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#it chapter 2

“My heart will stop right now

I’m gonna die”


Look at his hand

His fingers move slightly up and back - his hands are shaking (I know it’s not a specially thought-out movement by the director and actor but it happened)

But then…


Usually when Richie was nervous he touched his glasses, but these situations are an exception

He is holding Eddie and drinks so it makes sense but his head.. We all know he is thinking about Eddie (well I know, before the performance he just started remember about everything and his orientation which means about Eddie)

“My heart didn’t stop but yours did”


Im sorry i digress bc i just love Bill Hader’s hands

So what I wanted to say? I don’t remember now 😐😐🙂


Yea Rich you can’t see.. without him


Can’t see

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please don't be offended
Me: Okay sure it makes me happy
me: Okay okay it's cute and I like it
Me: *inhales sharply* people like it but alright
me: *confused staring* Stan would kill Richie if he had the chance
Me: as a family yes
Me: I didn't know this was a thing
Me: cute but it's no Reddie
me: no just no
me: this is a thing?
me: cute but no thank you
me: eh
me: eh
me: The book doesn't really give me a good mind about this
me: *opens slideshow* let me explain to you why this ship is heaven and real and adorable and the only thing in my life that matters
me: they'd only do it to jealous Bev and Stan
me: it's cute but not Stenbrough
me: eh
me: only to annoy Bill and Bev
me: cute but no thank you
me: I just don't see it
me: stop well your ahead
Bonus: ...
me: there's not enough
me: why not
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First off, let me say that i love your blog. Your headcanons are god-tier. I came up with this weird headcanon where if Eddie was famous, Richie would be the type of person to write a very vulgar thirst tweet. How do you think Stan would react to smexy thirst tweets, or would he be the one to write them?

Wait wait wait, you came up with a reddie scenario but now want me to provide a stenbrough(?) context? Or do you mean stozier? Like Stan is getting tweeted at by Richie? Or Stan is tweeting at Richie? Or Eddie?? 

Either way, Stan doesn’t send thirst tweets. He screams to his friends privately about his celebrity obsessions. Because I am Stan and Stan is me, I know that he creates sideblogs to squeal about whatever his latest embarrassing hyperfixations.

Stan. Is. Never. Horny. On. Main. 

And he plans to keep it that way.

As for being sent thirst tweets, well I’m sure we can all guess how he’d react. If Richie is really out here tagging him and screeching about how he wants to suck Stan’s dick, there’s only one conclusion to this. Stan being like:


Unless it’s Bill, then Stan’s like:

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76 on the prompt list :>>> excited to see what u come up w/

Anon, your faith in me was truly misguided. I saw this prompt and went, “ooh, ok, let’s do some heartfelt angst,” and then as I started that my brain went, “nah, this instead.”

And by this, I mean “domestic & married Reddie being gross and in love and having a drama queen for a kid”



Prompt: 76 – “It could be worse. They could be dating.” “Wait. They are?!”

Summary: “Our daughter is dating a nose-picker?!” Eddie says it with the disdain of someone describing a serial killer.



Richie kicks the door closed with his foot, already slipping it halfway out of his shoe. He dumps his duffel on the floor, which Eddie’ll chide him for later. That’s a problem for future Richie, not present Richie, who’s running on pure caffeine after his non-stop flight from Atlanta to LA.

The distant thump of 80s music lures him to the kitchen. Eddie’s humming along to the radio as he rinses lettuce for one of his seasonal salads. Richie would bet his life it includes pine nuts. 

Padding quietly across the hardwood, Richie warps his arms around his husband from behind. “Honey, I’m home!”

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Chapter One: The Phone Calls

Straight!Richie x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of Suicide (if you are not comfortable reading, do not read it) Death of a VERY important character, abuse, language…and I think that’s it.

Word Count: 4208

Note: If you wanna be tagged, let me know! If you are not tagged, it is because your username is not working. 


Originally posted by haderenthusiast

Bill Denbrough, now at the ripe age of 40, was sitting in his trailer and trying to work on the script for a movie based on his novel. There was nothing typed on his computer except for INT. ATTIC. The movie needed an ending, but he had no ideas on how to make it, well, any good. He always had a feeling that the ending to his book was not the greatest, so he wanted to make the movie’s ending better than the books. He let out a sigh, still staring intensely at his blank page on his computer screen, until he was interrupted by a knock on hs trailer door. Bill immediately put his fingers on the keys to make it look like he was typing something when a lady came in. 

“My. Denbrough. They need you on set right now.” The lady gave him a smile and walked out the door, waiting for him to follow. 

He had a blank stare on his face, knowing that the people on set were going to ask about the ending. What was he going to tell them? Was he going to just say, “Hey, I don’t have anything written for the ending just yet,” or something like that? Bill shook his head, grabbed a folder,and stepped out of his trailer and began following the lady. She led him inside the set, right before the doors closed on him. He looked around, staring at the set and his eyes landed on the back of his wife, whom was getting her makeup done. 

“Ma’am. Your husbands here.” Bill heard one of the makeup artists whisper to his wife, Audra. 

His wife turned around, her face covered in fake blood and dirt, and her hair covered in fake blood as well, almost to look as if she were sweating.She walked up to her husband and asked him, “Hey. Do you have the pages?” But before Bill could answer, he was interrupted by the director coming down from up high with the camera, separating him and his wife. 

“My friend.” The man sighed. “The fil needs an ending, you do know that right?” 

“Yes. I…I know that.” Bill said, a fake smile on his face. 

“You said that you needed just one more day to finish writing the last few pages, and we’re shooting this thing tonight. You need to-” Audra was interrupted by the man. 

“Now, let’s calm down here.” He looked at Audra, who nodded, and then looked back at Bill. “Now, I do want you to be happy with the film, I really do. I am on your side here.”

“Oh, well that’s great, because the ending in my book is-”

“It’s terrible.” The man said bluntly. “Don’t get me wrong though. People loved your book. They loved it, but they hated the ending.” 

“Well, you said that you loved the ending.” 

“That was a lie.” The man reached over and patted Bill on his shoulder. “You have to improve on it, okay?” 

“Yea…Yea sure.” Bill nodded, looking over at his wife who was an uncomfortable look on her face. 

“Now, Audra, you have my notes. Could you just…” He pointed to Bill, and Audra gave him a nod. “Thank you, sweetheart. Take me back to one please!” He shouted, pointing upwards and he was then moved back up high. 

“Y-You have his notes?” Bill asked his wife.

“You know…he is right about everything.” Audra said, looking into the eyes of her husband. 

“You’re saying that you hate my endings too?”

“No, not all of them.” She sighed. “But this one…it just…”

“Okay, you don’t have to say anything else.” Bill shook his head and walked over towards the table where the snacks were. 

“Bill!” She followed him. “Do you want me to have to keep lying to you just because that I’m your-” 

“You’re my wife?” Bill shook his head. “Of course not. Look, you’ve been blowing smoke up my ass for like eight years. I just guess I thought you were someone different.” 

“I have not been blowing smoke up your ass.”  

“Everybody wants a happy ending. Everybody wants to have some type of closure. That’s just not the way things work out..’ He said, pouring himself a cup of coffee. 

“I think what Peter wants…what the studio wants is-”

“The studio?” Bill was shocked to now hears the whole studio thinks his ending was not the greatest. “When did you become a company man? Now, what’s wrong with you doing it the way it’s written. Why can’t you just be the woman I want you to be?”

“Fuck you, Bill.” 

“No, that’s…that’s not what I meant. I meant on the pages, the part. Not you, Audra.” Then, as if things couldn’t get anymore awkward,Bill’s phone began ringing. He reached into his pocket and took out his phone and saw the number. It was unknown,but it was a Derry,Maine number. Audra rolled her eyes and left Bill, walkin back over to the set. Bill took himself outside,staring at his phone screen once more before answering it. “Hello?” 

“Bill Denbrough?” The person on the other end asked. 

“Yes. Who is this?” 


“Mike who?” 

“Mike Hanlon. From Derry.” 

Bill felt his heart drop to his stomach as he heard that name. Mike Hanlon. His friend from 27 years ago. From his old hometown Derry, Maine. Then out of nowhere, Bill let out a gasp from pain. He felt a stinging pain om from his hand, the one that was not holding the phone. His eyes looked at it, staring at the palm. There was a scar there…a scar that he did not remember having. 

“You need to come home, Bill.” 

When Mike said those words, Bill somehow felt that it was important. Something was going on. It’s like he knew what was going on,but he just couldn’t remember it all too well. 


In the busy streets of New York City, Eddie Kaspbrack was driving crazily around other cars to get ahead. He was on the phone talking to his wife Myra, whom was freaking out about his hectic driving. She always freaked out about everything he did, always making sure he was careful. It was as it he was married to his mother, who was always worrying about every little thing he did. 

“Eddie! I keep telling you not to scare me like this and you never listen to me. Never!” Hiswife said in a panicked voice over the phone. She was on speaker, playing over the radio in the car, so her voice was quite loud.

“Myra, I can’t deal with this right now.” Eddie said, taking some pills into his mouth. 

“You shouldn’t be driving out there right now.It isn’t safe to be driving while the roads are slick this this.” 

“Sweetie, It isn’t raining like three hours ago. Everything’s gonna be fine.” He finished before a loud honk was heard. “Hey dickhead. Do you see the traffic you fuckface?” He yelled at the car that honked at him and then drove ahead. 

“What about if you hydroplane?” 

“I am not going to hydroplane. It is my job to assess risks, so will you please trust me when I tell you from a statistic point of view that I am much more likely to get in an accident by talking on the phone with you?” He took a deep breath. “Now, I have to go. I will talk to you soon. Goodbye.” And he hung up the phone. But after he hung up, his phone rang right away, so he answered it, thinking it would be about work. “Edward Kaspbrack speaking.” 

“You didn’t say ‘Okay. Bye. I love you’ like you always do.” It was his wife, Myra, once again. 

“Look, I can’t right now. I’m going to be lat for this…” His phone had an incoming call, so he looked to see the number. His eyes widened as he saw it was from Derry. “Meeting…” 

“Say ‘I love you’ Eddie.” 

“Okay…I love you mommy.” He said before hanging up on his wife once again and answering the incoming call from Derry. “Hello? Who is this?” 

“Hey. It’s Mike.” 

“Mike who?” Eddie asked and then in milliseconds he was in a car accident. He was okay, but he was not paying attention, for this phone call had him in a trance of some kind. It’s like he knew why Mike was calling.


Richie had just finished talking on the phone with Mike Hanlon and he ran outside for he felt like he was going to throw up. He did just that. He leaned over the raining and threw up for a couple seconds, before one of the stage managers followed him and grabbed a rag from his pocket. 

“What the fuck, Richie? You were fine like five seconds ago. Who called you that made you act like that?” Richie was quiet and trying to catch his breath. “Richie, talk to me. Look, you’re on in two minutes.” He gave Richie the rag, which he took in his hand and wiped the access of puke off of his face. “You good?”

“I’m fine.” Richie gave the rag back to the stage manager and walked back through the door to backstage. 

“Good. Good. You have 60 seconds.” He said, following behind Richie. The manager caught the attention of another employee. “Please. Get him a bottle of water.”

“Bourbon.” Richie said quickly. “Bourbon, please.Some mints too!” And the employee went off to fetch him a bottle of bourbon. 

Richie and the stage manager were almost at the stage. Richie wasn’t nervous from going on stage, but he was still thinking about the phone call he had with Mike. Why did he get so sick? Why did he throw up after the call ended? The young employee came up with a glass of bourbon and some mints. 

“Thanks.” He chugged the whole glass and put a few mints into his mouth. Richie handed the glass to the stage manager as he stopped on the side of the stage,preparing himself. “How do I look?”

“Your hands are shaking.” 

“Fucking shit.” He looked down at his hands, but it was already too late. The announcer was already saying his name. He took a deep breath and started walking on stage in front of the audience.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Richie Tozier!” The announcer said and everyone clapped their hands together when they saw Richie on stage.

“How are we tonight?” Richie asked the crowd when he grabbed the microphone. “So my girlfriend caught me uh masterbating to her friend’s facebook page. And now I’m masterbaters anonamyous.” The crowd laughed at the comedian, a few whistles could be heard from the crowd as well. “So then I stand up at the first meeting and I say ‘My name is Richie Trashmouth…’ “ He stopped. His mind thinking about the phone call once again. Voices were in his head, saying words from his past. An image of a woman appeared in his head. It was Y/N. “Trashmouth…” He tried saying once again, but the image of her made him stop talking. He remembered her. He remembered everything they went through together as kids. Richie missed her. “Uh…guess I forgot the joke.” 

“You suck!” Someone yelled from the crowd, but Richie just let out a small chuckle and nodded at the audience. 


There was a huge important meeting happening in Upstate New York in the Hanscom Architecture building. A man was talking to a bunch of associated about some new build plans. Ben Hanscom was the head of this company, hence it being named after him.

“Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for letting us present to you today. Now, this is going to includer over one million square feet of both commercial and residential space. State of the art office towers…” 

“What I’m really looking for is to understand is how we create even more retail opportunity.” One of the associates ask. He points to some spots on the blueprints in front of him and continues talking, “If we put in walls here and all along here, then we-” 

“Lose the walls.” Ben said. He was at home, but on a video call with all of the associated that were still at his building. 

“With all due respect, Mr. Hanscom…” The man said. 

“Ben.” He said sternly. “And with all due respect to you, I am getting very claustrophobic just by looking at this model. How about you?” They all just stared at him through the screen, waiting for him to keep talking. “Look, if you keep up with all of these walls…it’s gonna look like a prison. What do people want to do in a prison? Get out. It should be a place that brings people together.” Ben was tapping his fingers on his wooden table. His gaze then moved from the screen to his wallet, which he opened up and stared at something. It was a piece of paper from his yearbook that Beverly and Y/N signed when he was younger. He smiled at the sight of it, thinking of old memories they all shared when they were young. “A clubhouse. And when people are there…” He looked over at his now vibrating phone. “One moment.” Ben turned off the video call and picked up his phone, staring at the number. He pressed the answer button. “Hello?” 

“Hey there. It’s Mike Hanlon. From Derry.” 


Stanley Uris was at his home, working on an unfinished bird puzzle. Him and his wife were planning on leaving for a trip to Buenos Aires together for a little summer getaway. His wife, Patricia, was on the computer and ready to book the trip. 

“You sure you can miss some work?” Patricia asked Stanley, whom was still working on the puzzle. 

“It’s summer, why not?” 

“Alright.” She pressed a button on her computer. “We are officially going to Buenos Aires.” 

Stanley smiled at the sound of how happy his wife was. He was about to finish his puzzle, but dropped the last piece under the glass table. Removing the glasses off of his face, he got down onto his knees and reached for the piece under the table. It was in his hands, and that was when his phone began ringing. Stanley moved from under the table and grabbed his phone, hitting the answer button.

“Stanley Uris speaking.” 

“It’s Mike.” 

“I’m sorry?” 

“Mike Hanlon. From Derry.” 

“Mike.” Stanley felt his heart beating fast. He knew exactly why Mike called him. “It’s been a while.” 

“Yea. A long time. 27 years.” 

Stanley felt his eyes beginning to tear up. He stood up on his feet, walking away from his wife so she could not hear his conversation. “IT’s come back hasn’t it? That’s why you called me.” 

“IT is back. Terrible things have been happening, Stan.” 

“Did you call the others? I mean…what if none of them come…what if…?” 

“We all made a promise. Remember that?” Stanley did remember. He remembered everything. “How soon can you get here?” 

“I um…I would need to do a few things first…” 

“Tomorrow. We don’t have much time. I’ll text you everything you need to know. See you soon, Stanley.” Mike hung up the phone, leaving Stanley with no words. 

Stanley knew what he had to do. He knew that this day would come someday and he had a plan to fix everything. But first, Stanley had one phone call to make before he had to do what he needed to do. 


Y/N was at her house, in her bedroom, reading a book quietly to herself. She was going through a lot at the moment and she needed to lift her spirits by doing what she loved most. Het and her husband, well soon to be ex, had just filed the divorce papers. Her husband refused to sign them, but she needed out of the relationship. So Y/N bought herself her own house and was living alone. She was a child psychologist, and she adored her job. Her husband just made her life a living hell. From the abuse to the sexual abuse and all of the horrible names he called her. Y/N kep reading her book, trying to get him out of her mind, but her phone went off. She looked over at her nightstand and grabbed her phone, seeing it as an unknown number. It was an Atlanta number and she didn’t know anybody from Atlanta. 

“Hello?” Y/N said in a soft voice. 

“Is this Y/N?” 

“This is she. Who is this?” 

“This is Stanley. Stanley Uris.” 

“Oh my god. Stanley?” Y/N smiled at the sound of his voice. “It’s so nice to ear from you. It’s been what…almost 30 years?” 


“Why the sudden phone call?” 

“I actually was calling to just tell you something.” 

“Okay. Shoot.” 

“Y/N. I just wanted to tell you, thank you. Thank you for always being there for me when I needed someone. You were such a good friend and you still are…you always will be. I’ll see you later.” 

“Stanley, is everything okay? What do you-” Stanley hung up before she could ask any questions. 

Why did he sound so sad on the phone? What did he mean by see you later? Y/N and Stan were close as kids. She was close with all of the Loser’s Club. Her memories of those days were abit foggy. She couldn’t really remember anything at all. Y/N was about to set her phone on the counter, but it rang again. 


“Y/N. This is Mike Hanlon. From Derry.” 

“Derry.” Y/N felt a weird tingle on her hand. She looked at it, staring at the scar on her hand. “Richie…” She whispered to herself. She remembered Richie. The boy she loved all those 27 years ago. She still does love him. 

“I need you to come someplace tomorrow. It’s important.” Mike told her over the phone. 

Y/N nodded to herself, but something felt weird about that moment with Stanley. Her mind was telling her Stanley needed help. There was nothing she could do though. 


Back at Stanley’s home, he was taking a bath in warm water. He was looking up at the ceiling, when images of Bill, Y/N, and the rest of the Loser’s flash into his head.It was when they all were taking the blood oath and holding one another’s hands. Bill had come up to Stanley. 

“You swear?” Bill had asked. 

Stanley didn’t want to do it, but he did for his friends. Bill cut his hand deep with the glass,the blood pouring out. Y/N looked at him, giving him a warm smile and holding his bloody hand. 

“I swear. Bill and Y/N.” Stanley grabbed the razor that he brought inside the bathroom with him and cut both of his wrists. It hurt, and Stanley winced in pain. He did this for a reason though. He did it for the group. One more image of all of his friends flashed through his head once again, and he was hugging Y/N once more before they all left to go home. Stanley was smiling as he watched the blood leaving his body. He was saving his friends. 


Y/N had just hung up the phone with Mike. She grabbed her suitcase  and began packing some clothes. After putting some clothes in her suitcase, she headed into the bathroom to pack her toiletries. After grabbing her toothbrush and a few other things, she heard something. It sounded like water dripping. Her eyes looked around and down at the sink, but there was nothing. Then she looked at the bathtub and there it was. But it wasn’t water, it was…blood? Blood was dripping from her bathtub faucet. 

“What the fuck?” Y/N watched in horror as  the faucet was not dripping blood, but was now pouring it in her ub, filling it up quickly. “Stop!” She yelled and closed her eyes. The sound of the bloody water pouring in the tub stopped. Her eyes opened and there was nothing in the tub. What was that? What did it mean? 


Beverly was sleeping in her bed, but her eyes shot open at the feeling of something dripping on her cheek. She sat up from her bed and touched her cheek, but felt nothing there. When she looked over at her nightstand, she saw her phone vibrating. She grabbed it and left her bedroom, so that she wouldn’t wake up her husband, Tom, and headed out into the hallway and sa down on a chair by the window. It was Mike on the phone, telling Beverly about the promise, like he did to everyone else. 

“You promised, Beverly.” Mike said. 

“I’m sorry, Mike. I don’t really remember anything. I’m sorry.” 

“Have you ever wondered why you can’t remember most things that people should remember? About where they were from? About who they are? Why you have that scar on your hand?” Beverly looked at the hand with the scar,wondering as to how Mike knew about that. “Nobody else remembered either. Richie, Ben, Eddie, Stanley, Y/N, Bill.” 

“Bill?” That name. Beverly remembered that name for some reason. 

“You have to come back, Bev. You all do.” 

Beverly nodded. “When?” 

After Mike gave her the information, Beverly ran back to her bedroom and into her closet. She grabbed a bag and threw a bunch of random clothes in there. She grabbed a pair of sneakers and everything else she needed and began walking out of the closet. Beverly had bumped into something though…her husband. 

“Whoa. You good babe? It’s the middle of the night.Why are you packing?” 

Beverly gave her husband a kiss on his cheek. “I didn’t wanna wake you.” She walked past him and over to the bed, putting on her sneakers. “I know this week has been exhausting. An old friend of mine called from Derry. I have to go back there and it’s rather hard to explain why.” 

“It’s okay.” He walks over to her and sits down next to her on the bed. “You don’t have to explain anything to me. I trust you.” He rubs her back gently. 

Beverly finished putting on her shoes. “Thank you.” She kissed him gently and stood up from the bed, but was stopped by her husband gripping her wrist tightly. Her face was full of worry, knowing what was coming next. 

“I just don’t understand why you’d lie to me.” He stood up in front of her, still gripping tight. “I heard you on the phone. You said the name Mike.”

“Yes. He’s me friend.You see…” She was scared. Terrified at this point. “There was a group of us back then and we all made this promise to each other when we were kids.” 

“Trust is the basis of the relationship. Trust means everything to me. You know that, Bev.” 

“I know…This isn’t…” 

“Like the last time?” 

“I never cheated on you…” She leaned in to kiss him, but Tom gripped her hair tightly, pulling on it. 

“You’re a bad fucking liar, Bev. Now, I want you to stay right here and you are gonna show me what it is you’re gonna do with Mike.” He pushed her up against the wall roughly. 

“Y-You’re hurting me, honey.” 

“No one else is going to love you like I do. You know that right?” 

Beverly then slapped him across the face, causing him to fall back a bit. He touched the spot where she hit him and stared at Beverly. His hands reached over towards his belt. 

“H-Honey. I’m so-sorry. I didn’t mean to…” Beverly backed up a bit, her legs hitting the back of the bed. Tom held the belt tight in his hands as he began hitting her. She held her hands up, causing the belt to hit her wrists. Beverly managed to grab his hands.

“Don’t make this fucking harder!” 

“Please…stop.” Beverly told him, but Tom punched her in the face and she fell onto the bed. 

Tom removed the shirt off of his body but Beverly kicked him, causing him to step back.This gave her enough time to lean over and grab a picture frame. He was coming at her, but she collided with the picture frame to his head, causing the glass to shatter and him to fall on the ground. Beverly grabbed her bag and ran downstairs, for she could hear him get up and following her. 

“You’re nothing without me, you know that right?” He yelled at her, watching her leave through the door. “Tell me I’m wrong!” 

Beverly was not outside in the pouring rain. She removed the ring off of her finger, throwing it onto the ground in front of the house. He was wrong. Beverly was everything without him in her life. She was drenched, but she didn’t care. 

All of the Loser’s were on their way to meet Mike. They were all on their way to reunite once more after 27 years.

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Tfw you get a call from an old friend you didn’t even remember and now you have to go back to your homophobic home town while being in the closet and then you see another one of your old friends but you were in love with them so you do a blowjob shot and ask them if they’re married and when he says yes you bully him as a coping mechanism but then the fortune cookies attacks everyone so you leave and then find out the one friend that didn’t show up killer himself and another friend saw it happen so you leave but they’re staying at the same hotel and two of them convince the rest of you to say and bow you have to get a token and receiving it brings back some bad memories and then the clown makes fun of you being gay so you start to leave but change your mind and then kill your childhood bully and you have to go back to a creepy house where you almost died and you fight the clown after your dead friends spider head attacks you and suddenly you get caught in something called the deadlights and when the love of you life saves you he dies and you’re forced to leave his body and you’re really depressed while your other friends are really happy :////

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Happy Holidays! Since they are coming up, I think it would be fun to do an event/giveaway in relation to the musical! If you have any ideas (or are interested in helping with the musical in general) leave a reply or shoot me a PM here or on Discord (cherrybev#0073)

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