Instead, he closes his eyes and tries to concentrate on the noises in the background. They sound familiar. “What do you want to know?”

“Do you know any good ones that aren’t too expensive? I think – I think I can scrape about three hundred bucks together, but –“ Peter voice breaks.

Tony’s patience breaks. “Peter, where are you? What’s going on? Why do you need money and a lawyer?”

“Mr. Stark,” he says, but it comes out as a sob.

The mechanic’s heart aches so bad. Out of the corner of his eyes, he sees Pepper scrolling through her phone, most likely looking for their lawyer Johnson. “I’m here. Talk to me.” This time, Peter really sobs. He tries to hide it, but fails miserably. “Where are you? I need you to answer me.”

“Hospital,” he answers. Tony is standing in an instant, calling his suit to him, and asking FRIDAY to locate Peter’s phone. Pepper gets up, too, still focused on the device in her hands, but sporting her usual, badass business demeanor.

“I’m on my way, okay? I’ll be there in a few minutes. Just sit tight.”

“There was an accident and- ,” Peter continues, his voice wet and so, so shaky. Tony stops. His mind connects the dots. No. He doesn’t want to hear what comes next. He can feel it in his bones, can feel the overwhelming sadness, can feel the unbelievable cruelty of the world. Why does such a sweet boy like him deserve so much grief and tragedy in his life? “May is- She’s –“ The rest of the sentence is swallowed by a violent sob, but they don’t need to hear it. Pepper gasps, grabbing Tony’s arm, either for his sake or hers. Tony’s heart is shattered in a million pieces. There is only a single thought on his mind: he needs to get to Peter. Now.

“I’m coming to you, Peter. I’ll be there before you know it, okay?” Peter mumbles something about a doctor coming to him and ends the call.

For a split second, neither of them moves, too floored by what just happened. Then, the moment is over and Tony turns to her, his mind already made up. “Pepper, I can’t-“

She shakes her head. “I know. And I’m on board.” A small, sad smile tucks on her lips. “The Tower would be awfully quiet without him. Go. I’ll have Happy drive me there, and deal with the rest.” Tony loves this woman. He can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her. He gives her hand a quick squeeze, and dashes to the nearest balcony where his suit is already waiting for him.

It takes nearly seven minutes for him to get to the hospital. He lands in an alleyway, steps out of the suit, and runs inside the building. His glasses navigate him to the location of Peter’s phone, and with every step he takes, his heartrate picks up. Tony doesn’t really have a plan other than make sure Peter is okay. No matter what it will take, though in the back of his head, he already knows what that means.

Peter sits in an otherwise empty corridor on some really uncomfortably looking chairs. His face is pale, except for a few bright red blotches on his cheeks. He doesn’t appear to be injured. Physically, at least, but he’s probably in some kind of shock. His gaze is empty and far away, and he’s perfectly still, which is something Tony has never see him do before. Tony wants desperately to run over to him and engulf him in a hug that makes him forget all of his worries, but something stops him.

Instead, he approaches him cautiously, opting to crouch down in front of him. Peter’s gaze is going right through him. “Peter?” he asks in a soft voice, and puts a hand on his arm.

For a long moment, it looks like Peter didn’t hear him. Then, he finally says: “I don’t know how to do taxes.” Tony doesn’t interrupt him. It’s not too hard to figure out what Peter wants to do. He lost his legal guardian. He’s asking for a paid position, and a document that proves it. He’s asking for a lawyer. He wants to emancipate himself. “Or what kind of insurances I need. And I’m really bad at doing the laundry. Or cooking. All I can do is reheat leftovers and cook frozen meals. May always reminds- … reminded me to eat greens and veggies, but I don’t know how to cook them. Or how to store them. What if everything I buy just addles?”

“We’ll figure it out,” Tony says, even though he isn’t sure Peter hears a word he’s saying. “We’ll have FRIDAY look everything up and make a list.”

“There is a convention next month. Ned and I planned to go. May was supposed to drive us there.”

“Happy can drive you.”

It looks like Peter wants to continue, but he stops. His eyes snap to Tony’s, finally recognizing the man in front of him. It takes Tony everything to stay still, to be strong for Peter, because the boy looks miserable. “May is dead,” he whispers with a broken voice.

The stupor breaks. Peter shakes uncontrollably as tears stream down his face, and Tony doesn’t even hesitate for a heartbeat before he pulls him in for a fierce hug. He whispers comforting nonsense, saying how sorry he is, that it’s okay to cry, to feel grief, that he isn’t alone, but he doubts Peter can hear his words over the sobs. He clings to him with such a tight grip, Tony is pretty sure the seams of his jacket rip. For a while – it feels like it could be everything from a few minutes to an eternity – they stay like this, Peter drowning in his grief and sadness, and Tony doing his best to hold his pieces together.

“I can’t go into foster care,” Peter sobs into his shoulder. “I can’t-can’t live with strangers. I just- I can’t.”

“You don’t have to live with strangers,” Tony reassures him.

“Th-That’s why I need the lawyer and the paid position.”

Tony’s heart is beating way too fast. Memories of his own childhood flash before his eyes. Doubts of his ability to be a father for any living being haunt him. The urge to make sure Peter is safe overwrites them all. “You don’t need to emancipate, Peter. You can live with us. With Pepper and me in the Tower.”

The boy stills and slowly looks up to his mentor. Tony wants to wrap him in a blanket and shield him from all the bad things in the world, but he just holds his gaze. “For how long?”

His next words should feel heavy. They should be difficult to say. But in this moment, they’re rolling off the tongue. “Forever, if you want to.” Peter blinks, a few stray tears that pooled in his eyes rolling down his cheeks. Tony quickly brushes them away. “Or just until the morning. However long you want or need. Whatever you want to do, I’ll always be there for you. You’re not alone, Peter.”

Peter doesn’t answer him. His eyes well up, and he buries his face in Tony’s shoulder, crying again. Tony just holds him, unable to do anything else. But he truly means what he said. Whatever Peter will decide to do, Tony will always be a step behind him to catch him if he tumbles and falls, and cheer for him when he succeeds. He just prays it’ll be enough.

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Irondad Fic Rec

Can I rec my own fic? It’s my birthday so I’m gonna say that I can. 

The Secrets We Keep by me! (Aka @OnceUponaFangirl on Ao3 or @euphoric-melancholyy on Tumblr) 

Summary: I’m on a personal vendetta against “May’s abusive boyfriend” trope so I thought it would be fun to give May a really awesome, loving boyfriend who’s just a little confused as to why she lets her teenage son stay out til 1 every night and sleep somewhere else every weekend. Also, he’s friends with Tony Stark? Chris - May’s new boyfriend - feels like he’s missing something here.


Okay so instead of doing a review here I thought I’d talk a little bit about this fic! I’m fairly new to this fandom, I dove in after Endgame crushed me and my emotions and I just needed all the irondad fanfics. And there’s a lot of tropes that I’m not big on, but I never understood the May’s abusive boyfriend trope. And I couldn’t find a single fic of May having a nice boyfriend. So I got inspired!

The initial idea for this fic came in a scene towards the end. I was thinking about what would happen if May had a boyfriend and in the middle of the night, she gets a call from Tony that Peter’s been shot. What would she say to him? How would she react? A bunch of different ideas for how that scene would go down floated around in my head as I built the rest of the fic from that and my anger at the May’s abusive boyfriend trope. 

Write the fic you want to see in the world. 

I’ve been writing fanfic on and off since I was 14 years old (I’m 22 today) and I’ve never received the kind of feedback that I have gotten from this fic. There’s been so many kudos and kind comments and it’s validating and overwhelming in the best ways. I’m really proud of this piece and I hope to always grow in my writing. So though I’ve not been inspired lately, I hope to write lots more irondad and spiderson. 

I hope you all are enjoying this fic rec series and that rec'ing my own fic isn’t seen as conceited. I was hesitant to do for a long time, but I’ve rec’d over 50 fics before this and it’s my birthday so…

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Trope: Peter calling Tony “Dad” & Whump: No anesthesia


Ight look ladies and gents and my nonbinary friends. I know this isn’t whump. But like i like fluff? I need cravity inducing fluff and it ain’t good. But like i tried? :) <3


He didn’t want to let it slip.

It just happened.

He was in pain.

And with no anaesthesia he wanted someone to hold him.

So when he felt peppers hand move away from his curls, he opened his mouth and without his brain filtering his words, it just came out.

Pepper liked to think of herself as composed. No matter the situation she was always calm and unsurprised. So when she heard that her Peter had gotten badly injured again while on patrol she made sure to make sure her exterior only showed her calm even if inside she was dying to just hold her kid and make sure he was okay.

Her and Tony were going over some paperwork he needed to sign when they got notified by F.R.I.D.A.Y.

It was times like these that Pepper asked herself if they were making the right choice by letting him be Spider-man.

With his spiderbite came a fast metabolism that ate through any medicine Cho gave him. So all they could do was hold him and make sure he felt as comfortable as he could be while the doctor stiched up his wounds.

“Pepper if you can pass me the bandages in the cabinet behind you.”

Pepper let go of Peter’s curls where she was carding her fingers through knowing full well that that’s what made peter feel safe. He whined when he felt her move away


Pepper gasped. Her eyes brimming with tears. Smiling she said “It’s okay petey-pie, I’m here.” She went back to raking her fingers through his hair. Tony on the other hand made an insulted whine.

“Wow. What am I, underoos? Brussel sprouts?”

Peter being loopy from the pain still, smiled and before he could answer back sleep took over.

The next morning Pepper made sure to cancel her meetings for the day so she could spend the day with her son.

“Ms.Potts…I didn’t mean to….I mean…I did…but….imsorryimadeyoufeeluncomfortable.”

Peter couldn’t belive himself. Embarassing himself twice in a span of hours. First with calling The Pepper Potts mom and now barely even being able to get out an apology. Which by the way made him feel like a fraud. Because subconsciously he did mean it. Because he’s been accidentally calling Mr. Stark and Ms.Potts mom and dad for a whole month now. Even letting it slip while he was talking with May. The first tims he did it, he felt horrible that he was forgetting his actual parents. But aunt may being the hero he deserved made sure to rid of any bad thoughts he had, of which included her saying that it was fine to think if them like that and that maybe he should bring the topic up to them. Yeah totally, Peter just made sure they never heard him call them that. But oh well, he guessed Parker luck just had it out for him.

“Peter. Im going to tell you this once.”

Oh no pepper was going to make sure he packed his stuff and leave the tower forever. Would she make him return the suit?

“Peter. Will you listen to me please?”

Peter snapped out of his thoughts

“Yes ma'am”

“Im going to make this clear okay. You don’t have to apologize. Okay? I see you as my own kid. I have been for a while now. I have no problem with you calling me mom.”

This is why Peter loved Pepper his mom. She made the bad thoughts go away just like his Aunt May.

“ Are you sure?”

Peter began to play with the hem of his shirt. A nervous tick if you will. Pepper put her hand on top of his.

“im 3000 percent sure petey.”

Peter leaned in to hug her.

“ also im pretty sure your dad wouldn’t mind being called Dad neither, but give it a day or a week. I want to rub it in how you said my name first.” Peter looked up and saw the mischievous glint in his mom’s eye.

“Deal. Only if we get ice-cream for dessert tonight”


Peter lasted 3 whole days before he called Tony “Dad”.

They were in the lab together, Tony deep in thought on his project, didn’t hear Peter trying to get his attention.

“Mr.stark, Mr.stark.Ironman. Mr.Man? Tony? Mom said we gotta go up and eat something before she grounds us from the lab again.”

No reaction.

“Mr.Stark please I actually have a will to live. And mom scares me when she’s ranting about us being more healthier.”

Nothing. Not even a grunt.


Tony’s head snapped up in attention to peter.

He jumped up and almost toppled over Peter before evolving him in a hug.

Nobody for a whole week was free from hearing how proud of a Dad Tony was.

And poor Peter had to endure poor puppy dog eyes from Happy and Rhodey, who were still waiting (and competing) on who was going to be called Uncle first.


So like? Yeah i love writing. And also i want more fanfics of peter and pepper. Mom and son ya know????? Like if y'all know some good fics. Sent me a link pleaseeee.

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Hey what was that dark fic that got requested a few months ago?

It isn’t finished yet - but it’s an irondad fic that will deal with Tony and Peter going through some terrible things

I’ve been working on it, because of the angsty nature it’s difficult (also I can’t bring myself to rewatch Iron Man 1 so that’s putting a damper on it)

But that’s all the hints you get :p

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Trope: Sleepy


I wrote this from boredom and i hope yall enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it <3. - xoxo


Tony didn’t know what to do.

He was stuck.

And there was no one home to help him. He guessed that he did have a good run at least. Out of all the endings ironman could have gotten, he never expected to go out like this.

F.R.I.D.A.Y interrupted his thoughts. She whispered. Whispered.

“Sir, must I remind you of the board meeting you had promised Ms. Potts to be in attendance today.”

Tony thanked Thor for how smart his A.I could be.

Oh! Great. If he doesn’t die from suffocation by a sleepy spider-baby then he WILL die from an angry Pepper Potts.

But surely his Pepper could understand his predicament. How hard peter was studying for his finals. How lately he’s been staying up late from all the studyi-

As if he knew someone was thinking of him he hugged his mentor tighter.

“ love you may, love you dad”

Tony froze.It’s moments like these that makes him wonder why his own blood related father never cared for him. Because if you asked Tony that was one thing he made sure his son knew. That he cared

“Love you too, buddy”

With the promise of making it up to Pepper tommorow by actually doing his work, he kissed his kid’s temple and he drifted off to sleep. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad way to go afterall.


Im reposting this bc i posted it on secondary acc. And i want it on here. My primary acc. :)

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hold on, hold on (1/3)

17 year-olds go on school trips all the time. So why is Tony freaking out about Peter going on one?

It’s definitely not because Peter was dead for over five years, and Tony only just got him back nine months ago. And definitely not because Tony’s been avoiding calls from Fury about needing the kid for some damn SHIELD mission (over Tony’s bum arm will he let that ever happen).

It’s definitely not because this will be the longest he’ll have gone without seeing Peter, all while said kid is thousands of miles away– far out of Tony’s reach.

Yeah, it’s not because of any of that. Obviously.

(written for irondad bingo. trope: presumed dead.)

Link to Chapter One

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Chapter 14 of Someday We’ll Know is up

Tony was well-acquainted with death and grief, knew that time never lessened the loss - only allowed you time to grow around it, gave space to try and live with it.

Five years without Peter had felt like a lifetime. But now — bringing him back to only have less than a year with him — Tony realized that he would find out just how long a lifetime without Peter would really be.

Read now on AO3

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If you’re still doing drabbles could u do 99 irondad? Thanks love your writing 🙃

99. How could you forget your son’s birthday?

“How could you forget your son’s birthday?”

He remembers Jarvis asking his father the same question. It was hissed, meant to be missed by Tony’s young ears. Hearing it now, in relation to himself, is like a punch to his gut.

The teasing, crooked smile falls off Peter’s face, “Mr. Stark, it’s not actually a big deal.”

Tony nods, turning back to his work. He tries for casual but misses by a mile when he asks, “So what did you do? On your birthday—Saturday.”

He knows when it is. He does. If he could go back and spend that day with him, he would.

Hesitantly, Peter says, “Hung out with Ned. Saw MJ.”

“Right, the girl you like.”

“I don’t—I don’t have a crush on MJ.”

Raising his eyebrows, Tony glances up at his sputtering, “Okay.”

“Seriously, Mr. Stark, it’s not like that.”

“I didn’t say it was.”

“Why do you think I have a crush on MJ?”

He grins at his blueprints, “You’ve mentioned her before.”

Peter groans, “May said the same thing—gah, am I that obvious?”

Being compared to May makes his stomach sink again. May has probably never forgotten something important to Peter—certainly not his birthday. Tony will never measure up.

He tries for another smile, “Probably not to her, Kid.”


“Really really.”

Relived, Peter flops into the chair across Tony’s worktable, “Good, because I saw her yesterday and it would be so embarrassing if she could totally tell that I think she’s just really awesome.”

“What’s so bad about her knowing you think she’s ‘totally awesome’?” To Tony, it’s the best feeling in the world.

“What wouldn’t be bad about her finding out?” Peter whines. “May’s the one who told me to invite her over yesterday. I felt like a little kid asking if she wanted to come over because it was my birthday. But she actually had fun. She got me a new charger for my phone—one of those really long ones.”

The swooping sensation returns. Even the girl that Peter’s scared to talk to got him something. He waits too long to respond. By the time he’s assuring Peter of course she had fun, Peter’s already caught on.

“I told you it’s not a big deal.”

“Why?” The question is sharper than he wants it to be.

“Why…what?” Peter laughs helplessly.

Sighing, Tony runs a hand through his hair, “Why isn’t it a big deal to you that I forgot your birthday? And don’t say that it’s not important.”

When Howard forgot, it wasn’t a big deal. Truly, Tony didn’t care. He hadn’t expected him to remember in the first place. Is that how Peter feels—like Tony’s lived up to low expectations? Isn’t he hurt at all?

Bewildered, he shrugs, “I mean, I don’t know.” He laughs again, “You sort of took my line—I guess I just don’t think it’s that important.”

“You don’t think it’s important, or you don’t think it’s important to me?”

Peter pauses. He drops his eyes to the floor. Tony slumps, defeated.

“It’s important, Peter.”

You’re important to me.

He nods, still looking at the ground, “I know.”

Some sort of twisted pleasure rises up when he hears the hurt in Peter’s voice. If he’s hurt, it means that he expected better. If he expected better, it means he knows Tony cares. It’s perverse and not what either of them want, but it’s better than apathy.

“I’m sorry I forgot.” He sounds weak even to himself.

But Peter smiles. For the first time today, it looks genuine.

“It’s okay.”

It’s not okay, but he’s forgiven. The distinction may not matter to Peter, but Tony knows the difference. He’s forgiven, so he’ll do better next time. He only realizes now that Peter called himself his son.

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“Did you hear what I-? Are you asleep?”

Peter jolts up like someone had shouted ‘BOO’, looks around to remember where he is, and ducks his head to hide the heat creeping to his cheeks. “Sorry, Mr. Stark.”

He glances over but it was too quick so he glances once more, and catches Tony’s unamused expression. Tony makes a show of tossing a web shooter down onto the table like it doesn’t matter, but then he asks, “Did you hear any part of what I’ve been saying for the past half hour? I already gave you the quick version, I can’t condense it any more than that.”

Peter stares down at the other web shooter that’s still on his arm, trying to dig his finger under it to scratch his irritated skin, and mumbles, “I heard the beginning…”

Tony raises an eyebrow, questioning him further.

“Y'know, the— About the web distance-weight ratios…?” He squints and it’s obvious he doesn’t believe it either. Peter wasn’t sure if Tony said that or if that was something he had thought about himself.

“So you heard nothing,” Tony deadpans. He sighs and turns on his stool, and taps at a 3D hologram of the web formula. “Luckily for you, I just needed your input. I’ll do this on my own. I’ve done it before, the first two times, right?” He’s clearly being extra and feigning being so offended, but it still makes Peter worry.

“No— Mr. Stark, I want to help! I’m sorry, really. I promise, I’ll listen this time.” He leans forward to give him his full attention, but only a second passes before he glances away as he tries to itch his wrist.

Tony grabs his arm, “Stop that.” He takes the web shooter off and tosses it onto the table. “I’ll have that fixed,” he tells him, and that’s that. He turns back to the 3D model. “So, not getting enough sleep?”

Peter holds back a groan. “No, no. I get plenty of sleep.” He doesn’t, and they both know it, but he’s already getting lectured about it by May. He doesn’t need it from anyone else.

“Define plenty; you were practically going to fall off that stool.” Tony, for emphasis, kicks one of the stool’s legs. “You have school, kiddo. Believe me when I say you’ll regret falling asleep at every class.”

“Well I didn’t sleep much last night,” Peter admits, “but usually I do. I swear.” On cue, he has to hold back a yawn. He really does feel tired, exhausted even, but he had promised to swing by the Tower and work with him, and he won’t make the same mistake twice. “I’m wide awake,” he lies, and tries to reassure Tony with a bright smile.

Tony looks like he wants to say something about that, but he hesitates and merely looks at him for a moment. Then he turns his head slightly, “FRI? Can we get a coffee for this kid?”

“By what means, boss? Dum-E, Pepper, or through a delivery service?”

“The last one.”

Peter furrows his eyebrows. “I don’t drink coffee; it’s too bitter.”

“With extra sugar, FRIDAY,” Tony adds. “Of diabetic proportions.”

Peter chuckles a bit at that. Still, he can recall the last time he had coffee and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. He isn’t sure it will affect his energy at all, either.

Tony turns his attention back to the 3D model and starts explaining the changes he made while Peter had started to doze off.

Peter stops listening a bit after that, preoccupied with the thought of a delivery man climbing all those steps since the elevator was broken. He knew he should mention it to Tony and have FRIDAY cancel the order, but his thoughts start to get a little fuzzy and mush together.

“Pete, you with me?”

“Hmm?” He slumps down and rests his elbow on the table. “Yeah…molecules, compounds…” He yawns openly and tries to hide it a good two seconds too late.

“You don’t have anything to add?” Tony presses. They both know Peter usually likes to talk about this stuff. “My voice is that awful, huh,” Tony half-jokes.

Peter’s eyes close but he forces them open again, if only for a moment. “Mm no, it’s calming… relaxing..” He smiles at him, both to reassure him and because of the comparison he just thought of. “Like those radio stations, where they just talk.” He hesitates, trying to think of a particular one, and his eyes nearly close again. “NPR.”

“Should I be honored or offended?” Tony mumbles.

“Why did May listen to those,” Peter continues, ignoring him. “They made me fall asleep…always, as a kid.”

“That’s probably why.”

Peter frowns at that slight insult, and folds his arms on the table to rest his head on them. “Well,” he says, but he doesn’t finish voicing the thought.

He hears Tony stand up from his chair, then say, “The coffee’s mine, then, if I’m going to make sure you don’t start hibernating. Aunt May said back at five. FRIDAY? Put a note and tell the delivery guy I’ll meet him at the door. I just remembered that the ele…”

Peter falls asleep before Tony can finish.

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Here are all my stories in which Peter is a lactose intolerant reckless dumbass and Tony does a lot of eye-rolling:

Spider-Man’s Very Mundane KryptoniteSpider-Man does whatever a spider can. If only digesting lactose were one of those things.

(Or, where Peter is unfortunately lactose intolerant and Tony finds out.)

Face God and Walk Backwards Into Hell: Peter is lactose intolerant—and arguably masochistic—and this somehow becomes Tony’s personal cross to bear.

Festive Misfortune: Being lactose intolerant sucks. Being lactose intolerant during the Christmas season sucks even more.

Or, Tony tries to give his kid a carefree holiday party for once by serving a completely dairy-free menu. But of course, Parker Luck™ strikes again.

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the ER: Peter’s chronic lactose intolerance and propensity for making poor life choices means that Tony is used to seeing the kid inflict suffering on himself. But something about this time is different.

Lessons Learned: It was simple. Peter loved dairy, so Peter ate dairy. Consequences be damned. And Tony was done trying to stop the inevitable.

(Plus one bonus drabble, for the lols)

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“Do you believe in fate?”

Tony looks up from the tablet he’s still working on, even though he promised himself an hour ago to wrap up soon, to find Peter leaning against the kitchen counter that is overlooking the grand living room he has holed up in after sending the kid to bed two hours ago.

He looks like he slept already, too.

There are red lines on his left cheek where he always mushes it into his pillow and even from afar Tony can see he’s blinking away sleepy sand as if he didn’t have the time to wake up properly before coming to find him. There’s an urgency to his question in the way he’s swaying on the balls of his feet and his hand is tugging on his oversized hoodie, making him seem smaller than he is.

“What do you mean?” he asks, putting down the tablet and tugging in his legs to make more room on the couch, turning towards him and patting the space next to him in a silent invitation that Peter takes without hesitation.

He curls up around one of the plush pillows like he does during movie nights and leans against the backrest of the couch, facing Tony who has to bite down a fond smile at the sight.

There’s something about Peter when he’s sleepy, something unguarded and childlike he tries to hide when he’s awake because he’s in that age where kids don’t feel like children anymore and he’s a superhero on top of that, too, and so he tries to act tough. Right now, though, he’s wearing the pink Hello Kitty pajama pants, Tony’s old MIT sweatshirt and doesn’t care about his hair being all mussed up.

He wants to ruffle that hair, wants to chase away the trouble in his eyes with a hug and kiss to his temple, but refrains. Instead, he watches closely as Peter chews the words over in his mouth before setting them free.

“Do you think some things are meant to be?”

Tony squints at him like he’s a puzzle he’s trying to solve, an enigma he can’t really figure out, which is true in a lot of ways. He’s not sure where Peter is going with this but it feels important and it’s not like Tony himself hasn’t thought about that question a lot.

“I do,” he nods.

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I’m beyond upset over this Spider-Man custody battle bullshit. So here’s a fic because reading fics is how I cope. 

Ghosts + Swimming Pools = A Bad Day For Tony Stark by @losingmymindtonight

Summary:  In which Peter gets yeeted into a pool by a ghost. Poor Tony. 

Written for f-lam-ingpan who left the prompt: “You should totally write a story about Peter being yeeted into a pool by a ghost." 


This is part of The Tumblr Archives by @losingmymindtonight and honestly you should read every fic within that fic because Kat is phenomenal. I skipped past this fic at least three times on Tumblr because reading the prompt made it seem like some weird crack fic and I just wasn’t super interested. And I ended up reading it on Ao3 when I was catching up on her other chapters of this fic and OH MY GOSH GUYS 


It’s so so good and tense and horrifying (it actually feels like a horror movie and I hate horror movies but I’m obsessed with this) and it’s SO WELL DONE.  

I just can’t get over how much I love this fic, especially because I wasn’t expecting it. I love it 3000. Adding it to my list of favorite fics. Read it. And every fic of @losingmymindtonight‘s. 

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2 and 5 for fluff? :]

#2 “Is there a reason you’re blushing like that?” 

#5 “OH you’re jealous!”

Forehead of Security: kid’s in a bad mood

That’s all the warning Tony gets before a moody teenager barges into his lab, throwing his backpack to the side, and throwing himself on a chair, almost crashing into the workbench while doing so. It doesn’t get better. He just sits there, sulking, a figurative dark cloud looming over his head.

“Okay, I bite,” Tony says, wheeling his chair next to the kid, “what’s the reason for this?”

“Nothing,” Peter lies and he’s not even trying to be convincing. Instead, he scribbles angrily on a notepad.

“Right. I actually want to work with you today, so can we please skip over the part where you pretend you can lie to me, and just go straight to you telling me what’s going on? It’ll save us both so much time.” For a moment, Peter seems to consider the offer before giving in. Tony is a bit surprised, but doesn’t show it. Whatever is bothering him must be worse than he thought.

“Just … school stuff. It doesn’t really matter.”

“It sure does if it makes you look like this.” Peter just grimaces and doesn’t answer him. “C’mon, what’s going on? Did that Flash kid bother you?”

“No, he wasn’t even in school today.”

“Then what is it?”

The boy glances at him and Tony raises an eyebrow, genuinely intrigued right now. There aren’t a lot of things that make Peter act like a normal teenager, all moody and sulky. “I have to do this school project.”

This is like pulling teeth. “And you don’t want to do it?”

“No, it’s interesting enough. But the teacher assigned the partners.”

“I guess you’re not working with Fred.”

“No, I’m not working with Ned. I work with Brad.”

Well, that’s a new name. “Who’s Brad?”

“Just… someone stupid.”

“So you’re pissed because you think you have to do all the work and he gets the credit?”

“No, not stupid like that. He actually had a few pretty good ideas.” Peter looks back to his notepad that’s already half covered in ink. “He’s just … stupid, y’know?”

Tony is getting nowhere with his interrogation. “No, actually, I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking.” He really can’t tell what’s going on. Peter never behaves like this. Someone can stab him and the boy would still defend them.

Peter takes a deep breath and then, suddenly, everything bursts out of him. “Brad is this really popular and good-looking guy, and he plays basketball, and actually gets good grades, and all the girls swoon over his hair, and he’s so funny and nice and charming and just … stupid.”

Tony needs a second to process what he just heard before he has his epiphany. “OH, you’re jealous!”

“What?” Peter shrieks, jumping in his chair and whirling around to face him. “No, I’m not!”

“Kid, did you listen to yourself? Of course, you are. Which makes me wonder what this Brad did to make you so upset.” He takes another look at Peter, who averted his eyes again. It can’t be the usual bullying, because the boy always ignores it. But if he’s already acting like a normal teenager, maybe it’s just normal teenager stuff. Well, it’s worth a shot. “Did he ask MJ out on a date?”

This time, Peter actually jumps out of his chair, almost sticking (in his case literally) to the ceiling, his face dark red. “W-W-W-Why would – I mean, what do- … Why-Why would I care if Brad asks MJ out?”

“Geez, no clue,” Tony deadpans, absolutely not believing a word he’s stuttering. “On a totally unrelated note: Is there a reason you’re blushing like that? Because one could think that you actually do care.”

For a second, it looks like Peter wants to protest, but Tony just shakes his head. Defeated, his shoulders slump down. “He hasn’t asked her out yet,” he mumbles, not looking into Tony’s eyes, “but I overheard that he wants to.”

“Which makes him stupid,” Tony concludes. Peter shrugs, picking up the pen again and continues to scribble on the notepad. “Do you think MJ will say yes?” Another shrug and more intense scribbling. Tony sighs and rubs his forehead. When he recruited a kid with superpowers, he never imagined that he would also have to deal with typical dating troubles of said kid. And the really weird part? He isn’t even bothered. “So, what’s the plan here? You wanna continue sulking and just hope that this Brad never gets around to ask her out?”

Peter gives him an unimpressed side-glance. “You make it sound like I have another choice.”

“Sure you do. You can ask her out yourself.”

Peter blanches and then turns bright red in a seriously concerning short span of time. “No! No, I can’t!”

Tony is having a really hard time trying not to laugh. “Oh, come on, don’t be so dramatic. She can’t do more than say no.” Peter’s mouth is already open, but the billionaire doesn’t give him any time to answer. “I mean, the alternative is that someone will ask her out some day, even if it’s not Brad. You either make your move or you don’t. But if you don’t, you can’t sulk around when she’s going out with someone else.”

He actually seems to consider Tony’s words and the genius is a bit proud of himself. Who knew he could give life advice like this? It takes another few seconds before Peter makes up his mind. “I don’t even know how to ask her.”

Tony can’t help but smirk. “Well, if only you would know someone who has some experience in that particular area.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Peter looks at him, however Tony sees the little smile on his face too late. “Can you give me Colonel Rhodes’ number so I can ask him?”

“You’re banned from my lab,” Tony threatens, rolling his chair back to his workbench and getting back to work. Behind him, Peter laughs. “I mean it. Ungrateful brats don’t get to spend time in my lab.”

“C’mon, I was kidding,” he chuckles, pushing his chair to him. Tony just ignores him, staring at tech in front of him. “Don’t be like that, Mr. Stark. I was joking. Can you please help me?”

“No. Find yourself a new mentor.” (Of course, he helps him, he always does. Tony also may or may not have FRIDAY research this Brad guy, just in case they’re in need of a little bit of blackmailing.)

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Misc 2, 16

#2 “Quit touching me, your feet are cold!”


 Something touches Tony’s calf and he yelps, almost jumping up from the couch. “Quit touching me, your feet are cold!”

“But you’re so warm,” Peter whines, his words a bit slurred, stretching the so ridiculously long.

“And you’re cold. I’m already sick, I don’t need to get sicker,” Tony says, crawling a bit to the side and pulling his blanket tighter around him.

“I’m sick, too.”

“No, you can’t even get sick. You’re just drugged up.”

The truth is that Tony and Peter probably shouldn’t be left unsupervised right now. Peter had a really rough patrol, stab wounds, broken bones and everything. He’s healing and out of danger, but he took so many of his special pain killers that he’s in a delirious and kind of crazy state. Tony himself has a mean cold, even though he pretends that it’s not that bad. But he feels sluggish, can’t figure out the simplest equations, his joints hurt more than usual, and he has no desire to spend any time in his lab, which is always a dead give-away that he isn’t feeling well. Now they’re pretending to take care of each other, sprawled out on the large designer couch (which is also a pull-out, who knew fancy designers make something like this?), wrapped into too many blankets, and watching one movie after the other. Tony can’t even say what they’re watching, he’s too out of it. Only Peter’s cold feet bring him back into the land of the living from time to time.

“You’re mean,” Peter sniffs, which is clearly a manipulative move, because he doesn’t even have the sniffles.

“’Cause you’re being a brat. You should be nicer to me. I’m the one who’s sick.”

“But you’re the adult.”

“Not when I’m sick.” Peter pouts and if Tony wouldn’t feel like shit, he might have laughed. But there’s a reason he is currently swallowed by a mountain of blankets, and Peter’s feet are cold. He can deal with a sulky teenager when he’s well enough again.

“You’re not my favorite billionaire anymore,” Peter says and it sounds like a version of you didn’t invite me to your birthday, so I’m not going to invite you to my birthday.

Tony scoffs. “Wow, I’m hurt. How will I ever recover from this?”

“I mean it. I like Mr. Osborn better now.”

“Really? Of all the billionaires out there, you pick him?” Peter nods. “Why?” Somehow, this irks Tony. He can’t even say why. Maybe it’s just his sick brain that tells him it’s important. Peter looks at him with wide, bambi-like eyes. “C’mon, be honest. Why is Osborn better than me? ‘Cause he’s not telling you to keep your cold feet to yourself?”

For a second, it doesn’t look like Peter is going to answer, maybe trying to figure out if he actually gets into trouble for saying what’s running through his head. Then, he looks back to the big TV screen and shrugs. “Their fries are better than yours.”


“The fries in the cafeteria at OsCorp are better than the ones at SI.”

Tony just can’t help himself. Before he even knows what he’s doing, he grabs the nearest pillow and throws it at Peter. “Traitor!” Peter looks baffled, but he doesn’t give him any time to figure out what’s going on. Quickly, he grabs another pillow and presses it against the boy’s face.

“YOU SAID TO BE HONEST, STOP HITTING ME!” Peter screams, ripping the pillow out of his hands and throwing it back at Tony. The joke’s on him, because Tony just throws it back.

“Well, if their fries are so good, maybe you should intern for him!”

“It’s literally just fries! And you’re the one who wanted to know!”

“You’re supposed to lie!”

“Again, you told me to be honest!” At this point, they’re having a very sorry excuse for a pillow fight, half-heartedly throwing them at each other, but moving as little as possible at the same time.

This is the scene Pepper walks in to. For a moment, she just stops and stares, trying to figure out if this is real or not. Finally, when a very expansive designer lamp crashes to the floor, she has enough. “Hey! What’s going on?”

Both geniuses jump a little into the air, turning their heads around to get a look at the intruder. “I’m disowning Peter!” Tony yells at the same time Peter says: “Mr. Stark is being mean to me!”

“And the reason the lamp has to suffer, is …?” she says, walking in front of the couch and crossing her arms over her chest.

Tony knows that look. He’s seen it quite often now. Luckily, he knows exactly what to do, and gives her his most charming smile. “You look beautiful, Pepper.”

Pepper is not impressed. “Don’t change the subject.” Okay, maybe he doesn’t know what to do. “Is anyone going to tell me the reason for your fight now?”

“Peter likes Osborn better than me.”

“I said I prefer the fries, not him,” Peter clarifies and rolls his eyes. “Don’t be so dramatic.”

“I’m sorry, have you met me?”

“Miss Potts, he was mean to me and called me a brat,” he tattles in a pretty whining voice. Tony mumbles snitch under his breath.

“If I remember correctly, I told you both to go to sleep and get better, not fight with each other.” She gives both of them a chastising glare. “Or do I have to get Happy to drive Peter home?”

“No, we’ll be good,” Tony says at once, while Peter just shakes his head vigorously. Even though they were fighting a minute ago, they both want the others company, especially because they aren’t feeling well.

“That’s what I thought. Now, both of you get one pillow, and you will rest your head on it, not throw it around.” To make sure they can’t start another fight, Pepper takes all the extra pillows and chucks them out of their reach. “I’ll see if I can make something to eat. You should both try to sleep. And I don’t want to hear another word about fries or being mean, alright?” They both mumble affirmation and close their eyes, not wanting to anger the CEO further.

A week later, the cooks in the cafeteria of the SI tower get new, very specific instructions concerning the fries. It’s a new brand, there are very detailed instructions how to prepare them, including temperature and time and how much of a special blend of spices to use. They think it’s a joke, especially after they find out that the order came from no one else but Tony Stark, and, apparently, there were quite a few trials and errors to come to this conclusion. However, they do notice that their boss and a certain intern are eating down in the cafeteria more often now, always sharing a plate of fries.

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1, 4 for fluff

#1 “Go with me?” “As long as you hold my hand.”

#2 “Have you always been this beautiful?”

 Tony knocks against the door twice, before opening it and strutting inside. A big smile spreads across his face. “Oh, look at you, so handsome! You clean up nicely.”

“Very funny, Mr. Stark,” Peter comments with a roll of his eyes, still fixing the bowtie of his suit. They’re about to visit a gala, Peter’s first one and the boy is a wreck. It’s not exactly helping that he has to hold a speech about the web fluid he designed for medical purposes, too. After confessing that Peter used his webs a few times to stitch up some of his wounds and a stern talk from Tony, they started to toy around with the idea that one could use the webs for something else than just swinging from building to building. A few months and a patent later, there were articles about Peter and his webs in every scientific magazine that really counts. That was quite a feat for a seventeen-year-old and Tony couldn’t be prouder, dropping the fact that it was his intern who did that in almost every conversation he had. Seriously. He talked the ears off of a grumpy cab-driver. And the cashier of the Seven-Eleven at two thirty in the morning. And a way too energetic barista.

Peter was equally excited and mortified of doing this, so they’re all really supportive. Tony, Rhodey and Happy helped him getting his first suit, Tony took him to his stylist earlier this afternoon, May showered him with even more of her supportive affection, and Pepper helped him with his speech. Honestly, you can’t have a better team to prep you for an event like this.

Still, the boy is overthinking and panicking (seriously, he’s literally a superhero and he’s afraid of a little speech?), just like always, so Tony tries his best to distract him from all the stress. “No, I’m serious. Have you always been this beautiful?” He steps next to him, shooing Peter’s hands away, so he can fix the crooked bowtie. Their suits aren’t identical, but they match good enough to see it’s on purpose. Peter’s hair is gelled back, completely disregarding Tony’s protests that he shouldn’t hide his curls, and it’s the first time the boy wears a tailored, custom-made suit. He does look handsome, as well as very mature and elegant. He’ll fit into the crowd just fine.

“I’m not beautiful,” Peter says with a blush that turns his face into a tomato.

“Well, I beg to differ. Pretty sure I’ll spend the entire night rescuing you from bored, divorced cougars with too much money.” He pauses, mockingly thinking about it. “On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t.”

“I’m seventeen.”

They don’t know that.”

“Pretty sure they’ll mention it when they’ll introduce me for my speech. ‘Cause, y’know, the articles only mentioned it about a gazillion times that I’m still in High School.” As if this is an absolute disaster, Peter plumps back onto his bed, arms over his face and mumbles: “Is it too late to take you up on that offer to fly to the Bahamas?”

“We can do that after your speech”, Tony laughs, sitting next to him. Peter just groans, but doesn’t move. Playfully, the billionaire nudges him in the rips. “C’mon, what’s the worst that can happen?”

Too late he realizes that that’s the wrong question. “Everything! I can trip or stutter or forget how to speak English or say something stupid or forget my flash cards or maybe it’s just a massive joke or everyone will just laugh at me–“

“As much as I like for you to go on, I’m stopping you right here.” To his surprise, Peter really does stop. Tony is still a bit baffled whenever the boy actually listens to him. In his opinion, that doesn’t happen often enough. “It’s not a joke. If it were, it would be a very expensive one and I don’t know anybody besides me who has enough money to spend to much on a silly joke for a High Schooler. You won’t forget how to speak English. Even if you do forget your flash cards, which I doubt,” Tony quickly pats Peter’s jacket where he knows the little stack of cards is hidden, “there are teleprompters for you to read from. And as long as you don’t make any corny science puns, you won’t say anything stupid. Nobody will laugh, okay? They will all cheer for you. Pepper, May, Rhodey, Happy, Ned, MJ, and I will be the loudest ones. Everything will be fine, I promise.”

Hesitantly, Peter peeks out from under his arms, and Tony gives him his best reassuring smile he has. Because he knows Peter will smash this. Even though he doesn’t see it, he has this charm around him that makes it absolutely impossible to not find him endearing. “What if I still screw up?”

“If you do, I’ll do something stupid to distract everyone.” This time, Peter can’t help but laugh and his laugh is as infectious as always. “I’m pretty good at doing stupid things in public, just ask Pepper. Who will think about the boy that stuttered his way through a speech, when you can talk about the one and only Tony Stark running around stark naked? Just think about all the pun opportunities for the papers. They can’t resist a catchy caption like that.”

Peter groans, burying his face in his hands, but it also sounds a bit like a laugh. “Mr. Stark! Don’t say stuff like that! I’m not getting the imagines out of my head!”

“Good! Let it be a reminder of what’ll happen if you screw up.” With his usual flourish, Tony stand ups, straightens his jacket, and grabs Peter’s hand. “Now, let’s go. Everyone is waiting.” He pulls a little bit at his hand, trying to coax the teenager into moving. “Go with me?”

“As long as you hold my hand,” Peter sighs and finally stands up. “I mean, literally. You have like, an iron grip or something.”

“Well, I’m Iron Man, of course I have to have an iron grip.” Peter laughs, and Tony thinks it’s worth to make a bad pun from time to time, as long as it takes Peter’s mind away from his troubles. He gives Peter’s hand another tuck, before putting his arm around his shoulders, pressing him into his side and walking to the door. “Besides, I have to hold on tight to my little spider. You wouldn’t believe how slippery spiders can get.”

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41. “I’m not pissed, I’m hurt.”

Words: 312

Mood: Sentimental and salty because THIS JUST HAPPENED TO ME

Peter wrung his hands together. He could see the look in Morgan’s eyes, the guilt in them as she shifted her weight back and forth.

Peter closed his eyes, letting the wave of emotions wash over him.

“You’re upset.”

“I’m not upset.”

“You look upset. Pissed off, really.” Peter sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

I’m not pissed.” He put his hand down, opening his eyes to look at her. “I’m hurt, Mo.”

Morgan looks away from Peter, the act of it making him feel slightly guilty himself.

“You said you’d wait for me.”

“I did, I wanted to but—“

“You said you didn’t even get half of the jokes unless I was there with you.”

“I know, I know but then we left it on the Halloween heist proposal and—“

Tony walks in at this moment, Peter and Morgan freezing. Peter can see how Tony’s shoulders tensed, immediately sensing something was wrong as his eyes darted back and forth between the two of them.

“Is… everything okay?”

“It’s fine, Tony.”

“Peter’s mad because I watched the rest of Brooklyn 99 without him.”

Peter gives her a look, Morgan shrinking back as Tony pauses then immediately busts out laughing.

“It’s not funny, Tony.”

Tony lets out a wheeze, shaking his head as Peter rolls his eyes.

“We said we’d watch them together, I’d like to think you’d be more concerned that your daughter can’t keep her promises.”

“Pete! I said I was sorry, I—“

“Kid, I thought something was wrong? You look like Morgan just murdered someone.”

Peter just looks at Tony.

“She did, Tony. MY TRUST.”

Tony starts laughing again, Morgan snickering before catching the look in Peter’s eye.

She shifts her weight back and forth again before speaking up.

“…want to start over from season one?”

Peter purses his lips, before smirking.

“Sure, Mo. Let’s go.”

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