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(angst with a hopeful ending)

“No,” Steve says, his lips frozen and blue, his hands shaking as they grip the frayed pieces of Tony’s shirt.

“No,” he says, and warm, wet tears drip down his cheeks, but he doesn’t even care. He blinks furiously, trying to keep them at bay, not because he cares, but because he wants to see Tony, wants to convince him no, no, this is all wrong.

“We’ll win another way,” he whispers, and the corner of Tony’s mouth quirks up in a smile.

“No,” Tony says, shaking his head, running his hands over Steve’s shoulders, “No we won’t.”

“Tony, you shouldn’t do this. You can’t,” Steve insists, and at this point it doesn’t even matter that his voice cracks on every word.

“I’m sorry,” Tony whispers, leaning in to hug him, wrapping his arms around Steve and squeezing tight, almost so tight that Steve can’t breathe. Steve squeezes back, just as hard, as if he can keep Tony alive just by sheer willpower.

“I’m sorry,” Tony whispers again, in the space between them, and Steve can count every eyelash, he can see every fleck of gold in Tony’s eyes. I’m sorry reverberates through him, and Steve doesn’t even have to question what it’s for. I’m sorry for everything we didn’t have, for everything we did, for everything that’s going to happen.

I’m sorry.

Tony looks up at him, and even as he faces certain death, his eyes are alive, looking at Steve through dark eyelashes that are coated with tears.

“I love you,” Steve says, softly, and Tony breaks out into a sad, melancholy grin.

“I know. I love you too,” Tony whispers, and then he leans up to press a kiss to Steve’s lips.

It’s demanding and soft all at once. Tony kisses like he’s drowning, clinging to Steve like he’s a lifeboat. It’s a goodbye, and Steve can feel it in every fiber of his soul.

And then, just as quickly as the kiss had started, it ends, with Tony pulling away, running a thumb over Steve’s lips.

“I love you,” Tony whispers, and then he’s gone.

His heat dissipates from where he was just pressed up against Steve, and his eyes blink once, twice, before he steps off the cliff.

“No!” Steve screams, watching as Tony falls off the side, watching as his body hits the rocks below, turning to ashes once it does.

“No,” he whispers, unbelieving, over and over again, until Natasha drags him back onto the spaceship.

Three weeks later, when Thanos is dead, and the gauntlet falls off of Steve’s hand, the lights above him get brighter and brighter, until all he sees is white.

He enters the afterlife to the sound of a familiar voice, and an oh so welcome grin.

“Hey Cap.”

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Credit to @mara_fitness_ : I don’t swim to win the races. I swim to escape the world, I swim to find peace with myself, I swim to feel free and I swim to feel strong!!🏊🏼‍♀️ #swim #schwimmen #Triathlon #triathlete #newwaveswimbuoy #videooftheday #fit #fitness #sport #motivation #schwimmhalle #wasser #baden #fitgirl #inked #inkedgirl #tattoo #tri365 #ironmantri

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I have a theory

In all the Endgame trailers, there’s always the black and white flashes of characters. In every one of those, there’s something red. What if when the red is on someone, they die? On Steve, it’s his arm and shield. On Strange and Quill, it’s their coat. On Nat, it’s her hair. All the other characters have red in the background, but not on them.

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can we just talk about this fanart (credits to the owner) we can clearly see all of them are holding the dolls of the people who’ve played an important part in their lives (see sciencebros, coulson holding a cap doll, thor crushing hugging a loki doll) and theres baby fury,,,,,,,hugging a gun

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I was having a conversation with a friend and he was talking about how Tony Stark was overpowered. My immediate instinct was to do a double take but in the spirit of open-mindedness I asked him to explain.

He gave an example of when Tony and Thor fought in the first Avengers. Apparently, the lightening recharging Tony’s armour to 400% is unrealistic.

Um… If he watched Ironman 2 he would realise that Tony almost died facing a villian that had electric tentacles and it only makes sense that the next iteration of his armour would repair what he obviously saw as a flaw. In fact, with that context it would have been more unrealistic if Thor’s lightening affected him.

In conclusion, you are not allowed to say shit about Tony if you haven’t seen all four Ironman movies.

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The scrapbook file by JJJemma13

Paring: Iron dad

Word count: 7k+

Chapters: 2/?

Summary: The night of the vulture incident changed everything for Peter Parker. Now he is trying to get his life back to normal, but he can never truly go back to how it was. It seems like every villain in New York is trying to kill Spiderman and Tony Stark is just trying to keep his spider kid from falling apart. Lots of Iron dad and Spider son fluff.

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Peter: Oh my god, we’re stuck in the elevator!


Peter: Don’t worry I won’t eat you yet

Tony: You didn’t press any buttons


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Me: 5 seconds in….”Can I replace this with my blood?” 

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