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Ngl might write a whole ass fic about this

Based on that lil sneaky clip of FFH and Peter nerding out about the multiverse, Imma pretend Endgame didn’t happen and everyone’s alive and okay.

After Thanos and the nuke incident, Peter and Tony have wildly different ways of coping with space.

Tony avoids it, he doesn’t want anything to do with anymore homicidal aliens or the view of stars burned into the inside of his eyelids and thinking that the flashing red light of ‘Call Failed’ would be the last thing he would ever see. How everything got dark and he closed his eyes and accepted it because that’s what he needed to do. And then Peter had faded in his arms and he was just a kid who wanted to help in a war that shouldn’t have needed to be waged in the first place. Because this kid needed to help everywhere at once because if he didn’t it was apparently the kid’s fault .

Peter had already known a bit about space before and was actually quite interested but after Thanos he needed to figure out anything and everything to do with space/aliens/extraterrestrials to put some sort of meaning as to why he had died, or what parts of him are still dead. Some sort of solace to why his very molecules had turned to dust and why his body still seemed to stitch itself back together desperately and excruciatingly and why the last thing he saw was terrified brown eyes and a swirling orange sky on a foreign planet without Ned or MJ or May because oh god he wasn’t ready for a family reunion. Because Tony was there and already had enough of a guilt complex as is and didn’t need that to happen to him. And he was so, so, so sorry. Maybe if he studied the subject hard enough,,, because Peter’s ashes blew away and were scattered across the stars and maybe if Peter studied hard enough he might find what was left of himself.

Tony avoids space because he’s lost to much to it.

Peter’s obsessed because he might be able to find himself again.

Please just give me tired, spacephobic dad and his space obsessed son.

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i just have a mental image of peter staying up late to help tony with a project (because spiderson is so not gonna just leave and not be involve) and tony having a heart attack when he sees peter poor a full energy drink into his coffee along with a five hour energy saying “we die like men” and tony just not knowing if he should fuss at peter or follow his lead

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Boyd Myers

I want to change perceptions.  Perceptions about what people think about being 43 years old.  About being Vegan.  What they think about the limits of the human body, and just how much potential each and everyone of us have.  Most people accept that they have to grow old and weak.

Motherfucker, we will see…

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Most people are predictable.  They go about their lives with no real ambition other than making it until Friday so that they have 2 days they don’t have to go to a job they hate.  They crave the comfort of not being at work and being able to relax and get caught up on Facebook and Instagram.  It’s the same old shit, week in and week out, and rarely ever changes.

They are zombies.  The walking fucking dead.  

Take a few minutes and ask yourself about your goals - are they specific?  Are they measurable?  Are they attainable?  Are they realistic?  Are they time sensitive?

Truth is, most people don’t have goals - they have wants and wishes of which they don’t have a specific plan to get them from where they are to what they want.  

The truth is, wishing and hoping are useless.  Complete dogshit.

Of course, a goal has to be SMART (the smart, measurable, attainable questions I was talking about up there), but the truth is that it doesn’t become a goal until you get off of your fucking ass and start doing whatever it is to get you to that goal.  That is when it is real.  If you aren’t taking that kind of action then it isn’t a goal.  It’s you hoping that a fucking leprechaun brings you a pot of gold.  

What are your daily to weekly goals?  Monthly goals?  Yearly goals?  3 year and someday goals?  Realistically, is there anything whatsoever you’re actually working toward, aside from making it to another weekend to be mindless and lazy?  If you’ve fallen into that hideous trap, there still is hope.  You need to take immediate massive action, but there IS hope.

Find whatever it is that gives you the passion to pursue.  Kids have all of the passion and desire to drive toward whatever it is they want, but something happens as we get older, and most people lose that fight, and just turn into empty vessels.  Mindless and aimless, just looking for the next happy hour or day off so they can sleep in.  That is not living.  

Which are you?  Are you busting your ass for something meaningful or are you just waiting, wishing, and hoping?  Be honest - evaluate the way you’re living.  If you’re not willing to find whatever it is to drive you forward to better yourself, you might as well start dragging that leg and biting people.

Stop wasting your life, waiting for it to come to you - it’s time to get in the fucking ballgame and live.

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Tony: “Glad you asked dear anon! We are superheroes nothing more, and there are movies out there about us and what we do. I approve of the actor Chris Evans playing as Steve 10/10 they look exactly the same.”

Steve: “Really? We look alike??…. I don’t see it but he is quite a good actor so I approve. And yes, the actress Morgan is really our daughter. Her sibling is Peter who is our child as well.”

Tony: ”He’s the only one who doesn’t see it *chuckles and smiles* yes she is our daughter as well as Peter. Long story short we adopted Peter when he was sent to an orphanage due to his parents life-ending accident and with Morgan since its scientifically impossible for Steve and me to reproduce, Pepper was our surrogate and I really thank her for that.”

Steve: “She was incredible to do that for us. Overall we really are a happy family and there’s not a thing I wouldn’t do for them.”

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“the astral plane. a place where the soul exists apart from the body.” - the sorcerer supreme

gamora, nat and tony are there with her laughing and joking and watching.

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