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there’s gotta be one universe … even if it’s just one … where at some point during the comics, they decided to make Tony openly bi and in a relationship with a man, and that man was Stephen, and they decided to keep it for the mcu, and they were in a relationship for all the movies, and Tony’s alive and it’s amazing.

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|| Bath Time ||

So I ran a poll on my twitter for what I should draw next, and to my utter shock and surprise, what won was ironstrange being domestic. And here I was, thinking I had the internet all figured out. :D

I’m glad it won, though, because this was so much fun to draw. And it’s nice to see the boys being cute and happy with each other.
(pro tip: zoom in on Stephen’s tablet for a nice surprise. ;) )

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ship wars in a nutshell

person a: hello! I ship *insert fanon ship name*

person b: pfft, that ship is toxic *insert canon ship name* is much better

person c: will you two calm the fuck down

person a+b: NO WAY



~soon after..~

person a +triggered shippers: HELL NAWWW OUR SHIP IS PERFECTLY VALID

person b +others: NOPE NOPE NOPE HON


person d, a multishipper,eating popcorn: nah this is too much fun

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Cooking/food headcanon for antlord and family headcanon for ironstrange?

♒ - cooking/food headcanon


  • If it has anything to do with the stove or the oven, Quill is an awful cook and more often than not, Scott is kicking him out of the kitchen. He does eventually go back to try whatever Scott is cooking, not deterred in the least if his hand gets smacked.
  • If Quill is given responsibility for food, it usually means he goes out and picks up some fast food or take-out.
  • The first and last time Quill tried to cook on the stove, he somehow managed to burn water, melt a pan, and then altogether render the stove useless. Scott had never laughed so hard in his life. Tony found it hilarious too, even though he was paying to replace their stove.
  • Sometimes they end up throwing Skittles into each other’s mouths while watching tv, and before they got together, Quill liked to watch Scott drink his juice out of the corner of his eye. He still does.
  • There was an incident with a ham. They don’t talk about it because they can’t. It makes them laugh too hard when they try to tell the story.
  • After Quill and Scott got together, the outlaw would first hug the shorter man from behind before trying to sample dinner. His hand still got slapped.

♥ - family headcanon


  • Peter was adopted first, then Harley, and then Stephen magicked Diana into existence.
  • Peter and Diana call Stephen Mom, but Harley doesn’t (at least not yet). Stephen makes sure to let him know that he doesn’t have to. That he’s still a part of the family.
  • Tony spends time with the boys in the lab, and Diana he plays with on the floor (post endgame he draws and colors with her). Stephen continues to spend time with Peter by cuddling, Harley just kind of sits near him and watches a movie, and Stephen likes to tickle Diana (post endgame they practice simple and harmless spells).
  • Every once in a while, Tony and Stephen will wake up in the morning and find all three kids in their bed. Usually on a weekend.
  • When they have a movie night with the rest of the team (because they’re all family), someone is always leaning on or touching another when they crowd into the living room.
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Soulmate au where you can see every colour except for all the shades of colour of your soulmate’s eyes until you actually look at them in the eye. 


In this present day where multiple gadgets consume a person’s time with its applications, a young man sat by the window of a coffee shop, where its patrons entered and exited, ordering their preferred drinks as some patrons occupy the seats, conversing with their companions or just browsing the internet with their devices.

This young man, on the other hand, does not hold his phone in his hand. Nor does he converse with a companion. He is accompanied by no one and he delicately held a novel in his steady hand, his features hidden from the other customers by the book. He then placed his book down onto the table in front of his, revealing his features to anyone who bothered looking at him.

Link here -> Spectrum

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Weekly prompts

Hi people the third version of weekly prompt will be slightly different as I have a lot of time to write so it will be a prompt ‘game’

Underneath this text you see a list of numbers with a Pairing behind it, and under that a list with letters with a prompt behind it. You can send in a combination of a number and letter and I will write it. You can ofcourse also just use the prompts behind the letters for yourself!

  1. Draco/Harry
  2. Draco/Harry/Neville
  3. Neville/Theo
  4. Pansy/Hermione
  5. Luna/Ginny
  6. Severus/Remus
  7. Remus/Sirius
  8. Draco/Ron
  9. Hermione/Ron
  10. Charlie/Neville
  11. Tony Stark/Stephen Strange
  12. Antman/Starlord
  13. Bucky/Steve

a) but it just keeps blinking

b) Person a takes person b to a Halloween ball

c) chocolate

d) Person a prepares a relaxing evening for person b after they come home from a long day at work

e) family day with the whole family

f) they go on the second date, when the last date wasn’t finished because it ended too soon between the sheets

g) they go grocery shopping together. One tries to keep adding candy and cookies to the card

h) they go do a photoshoot together

Remember you can find all prompts on my account under #weeklyprompts

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Childhood and aging headcanons for ironstrange? (Sorry, I don't have the right symbols)

Whoo…you’re asking for the hard ones in my opinion. This one might be shorter.

▼ - childhood headcanon

I honestly don’t have anything for this. I never thought that far back and just went with the canon stuff (at least mostly canon).

∇ -. old age/aging headcanon

  • Stephen doesn’t age. Although Tony is aware of it, he inwardly feels more and more undesirable as more grey shows up in his hair.
  • Their sex life falters as time passes, but Stephen never complains because he still enjoys the gentle touches and loving kisses. When Tony touches him less and less because of his insecurity, Stephen almost has to beg him not to stop. That he wants Tony to touch him all the time.
  • It takes a little more reassurance but Tony does start touching Stephen again like he used to, and the sorcerer drinks in every moment. He doesn’t care that Tony looks older and Stephen still looks like he’s in his mid-thirties, he just wants to enjoy every moment he has left with his husband.
  • When Tony does eventually pass, a part of Stephen dies with him. As more time passes, and their children have their own children and then pass on themselves, Stephen becomes more and more recluse.
  • He never marries again, but he always wears his wedding band as he watches their family grow and die, and while he continues to protect the earth from magical attacks.
  • When an enemy eventually becomes too much for Stephen and fatally injuries him, he welcomes death because he will finally get to see Tony again…and when he does, Tony looks just as spry as the first day they met. The hole Tony had left behind is finally filled again.
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Since I misread “Strange” as “Ironstrange” in one ask I wrote three headcanons about them. It would be sad to just delete them so here they are. There are kind of a continuation from the first one, just so you know.

@doctor-cube - I hope those help a little! 💚

☆ - happy headcanon –> For Tony one of the best days ever was the day Stephen brought up the topic of moving in together. Tony has been ready for that since about day one of them being together but Stephen needed more time. It was no question that Tony would move into the Sanctum - Stephen can’t really leave it, after all. Stephen’s bedroom (and bed) are enormous but it was a pretty empty space. That is, until Tony moved in. Now it’s not really cramped but lived in with bits and pieces of both their lives mixed together. Ancient books and high-tech, nestled together, making it a true home.

✿ - Sex headcanon –> While Stephen is no blushing virgin Tony has had way more partners in his life because he likes sex on its own while Stephen needs a strong emotional connection before he’s ready to hop into bed with someone. Tony delights in discovering Stephen’s latent kinky side and together they experiment. A lot. The first time Stephen holds out his wrists for Tony to restrain him Tony seriously asks himself if he’d died and gone to heaven without noticing. Also: Cuddling. Afterwards there’s always cuddling before they move apart for the night because they both need freedom of movement to sleep as undisturbed as possible.

☼ - appearance headcanon –> Their family and close friends know just how disgustingly cute they are together and that both of them are clingy as hell their public persona pretty much stays the same. Stephen appears distant and cold thanks to his tendency to stay in the background on official events. (He’s insecure and doesn’t feel like he belongs so he compensates by crossing his arms, which has the bonus of hiding his hands from view, and standing there with the Cloak dramatically flared and giving clear “leave me alone!” signals.) Tony, on the other hand, stays the flirty, touchy guy he always pretended to be. Almost nobody sees how the smile never reaches his eyes and how skillfully he avoids being touched back, except for the unavoidable handshakes. As soon as the official part is over Tony will grab two glasses of whatever he can get his hands on and head over to the corner where Stephen lurks. For obvious reasons they don’t indulge often but they allow themselves one glass of alcohol on occasions like that. Stephen will lead Tony into some empty area where they can enjoy their drinks together. There are touches and maybe a kiss or two. Tony will hold Stephen’s hand and try relieve the pain in his hands caused from clenching them because of stress. Stephen will try to wipe the memory of foreign touches from Tony’s mind. One time they got really adventurous and only a quick portal back home saved them from being discovered in flagranti.

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☾ ✿ ironstrange? I’d love to hear it ( ´ ▽ ` )

☾ - sleep headcanon

  • Stephen actually loves being the little spoon. After being alone for so long, and especially after Dormammu, he craves physical contact.
  • He feels secure when Tony holds him at night and relishes the warmth he provides. Whenever Tony is holed up in the lab though, Stephen doesn’t sleep well. In fact, he doesn’t sleep at all. He just tosses and turns and if he does end up dozing off, he’s plagued by nightmares. When Tony holds him though? Nothing. No nightmares. He sleeps peacefully.
  • There are times when Tony falls asleep pressed up against his back and he’s so tired, that he ends up snoring quietly into Stephen’s ear. Stephen just elbows him awake and Tony will just grumble before going back to sleep. Quietly.
  • Tony has an obsession with protecting those he loves, so he was really happy to find out that Stephen was content to be held. He likes taking care of him.
  • Tony will pepper kisses across the sorcerer’s temple and forehead, massage the base of his skull, and just quietly talk about his day because he know how much it soothes Stephen.
  • They’re both extremely cuddly (partially because of Peter), and they’re rarely apart while they sleep.

✿ - Sex headcanon

  • There’s no switching here. It’s a lot like their sleeping habits. Stephen enjoys the submissive role, and Tony the dominant.
  • Stephen does have times where he gets frisky and takes over, but otherwise he allows Tony to take care of him, and man does Tony take care of him. He’s always mindful of Stephen’s hands, and whenever he catches his hands shaking, Tony grabs them gently and kisses each finger and then his palm.
  • Ofc Tony talks in other languages, whether it be dirty talk while they’re more passionate, or sweet-nothings when they take it slow. He like watching Stephen come undone with just a few simple foreign words.
  • They both enjoy undressing the other, worshipping each other’s bodies with love bites and kisses, and especially their overzealous makeout sessions. They always try to take their time in the bedroom and thoroughly enjoy each other.
  • Then of course they have their quick trysts because, let’s be honest, they only care about getting caught by the kids. They live to scar the rest of the team.

Phew hopefully that’s what you wanted 😅

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golden halos and pearl wings (ironstrange)

(angel au because why not)

Tony didn’t expect to have snow-white wings as an angel. He didn’t expect to don a golden halo above his head and an aura brighter than the sun. He also didn’t expect to long for Stephen as much as he did. 

Yes, it was absolutely wonderful to see Natasha and his mother and their pure wings and golden halos, but it only hurt Tony when he saw his reflection or was told of his features. Those two deserved their ethereal status. He didn’t deserve this, he thought. 

Tony didn’t remember his death. He only recalled bits and pieces of the short period before he died. A certain sorcerer was at the forefront of his mind. He daydreamt about the man. Tony constantly found himself thinking about Stephen and his knowledge of the future. His obsession of the man was sickening to Tony, for he believed Stephen was the one that should don the wings and golden halo. Stephen was his angel. 

But Stephen wasn’t with Tony. Until he was.

Stephen had the same shocked expression as he grew feathery pearl wings and a glowing golden halo. He examined his hand, watching light exude from his fingertips as they ever so slightly trembled. He was entranced by the unfamiliarity of it all. 

Tony watched the man from afar, the man who he had dreamt about for an innumerable amount of years which he had been separated from Stephen. He stepped out from behind the pillar and eased towards the man. When Tony was close enough to reach out for his hand, Stephen met his eyes. 

Tears began to well in the sorcerer’s eyes. Stephen placed his hand in Tony’s palm and stepped closer to the man. He didn’t speak, but his eyes were filled content.

Tony smiled and brought the man into a longing embrace. He couldn’t bear to lose the man again, so he relished in Stephen’s warm touch. He buried his face in the man’s shoulder as memories of his touch flooded his senses. This is what he had yearned for since his death, the touch of his lover. Stephen Strange, the only man he believed deserved the halo and wings. 

Stephen kissed his cheek. He took his hand and the couple walked to wherever one took the other. They didn’t have to have to have a destination, for they were exactly where they needed to be. With each other.

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Henloooo I'm the anon who sent a hc about stephen working out after hearing that he is not worth tony so I made another part : After that heartbraking moment, Tony buys a lot of food and is sl delighted to see his husband literally JUMP on the food and just eating it all.

Working out takes a lot of energy, so Stephen totally earned all that food Tony bought him.  Of course, it’s mostly not healthy things, and Stephen winds up gorging himself on it by accident, but that’s alright, isn’t it?

Tony would tell Stephen that he’s perfect the way he is.  He doesn’t need to exercise or lose weight unless he’s uncomfortable with himself.  Stephen just smiles and pops another donut hole into his mouth.  Good, because he hates exercising.  He gets enough exercise in other dimensions and when he’s casting spells.  It isn’t like he’s unhealthy either.  He’s just gained a few pounds.

Tony curls up against him and rubs his belly while he eats, reminding him not to overdo it and feeding him some more donuts.

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