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#it chapter 1

So I wasn’t particularly proud of how my original design for IT’s spider form turned out. They looked more like generic spiders than what I had in mind, so I decided to re-do them. Yes, the new design more draconic and less demonic and spider-like than before (again, not exactly what I was hoping for), but oh well. I think it’s better then how the old ones were. Still, a lot of people liked my old designs, so I will keep them up.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, this new design has armor plating, and can extend the stinger from its body like a tail. I don’t know, I kept imagining it like that. 


This one is colored black not only because that is the color of the original book version, but in my mind it would be the color of the female spider, while the male is clown-gray. Since IT is genderless (although it’s fun to think of it as a female considering that’s what it’s true physical form was), I imagine that IT goes back and forth with the two colors.

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Based on Anon request for AU 37 and #3, #4 & #29 prompts

Pairings: Stenbrough with sides of Reddie and Benverly

Warnings: Indirect mentions of homophobia

Part 1

Masterlist + Prompts 


The following day Bill and Stan wake before the others wanting to plan out everything themselves before their bombarded by 5 other people. With a cup of coffee in their hands, the two talk about the medial plan. “Right, should we lay down ground rules?” Bill asks.

“Nah, look, we know boundaries. If we need any sort of help we literally know 4 people in relationships,” Stan remarks. “If we lay ground rules then the media will know.”

“Okay? How ‘bout this, we talk to either Benverly and Reddie.” Stan makes a clear face of confusion causing Bill to giggle. “Ship names, it’s what the kids do these days. You take Richie and Eddie and I’ll take Ben and Bev.” Stan nods. Bill can’t help but notice as Stan looks away, turning towards their sleeping friends, it’s almost as if he regrets this whole idea. 

Unapprehended by the pair in the kitchen, Richie Tozier lays awake listening to their whole conversation. He smirks to himself as he listens to Stan disagree on having ground rules, so Stan does listen to me, Richie thinks. If he didn’t have Eddie in his arms, he would sure as heck jump up and scream it to the neighbourhood that Stan the Man actually listens to him.

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My friend sent me an edit of peaches and chris evans and it turned into us laughing at the edits i was making of James Ransone and peaches ☠️☠️

now on my bday since he and my gf are coming over,we’re gonna make an edit account,post all the edits we’ve made of the it cast and sent the edits to their dms LMAO

I feel like Wyatt will enjoy them the most ☠️

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But not to neglect Eddie’s angst either! Because the bitch is Rogue! He can’t touch Richie without risking hurting him. He has to wear edgy 90s leather gloves and of course Richie thinks it’s hot but he wants Eddie to touch him. He wants to feel Eddie’s fingers on his skin. 

Because like also, if you’re perfectly healthy and Eddie touches you with his healslut hand… I don’t know, does nothing happen? Does he overheal you? Can that cause cancer? I don’t think Richie wants to find out. 

Oh the other hand, like we said. The gloves are hot. Like they make for pretty hot reacharounds at least. I wonder if Eddie’s power should just be a rip off of Moira, which would be fucking amazing. Like in order to heal, does he need to succ the life juice out of a bitch? Or do we stay with the original idea that he shoots antilife out of his right hand and heals with his left? Well… since it’ll take me for-ev-er to actually start writing this, I have time to work out the kinks.

Speaking of kinks, does Richie’s tail get in the way of shit? Like I have to imagine that would be awkward when Eddie’s trying to hit it from the back, although it could also be used for sexual purposes hmm…

But basically magnify all of Richie’s issues about being Seen and Known, because he’s a literal monster boy now. He has a fucking tail. If he’s not careful, his super tongue accidentally activates and whoever Richie’s talking to gets a face full of it. He also has weirdly shaped feet that are also opposable. And the good sis may or may not have those weird eyes and maybe cute little monster boy horns poking out from his hair. I don’t know about the eyes but the horns are a part of it now, sorry! 

That’s why Richie’s power is blending into the background (which chameleons can’t do but the cultural association is too ingrained in all of us sweetie to simply not include that false information). 

Like the point is I want the Losers to have thematic powers, so Richie’s is absolutely about how he hides from people, and he takes that and beats up bad guys with it. And Eddie’s power is about taking back the control over health and disease that his mother kept away from him all his life. So take these two disaster boys and honestly, yes? 

Make Richie look weird! But Eddie likes him anyway because as much as they bicker no one can make Eddie laugh like Richie. And Eddie is a 90s grimdark comic book character who ~can’t touch the boy he loves~ but like he still gives bomb ass dick and even though Bill is me strongk boy and Ben literally makes shields like a bitch will never feel safer than around Eddie, who can both bring you back from the brink of death with just the slightest gentlest gayest touch of his fingers, and also make the bitch who hurt you melt into a pile of noxious goo. 

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Ooh so I had more thoughts about the hero au? I think I might write this one day? But like… just the precarious way all the Losers have to work together because things can quickly head into clusterfuck territory.

Specifically, Stan is a problem to work with. Because let’s say Bill grabs Stan’s arm, and Bill has no reference to normal people’s strength or durability, so it would be so easy for him to squeeze just a little bit and fucking snap Stan’s arm in half. Eddie has about half a second to take off his special glove so he can heal Stan’s arm before Stan has a full on meltdown and he forces everyone to feel his pain. And they feel it as he feels it. So Eddie would be completely debilitated by whatever Stan is feeling.

Translate that to an actual fight. And my honestly throwaway lines about the Losers not wanting Stan to fight actually makes more sense to me now. They really don’t want him to fight. If Stan gets hurt, it’s not just “How dare you hurt the baybee,” it’s literally “Oh shit, Stan, the bitch who is linking all of us together with his telepathy, could force us to feel what he’s feeling and literally knock all of out in an instant if he’s hurt enough.” 

But that goes for any emotion. If Stan is angry enough or sad enough, they feel that. That can make them reckless, or make them lose morale. Stan’s ability to read their minds and let them all read each other’s minds is too useful to just leave him at home, so it’s a precarious situation. 

And I don’t think Stan can control it, because I did think of a scenario where Stan was angry enough that animals started attacking who he was angry at, and they get hurt or killed in the process, which only makes Stan feel worse. So he’s very much a timebomb waiting to go off. He has to carefully regulate his emotions.

Which is another problem, because he’s an empath too, so his emotions are influenced by other people’s emotions. So imagine Stan and Richie arguing and literally subconsciously they’re both getting angrier and angrier because Stan is creating an echo chamber of >:( in his head. However, I do think Stan has more control over reading people’s emotions than projecting his own, so he can more easily avoid this scenario. 

God and imagine the angst, Stan not knowing if Bill likes him back or if Bill is effectively being brainwashed by Stan’s big brain big boy powers. Stan denying himself because he feels too intensely. And like, this is definitely going to be some kind of metaphor for anxiety because Stan just can’t react to things, he has to React to things. No one else understands. Also when you mostly spend your time finding lost dogs and rescuing cats from trees, when you can’t save a pet… oof. And the fact that he can hear people’s thoughts?? Thoughts about him?? Oh yes, we are full steam ahead on this one sis!

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