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As the family sits and watches the fireworks explode in the sky, Savannah drops that little question. Tony beams, surprised by the inquisitive nature of his little girl and Stephen shakes his head at the way the enthusiastic engineer beams.

He has to admit that he kind of tunes out Tony’s rambling for a moment, watching the sky explode in red and green and gold. He turns back, and Peter and Savannah are both watching the sky and listening to Tony with big eyes. Tony goes on about combustion and Savannah, too short to go on most of the rides, looks at him with a wisdom far beyond her years. Their daughter is absolutely perfect and he adores her with all of his heart.

“They’re perfect,” Savannah tells Tony and he has to agree. There’s something perfect about the sight above them.

There’s something perfect about a lot of things - including the engineer who’s still explaining fireworks enthusiastically.

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Reunion. Prompt: Reunion (I know, what a surprise)

A flicker of hope appeared in Tony when he saw the first portals open, but he was quick to try and dampen it. He knew how it felt to have your hope shattered brutally seconds after it first became noticeable, and he never wanted to experience the emptiness that feeling left again. Tony turned his attention back to the enemy, blasting as many as he could. He shot down one enemy after another, trying to tear his mind from the thoughts of his heart, until he saw him. There he was, fighting on his own, red cloak billowing behind him. Tony refused to believe what his eyes revealed, so he cautiously approached the man, blasting any foe in his way.

“S…Stephen? Is that really you?” Tony asked, voice shaking.

The man turned around, and a smile fell across his face. “Yes Tony. You’ve certainly changed a bit in my absence.”

“And you look exactly the same as the day I thought I lost you forever.” Tony said, struggling to hold himself back from crying.

A loud voice from a flying hero passing by told the pair that their reunion could be saved for later, a suggestion which was very politely answered with a middle finger from both Stephen and Tony.

Stephen turned back to face Tony. “Well, although I may not like the suggestion very much, I do suppose we should keep fighting while talking. Multitasking, you know.”

“Shall we then?” Tony asked.

“We shall.”

And with a brief hug, the pair turned to face the sea of enemies, each half of the duo making a silent oath to themselves to never leave the others side.


Howdy-hey @ironstrangehaven ! Sorry for the late in the day submission, I was unable to use WiFi for a fair portion of my day. I hope you like this! The prompt was reunion.

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I don’t know if anyone’s already done this, but as Ironstrange trash I feel like I need to share so. What if Morgan and Peter were Stephen and Tony’s biological children (surrogate, ya know) They are the actual parents of these two. They would have the same age gap, but they all live in one household. I don’t know it seems kinda dumb but I think there are some cute tropes (is that the right word) that would come with this AU. For example:

Peter being the adorable bigger brother to Morgan and making many Spider-man cameos in her school so she get friends. He also making sure no-one bullies her for having two dads.

No matter what he’s doing Tony always makes sure he has time to eat dinner with his family and spends all the time he can with them.

Stephen teaching Morgan how to do the wizardy stuff because she got jealous of Peter’s powers. Then Tony making  her  little trinkets and teaching her all about tech and stuff so she one day is a s smart as Peter. 

Cloakie babysitting the kids on date night much to Peter:s dismay.

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for the OTP drabble challenge 59 IronStrange

59. “Can you dance with me?” - “You’re not mad?”

Tony let his eyes ran on the small crowd that was gathered in front of him. He was happy for Bruce, and he was extremely glad that the world seemed to be in peace, or, at least, it had been in the past couple of weeks which was the best he could ask for if he had to be honest. He knew they simply couldn’t stop and call off their duties toward humanity, though if the bad guys decided to go on a vacation, who was him to complain?

What he could complain about, and had been very vocal in doing, though, was his boyfriend’s intention to ignore him toward the entire engagement party. Which wasn’t their, even if a giant part of Tony wanted it to be. Not that he wanted to steal Bruce and Christine’s happiness, but just - he really, really wanted to show the entire world the Wizard was his, hands down and all the things. The problem was that instead of asking him, like every other function human being would have done, he just yelled in Stephen’s face that they would never cross that line. Which led to Stephen to left the Tower. Three days ago.

And Tony knew that Christine was the only reason why Strange was there. Or maybe Bruce too, it wasn’t like Tony had been jealous of the other Doctor before he asked the Wizard out, not at all. Not that he regretted to have tried to have the two spent more time together. Not that he literally jumped of joy the moment Banner told him that yes, he wanted to ask a doctor out, but said doctor was Stephen’s best friend, not the man himself. Nope, Tony wasn’t jealous of one of the few real friends he had. But still, Tony knew Stephen wasn’t clearly there for him.
Because he was angry and he had any right to be, and still Stark couldn’t bear himself to look at the man he loved, especially if their story was over. And, about that, he didn’t want to think about.

“Can you dance with me?” A deep voice reached him and the only thing Tony could do was trying to understand if the person he had been looking for the entire night was really by his side. Stephen was there, beautiful in a three pieces deep blue suit, a soft smile on his lips, one of his real and rare ones.

“You’re not mad?” Tony asked, and still, he leaned closer, letting one of his hands to hold Stephen’s trembling one. Stephen shook his head.

“Why should I? Because I’d been stupid because we both had been?” He asked, and Tony couldn’t help but look into Stephen’s beautiful eyes and disappear in those. “I’m sorry.”

Tony smiled, pushing his body against his boyfriend’s fitted form. “I should have asked you, instead of, you know, yelling and the rest.”

“I’d say yes if you ask nicely,” Stephen answered, silencing what was coming next with a soft kiss while dragging Tony closer to the dancefloor.

send me a ship and a number for a drabble!

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Come stand by me

Ironstrange bingo masterpost - Monster

AO3 link

Words : 815


It follows him around and around and around. It is whispers in the dark, it’s arguments between his parents, it is the fear he sees when someone who knows him doesn’t recognize him. He is too sharp in mind and teeth ; too much and too little at the same time. A monster child. A fairy child. It is written on his face and in his history. The least hidden secret in the world, if they even tried.  

Anthony Edward Stark the changeling.

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Wow, 500 followers.

I’ll have to celebrate somehow once I get home to my computer.

Would my lovely followers prefer:

1. A snippet from my long-time Ironstrange WIP


2. A snippet from my wongrange WIP


3. A screenshot of my Stephen Strange bingo ideas.

Cast your vote. I can’t wait to hear from you all.

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