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A/N - After CACW. Cap’s team did sign the accords, so the airport fight never happened. But Siberia does. Instead of fighting each other Tony, Steve and Bucky all fought the remaining supersoldiers. Tony learned about Bucky killing his parents but forgave him due to an estranged relationship with both of them. Tony still sustains the same injuries, Bucky doesn’t lose his arm, and Cap’s fine, just a bit beat up. Tony is in the worst condition.

In Siberia.

“Finally. They’re all dead.” Tony sighed as he leaned against a wall of the bunker.

“Yup,” Bucky said, sitting down next to him with a sigh, holding his metal arm, which had been mangled during the fight.

“Great job. T'Challa is outside with Zemo, and he wants us to let him know if any of us are injured enough that we can’t leave without help. I’m just a bit beat up, how about you two?” Cap asks, sitting down on the other side of Tony.

“I’m also a bit beat up, but they’re already starting to heal. The arms mangled though.” Bucky says, staring at his arm. Tony quickly turns over and hides his wince of pain as he grabs Bucky’s arm and starts to quickly fix it.

“I’m so building you a new arm Barnes.” He grumbles as he rearranges the wires and replaces the metal platings.

“Tony, how about you? You hurt?” Cap asked as he finished up. He looked at his friend and saw that the arc reactor casing was smashed and that his suit was digging into Tony’s arms, and he knew that his friend was hurt…severely. He also knew that Tony would play it down, and say he wasn’t hurt too much. He met Buck’s eyes and saw that Bucky had come to the same conclusion as he just had. He gave a slight nod towards Bucky and watched as Buck stood up and picked Tony up bridal style, ignoring Tony’s sqwak of protest.

“Cap, help me! Tell your bud to put me down!” He hears Tony yell, but before he could say a thing, Stephen Strange suddenly shows up walking out of a portal. He hurries over to Bucky and Tony and immediately carries Tony to the helicarrier.

“Well, at least he’s a doctor that Tony will listen to right?” Bucky asks, and all I do is nod at him.

In the helicarrier medbay.

“Tony, you will sit your cute ass down on that bed, or I will make you do it myself.” Stephen threatens his boyfriend for what seems like the 100th time in the past 20 mins.

“But, I’m fine! Just a little scuffed up like Bucky and Steve were.” Tony argues, but at his boyfriends look, he sighs and sits down on the bed, looking down at his arc reactor, and fiddling with it.

“I brought your replacement one just in case. Here, let me put it in.” His boyfriend softly says and pulls out his old, cracked reactor softly, and quickly switches them out before Tony can freak out any more than he already has been. But it isn’t fast enough, and Tony enters into an anxiety attack, brought on by memories of Afganistan and Obi-Stane. Stephen is ready for this and quickly sits down next to his boyfriend and holds him through the attack and slowly helps him to come back from the memories. As Tony is lulled into a deep sleep, he mutters just loud enough for Stephen to hear, “You’re the only doctor I’ll ever love as much as I do.” And Stephen smiles, kissing his sweet boyfriend’s head and whispering “I love you too baby.”

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Also, just had a thought, fantasy/LOTR AU?

Okay, I know literally 1% LOTR info, so we’ll call this one “fantasy” instead xD But I wanted to list the first HC with every fiber of my being so I loosely incorporated the little I knew just so I could do that.

1. Stephen is Gandalf. Tony is a Hobbit. That’s it. That’s the first HC.

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If you are still taking prompts would you write something where Stephen stands up for Tony, defending him against criticism or being automatically dismissed as wrong?

The night had been going rather well.  Tony and Stephen had gone out on a date to a little Italian place and had a candlelit dinner.  A man playing a violin had even come to their table at one point and played for them (Tony had tipped him handsomely).  They had delicious pieces of cake for dessert and paid their bill, gathered their coats, and stepped outside–

Only to be bombarded by reporters.

“Mr. Stark!  Mr. Stark!  Care to comment on your break up with Ms. Potts?”

“Mr. Stark, people are saying that you were secretly sneaking around behind Ms. Potts’s back all these years with Mr. Strange.  What do you have to say about these accusations?”

“Doctor,” Stephen grumbled, feeling slightly overwhelmed.  He watched Tony try and push his way passed the reporters, not answering any questions but instead commenting on what the crowd was wearing or the models of cell phones they carried.  He even told some lady that he liked her hair (she was pleasantly surprised).

“Tony, wait.” Stephen grabbed him by the elbow, stopping him on his trek to the car where Happy waited for them both.  He couldn’t allow these people to say such untrue and hurtful things about Tony.  He stepped in front of the nearest reporter.

“As you’re all aware, half the population was erased from reality by Thanos, the Mad Titan.”  There were a few nods, several of the reporters had been snapped themselves.  “Tony was one of the survivors.  He survived for several years before he was able to bring the rest of us back.  He spent those years with Ms. Potts.  They were married, they had a life together.”  This seemed to cause the reporters to jump into action, several getting closer.  “Unfortunately, things couldn’t stay that way.  We lost that reality, and we lost many children who were born after the snap.”

The look on Tony’s face was one of great disappointment.  Not in Stephen, but in himself.  It was always himself.

“Tony couldn’t deal with the loss.  Loss does things to people.  It put a strain on their relationship, bent it until it broke.”  Stephen cleared his throat, still holding onto Tony’s hand.  He gave it a gentle squeeze.  “They remain friends–Ms. Potts is still Tony’s CEO, but their relationship is not over.  It’s not because of me, or because of Tony, or because of Pepper.  It’s just something that happened, sadly.  We’re trying to make the best of it.  And I’d appreciate it if you would stop hounding us every time we’re out on a date.  We are two people who are very much in love with one another and trying to have a good time.  Please respect our privacy.”

Stephen stepped away from the gaggle of reporters, tugging Tony along with him.  The billionaire had a dreamy smile on his face as he got into the car and slid over to make room for Stephen.  “You love me,” he sing-songed.

“I love you,” Stephen answered, leaning in for a kiss.

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How about holding the baby in their arms for the first time?

A shrill cry broke through the silence of the room, stunning Stephen and catching his attention.  All of the pain from being in labor seemed to fade as Christine approached with a little squirming bundle.

“Are you ready to hold your daughter?”

Stephen didn’t know.  But before he could even answer the infant was being deposited into his arms.  He stared down at her, still very dirty and covered in afterbirth but nonetheless beautiful. And human.  Stephen had known for months that the baby was a girl, that she was human and not some weird alien creature.  And yet he hadn’t fallen in love with her until that very moment.

“Steph, oh.  She’s beautiful.”  Tony.  He had forgotten that Tony had made it to him in time, racing him to the bedroom with Wong.  Wong had gone to get Christine after that and she declared that there wasn’t enough time to make it to the hospital.  Stephen’s bedroom would have to do a as a makeshift delivery room.  Wong had several shields up to protect them from the chaos raging outside and he had stuck with them despite the fact that the other masters may have needed him.  Stephen wondered how things were going on the outside.

He glanced down at his daughter and wondered why he couldn’t see her.  Oh.  Because he was crying.  There were tears streaming down his cheeks and he hadn’t even realized.  He blinked, willing his vision to clear, and finally got a good look at his daughter.

A tuft of dark brown hair was sprouting from her head, her little face scrunched up in displeasure, probably unhappy that she had been torn from her nice, cozy home.  She had ten fingers, ten toes, a little nose, and a rosebud mouth with cupid’s bow lips just like Stephen.  In fact, recalling the old photos, the baby looked almost exactly like Stephen had when he had been born.  It made sense–she didn’t have any other biological parents besides Stephen and the Earth which didn’t have a human form.  Stephen wondered if she would be a carbon (yet feminine) copy of himself.

“H-Hi,” his voice wavered as he spoke, cradling the baby just as Christine had showed him (support the head, he kept reminding himself).  “I…wow, I can’t believe you’re here.  I knew it was coming–I knew you were coming but I didn’t prepare myself for this moment and you have absolutely no idea what I’m saying to you so it doesn’t really matter.”

Beside him, Tony laughed and leaned in a little closer.  Stephen knew he was eager to hold the baby.  “Here,” he said, passing her incredibly light body off to Tony.  “Hold her while I think of a name for her.”

Tony laughed and smiled, pulling the baby girl close to his chest.  “Oh my gosh, you’re perfect in every way.  I’m so happy to meet you.  You remember me, right?  I’ve been talking to you for months now.”  It was true.  Every chance Tony got, he would speak to Stephen’s stomach.  While Stephen refused to acknowledge the fact that the baby he was carrying could be very human and wind up spending the rest of their life with him, Tony had taken that factor into consideration.  He had been preparing for this moment for months now and there was no way he could possibly be any happier.

“Clea,” Stephen said suddenly.  Tony tore his eyes off the baby for the very first time.  “I read it somewhere in one of the tomes.  She was a very powerful sorcerer.”

“Clea,” Tony tested the name out on his tongue, rolling it around and getting a feel for it.  “Clea.  Yeah, I like it.  She looks like a Clea.  Do you like it, baby girl?  Do you wanna be called Clea?”

“If your magic is returning, you might want to portal out of here,” Wong spoke up, still holding the shields around the room.  “I’ll open a portal for the four of you and when your strength has recovered you could open one yourself.”

Stephen looked to Christine, silently asking if it was alright that he and Tony and Clea stayed with her for a few hours.  “Christine–”

“It’s fine.  I have to keep an eye on my patient anyway.”  She tossed Stephen a wink and he groaned.  He absolutely hated being on the other end of the doctor-patient preferences.

Tony passed the baby off to Christine, who cooed over her and poked at her little chubby cheek, while he helped Stephen to stand and get his pants back on.  Wong dropped the shields and opened up a portal to Christine’s apartment, offering the smallest of smiles as the quartet stepped (or in Clea’s case, were carried) through.

“Say goodbye to Uncle Wong, Clea.” Stephen joked with a laugh.  He leaned heavily against Tony, still in a great deal of pain.

Just to spite him, Wong looked right back and offered a genuine smile, eyes fixed on the baby.  “Uncle Wong will see you soon, Beansprout.”

With that, the portal was closed.

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Decisions, decisions (#fakeficask)

In which a Tony who knows the future doesn’t change as much as he would have thought he would, if given the chance. But despite his lack of effort and enthusiasm for this second chance, Tony isn’t the same man anymore. And the world changes anyways.

(There’s a missing Winter Soldier that Tony has no clue how to find, a soon-not-to-be-missing Captain America Tony really doesn’t want to face again, a smirking Loki who isn’t supposed to show up at all, and a distrustful Natasha watching him. And why does he keep running into Strange of all people?)

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Tony: ugh so bored since I’m no iron man anymore

Stephen: you literally have a lab and building more iron man and spider man suits.

Peter: you could work for lyft or Uber! You can use your iron man suits! Person wears it and flies to their destination!

Stephen: that’s actually not a bad idea.

Tony: yeah but I don’t want put people out of business.

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Already have a few IronWidow ideas churning, let’s see if I can turn them into butter or however this analogy goes? Also, taking suggestions for: ironstrange, starker, any other ship that’s popped up my blog or ones that you think that I might be interested in. 

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