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Five Holes in the Fence Post (pun intended or not 😝)

Was Taylor drunk when she POSTed the Five Holes in the Fence on social media, about a year ago? —

Happy Early Five Holes in the Fence Clownery, Anniversary😆

I’m drunk in the back of the car

And I cried like a baby

coming home from the bar (Oh)

*She* looks up, *Drinking* like a devil

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift

Five Holes in the Fence & Lover’s Drinking Edition

Edited by: SaraRufus_Swifties


💋 Have a Swifties Lover night. Take care. Be safe. Happy Swiftie Monday💋

#SaraRufusSwifties #WeStandWithTaylor #IStandWithTaylor

#Swifties #TaylorSwift #LoverEra #CruelSummerTaylorSwift #fiveholesinthefence

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I remember listening to this album at midnight on August 23rd. It got better after each listen. At first I thought Daylight was just alright, but then it became my favorite song. It’s pure magic. This whole album is. Thank you @taylorswift 🦋

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Before I couldn’t decide which Lover song was my favorite, but now I just feel sure it’s The man.

For me that is a special song, it is one that all women can use as a hymn to raise our voice, go against stereotypes that are really silly. Every time I listen to that song, I feel that there is a person who can really understand all the thoughts I have every day on that subject, thanks @taylorswift for making this beautiful song that really is very special. I love you and you are an amazing person, you are the best.

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Me seeing my friends changing the plans even though the plan is coming to my house :


My friends are crazy guys! I invited them to come watch a movie and it was supposed to be tomorrow but today my friend told me that they’ve changed the plans and it’s going to be another day! ITS AT MY HOUSE!?!?? I can’t… They’re crazy. That makes me want to just cancel everything

@taylorswift @taylornation

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hey t, this is my best friend lauren @brighterrnow, she is my person, the one who understands me, the one who is always there for me no matter what. i feel like i can tell her anything and everything. not to mention she is literally the most beautiful, caring, funny and kind person ever!

i just want to say thank you for bringing us together. thank you for giving me my best friends. thank you for bringing the most joy into my life through your music and the people i’ve met through you.

ps, it’s her birthday tomorrow and you are releasing the man live from paris, and on my birthday you released the man lyric video. i’m calling tayvoodo.

pps, you should really meet lauren :)


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