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Bev: Bill, if you murder me and bury me in Derry, I'll haunt you forever.
Bill: What if I murder you and bury you somewhere else?
Bev: Neh, I'll leave you alone. I'm sure you had your reasons.
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“Eddie, my love, I love you so

How I wanted for you, you’ll never know

Please, Eddie, don’t make me wait to long

Eddie, please write me one line

Tell me your love is still only mine

Please, Eddie, don’t make me wait too long..”

Ph: Chiara Santaterra

Eddie: @lunaehime

Richie: Me

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So we all know from the book that Richie “saw what a cutie he was when he first saw him” right?

Imagine a young Richie seeing this little hypochondriac with a temper, who carries around a fanny pack, even when they were young, and Richie just……his heart feels at home.

Like, he feels safe around him, he wants to protect Eddie from the cruel world around them, to protect him from Derry.

How much did it hurt when Richie found out that he failed, that Eddie’s own mother has been hurting him from the day he could understand and talk? How much pain that he has been in.

How much did it hurt when Richie had slowly realized that Derry had never let Eddie go, never let any of them go. Because they were all still in pain and still suffering, even twenty-seven-years later.

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hm if I can speak critically for a moment one of the things I think suffered about IT Chapter Two (both from film one to film two and from book to movie) is that there are these weird moments of cartoonishness? shall we say. and I think that speaks very much to a lot of Mr. King-man’s writing, especially when children are involved—there is a cartoonishness to the way that he writes horror and IT in particular has a lot of it throughout the book.

which, for the record, I don’t think is some sort of revelatory observations I’m sure it’s been said before. but for all that Stephen King is a very visual sort of writer (and that makes him translate pretty well to visual mediums) I think his tone is particularly hard to translate from book to movie. because IT in particular has this weird regression in tone with the bits from the adults. like there is a definite shift that happens to them at some point where all the adults start to deal with things childishly because that’s the only way to deal with It.

and to its credit I think the movie tries to do this (very unsuccessfully imo because they don’t take into account that there’s any difference between movie-one!losers and book!losers) but the fact that it tries is I think what made chapter two not as good as the first one.

there is no moment in the second IT film that I can tell that this sort of shift happens? instead the adult losers are already remarkably childish (which is fine) but from the beginning the horror elements of the film have not been similarly childish. the horror takes on a much darker tone that I think worked very well. but every once and a whole some of that cartoonish horror sneaks in (like with werewolf homage or hocksetter the cabbie or the leper) and it feels jarringly out of place?

like it’s this dissonance of tone that really confuses a lot of aspects of the movie

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Soulmate’s (Reddie x oc)

Breanna was enjoying the quite atmosphere of the quarry as she sketched what she was seeing before her, she also began to quitely hum to herself. She felt a slight stinging in crevice on the back of her neck but she had just ignored it, she thought that maybe she was close to meeting her soulmate’s and unlike most people she had two names instead of one. As she continued to sketch she heard a fee voices and looked up to see a group of kids around her age, the only girl in the group noticed her and waved coursing one of the boys to  walk over “hi there, my names B-b-b-bill” the boy says “I’m breanna” she says and the rest of the group walked over breanna felt the burning and she whines “you okay?” Another boy says. Two other boys also winced a bit then they both checked each’s back of the neck crevices and their eyes seemingly widen “Ed’s, rich what’s up?” Another boy says “she is our second soulmate” eddie says “wait what are your names?” Breanna asked “Richie Tozier and Eddie kaspbrak” richie says. Breanna couldn’t believe she had finally met her soulmate’s, they were both unbelievably adorable and after getting to know them they were two of the funniest and kindest boys she had ever met on her life.

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