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#it's for her own good but
 anonymous sent  :  besides designing her own suit is it actually
 canon that natasha was a fashion designer?

Yes   &   no   :   canonically,   Nat   DID   make   an   attempt   to   go   into   fashion   design   in   an   effort   to   support   herself   after   she   &   Matt   moved   to   San   Francisco   so   she   didn’t   have   to   rely   on   him   to   pay   their   bills   &   she   is   shown   to   be   very   fashion   conscious,   but   they   only   really   showed   her   making   one   attempt   to   get   into   the   field,   which   didn’t   go   great,   &   they   largely   dropped   the   thread   from   there   unfortunately.

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A silly and kinda bittersweet idea I had a few weeks ago – not long after Victor’s death, Alice finds herself having to write his obituary for the paper. She’s struggling with it (as you might, having to sum up your beloved spouse’s life in a few paragraphs), and while she finally produces a draft she’s mostly happy with, she can’t help but wonder if it’s what Victor would have liked in an obituary.

. . .Then she remembers that, despite Victor being dead, she can still send him letters, thanks to the “Reaper’s Speech” spell.

Cue her sending Victor’s obituary down to Victor himself in the Land of the Dead so he can approve it. Victor sends it back with a snarky letter about her making him proofread his own obituary, before reassuring her it’s fine, go ahead and send it in.

(And then, when she dies, Chester pulls the exact same trick on her. Victor is deeply amused, while Alice is like, “welp, this is what I get.”)

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So assessment class was interesting today. I was a bit nervous because it was the chapter on Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, listed in the book as disorders but whatever, and part of me was genuinely terrified they’d bring like…I don’t even know what anymore as the movie.

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Looking at that Briar there’s obviously things I wanna fix/hammer out better!!!! I’d have to redraw a lot tho and I don’t think I have the technical skill for what I wanna convey yet

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You have GOT to watch The Pharmacist on netflix, it’s a riveting story and really impressively put together from actual recordings of the events. It’s also not graphic at all; of course they talk about death and drugs but theres no disturbing imagery or depictions of anyone using. Netflix almost never promotes documentary series which is honestly such a shame because I was really really impressed with this one.

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“Love stinks, what do you say to a night in? Just you, me, and all the ice cream we can stuff in our faces." (The girls!)


Valentine’s day – what was the purpose of it? It was a question Florence had found herself questioning a lot throughout the years, having found the celebration bothersome at best and merely a way for her father to pull in an extra stack of customers in form of couples into the spa. That, or a customer alongside their secret lover. It was all old news, she didn’t have the energy to care beyond knowing what was waiting her tomorrow morning; merely finding comfort in knowing she, for once, had someone by her side to share the frustration with. Yes, this was her first year pushing through Valentine’s Day with a friend by her side, someone who didn’t fill her up with anger and frustration nor made her feel forgotten and unloved.

And, going by Ophelia’s words, she seemed to mirror Florence’s thoughts to a tee – sending a mixed bag of emotions through the young woman’s body as she turned to face her friend, her eyes longing yet filled with the sorrow of someone small and hurt. “You really think that?” Florence asked. “That love stink?” She quickly cleared her throat, wondering of the question proved too much for the other as Phe clearly held no interest in the conversation. “I’m not saying I’m against the idea you’re proposing, quite the opposite but… I wouldn’t say it love that’s the problem, it’s more so the people – society – hyping it up. It’s nice to see people being happy but it also makes you sort of wish you could have something similar yourself – doesn’t it?”

Ophelia blinked, taken by her friend’s humble answer, right before she let out a scoff – light and free of judgment. “Maybe you have a point, but that won’t make me want to celebrate that shit show of a holiday more than I did previously. The offer still stands, you with me? We can have our own little holiday today, one for friendship only.”

The last nudge did nothing but make Florence hunch even further, covering herself with a blanket of shy as he hurried to nod in agreement. Her mind ever so casually drifting off as she realized the meaning behind it all, the end game it would lead two leaving both stuffed up together on Phe’s couch. Alone. Oh boy. “Sure, let’s do that”, Flo mumbled back, her eyes drifting away from Phe’s face as she began to stumble forward. “Should we watch a movie? I can pick one if you get the ice cream.” Anything to catch a break from her own mind and day dreams now taking shape inside of her head.


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The cart-wheels creaked to a halt, the chocobos at its head coming to rest nervously. The road was little traveled, but since traffic on the main causeways was filling up with Ala Mhigans returning home, there were some adventurous merchants and ‘entrepreneurs’ who thought they might save some hassle and time by taking the old backwoods paths. The Hellsguard sitting above the birds narrowed his eyes, adjusted his dusty, cracked glasses, and tried to make out the time-faded lettering on his map. He jerks as his only passenger stirs behind him, knocking loudly against wood. He looks backwards as her voice cuts through the forest’s calm din.

“Lost, or just need some fresh eyes to read your cheap map?” Her voice is gravely, slow, and just slightly slurred.

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For someone who had a full panic about me buying a vibrator and complains at least once a fortnight about how songs on the radio are all about casual sex, my mother still somehow finds a way to pick movies/TV shows to watch together that have a solid amount of sex scenes

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“What I do for my brothers…” [James] grumbled as he grabbed a handful of the dust. “What’s the safe word? Because I don’t really feel like running into your wards when I get through.”

Sirius’ blush deepened. “Gettin’ dick.”


“Well I was going for something no one else would be saying!” Sirius tried defending himself.

“Oh Salazar,” Regulus moaned. “I’m in hell.”

“Shut it you ingrate,” Sirius chided softly as he returned his attention to his dazed brother.

“Gettin’ dick at the Lupin-Black flat!” James proclaimed loudly as he tossed the powder and then stepped through the bright green flames.

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[ embrace ] !

soft interactions // accepting!

[ EMBRACE ]  for  your  muse  to  pull  my  muse  into  a  tight  embrace .

     She had been out for way too long. She knew that, and yet still continued on with her own personal mission, even with the moon straight above her in the sky. This was the island where a legendary moonflower bloomed, said to have been planted by the astrals as a secret medicinal herb that could even bring someone back from the brink of death. Once the war started, though, almost all the flowers were burned…But, ever hundred years or so, the small glow of a flower could be seen in a full moon, and any one who picked it would be blessed. A fantastical local story that got Diantha’s mind working, and when all these villages had so many similarities and points of proof…

     She had to at least see it, or at least try to see it, on this cloudless, full moon night.

     Though she had been out since sundown, somehow convincing Gran and the others to not accompany her (though Jamil had followed, for a bit, before he was promptly shooed away). She didn’t want anyone else up so late for such a silly venture that probably wasn’t even worthwhile; yet now she’s realized just one girl couldn’t find something so mystical on her own. Dirty, sweaty, and feeling fatigued, a trip on a tree root that had her landing flat on her face told her that enough was enough. The childish wish of a storybook fantasy to become reality was diminished, getting to her knees and chiding herself for being so caught up in it this long. Everyone would comfort her at the inn, or chastise her, or both. And she could feel the spirit she felt hours ago leaving her as she thought of each individual response, tears welling up in her eyes as she looked around her —

     A faint glow made her blink the tears away. On the other edge of the meadow, just a glint of something waving slightly in the wind. It was enough to make her heart skip a beat, one last reserve of resolve filling her chest as she made a mad dash for it, galloping towards it until she almost stepped on its beautiful petals. It looked so delicate and so beautiful, glowing as if it was absorbing the moon’s reflected light. Maybe that’s how it got it’s power in the first place…It doesn’t matter, nor does the brief thought that maybe this was a much different flower, because she’s already getting out the jar she brought in her bag and digging the flower from the earth. Placed gently inside the jar with an extra bit of soil, top poked with holes before screwing it back on, she had to take a moment to look at the precious thing. A legend come to life. Her own mission, complete.

     She’d bet her scream of joy woke up every monster and villager within miles of her, but she doesn’t care. All Diantha cared about was holding the jar as close to her chest as possible, and running like the wind. Tears of joy blocked her vision as fast as she could blink them away, but in her adrenaline rush she didn’t mind bumping into trees and getting a twig or two caught in her hair. She just cared about showing her achievement to everyone in the crew, starting with the one who mattered most —

     Who was about at the edge of the village by the time she saw them. Gran! She exclaimed with such joy, her happiness rising even higher as she spotted them, holding the jar above her head so they could have a better look. “I found it! It was really real and I found it!” Such a proud tone that she never thought she’d carry, she raced towards Gran and didn’t notice his speed matching her own. “We have to ask around and see how we can prep this; we could save so many lives — Ack!

     The jar almost tumbled from her hands as Gran practically slammed into her, Diantha making incoherent noises as she kept fumbling before finally it was safely caught again. A sigh of relief escaped her, starting to ask Gran what that was all about —

Reality set in when she felt them shaking in their embrace and saw the look on their face. Ah, of course…

     Her bag is opened and the jar is placed inside as fast but as gently as she could, the flower’s glow peaking out of the dark space. And then she’s quick to wrap her own arms around Gran, though not in the vice-like grip he had on her. She wondered, briefly, if all the other crew members were looking for her too, probably worried sick after hours of waiting. But no one was probably as worried as Gran…A knot of guilt formed in her chest, but her happiness had never been higher than right now. Such a strange mixture when knowing she was so loved and worried over.

     “Oh…Oh, I’m so sorry I worried you, Gran.” She started, breath so shaky as the adrenaline started to drain from her, putting her ear against his chest. Goodness, their heartbeat was so fast…The flower was almost forgotten about as she rubbed circles into their back, hoping to help them relax a little. “I didn’t realize how much time would pass until I found it, which is of course why I asked you all not to come with me. But I…Oh, Gran. In her mind, she should’ve known how worried they would get. If it was anyone from the crew being out so late like this, not just her, the captain would of course have a search party sweeping the whole island for them. The regret of remembering that fact too late is evident in her voice, but so is the joy of remembering such love, and also the reassurance that wanted to dissuade any of his fears. “I’m so sorry…But I’m here now, and the mission was a great success. And I promise that next time I’ll come home much sooner, or I’ll bring you along with me, okay?” 

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