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Here’s what I think happened in this one.

He’s been captured (for a couple of days at least) off the street. He’s got quirk nullifying cuffs on, but he’s pissed off.

They’re threatening his fam/friends/kacchan👀

So he starts trying to use OFA

PLUS Yano, feral Deku 😘👌

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Hai could I get a bnha appearance matchup pls? I'm a 5'3 girl with a sorta hourglass figure, caramel skin & freckles & red shoulder length curly hair & brown eyes. I hope this isn't to vague

hi love, sure you can! no worries, i can work with anything you give me :-)

i think you’d be so so SO cute with deku!!


Originally posted by ianime0

two freckled cinnamon rolls i love it uwu

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I wanted to share with you my BNHA Blue beetle!AU

Izuku accidentally becomes the carrier of a symbiotic scarab with mysterious origins. After witnessing the series of crimes committed by mind-controlled people and the new villain group called “The Reach” tearing down the city looking for said scarab, he tries to hide in UA under the watch of pro heroes and solve the secrets of the symbiote bounded to his back that acts now as his new quirk.

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alright, prompt time

prompt:  "I told you that I’d never leave you; I’m not going anywhere.“

ship: Midoriya x reader

word count:  1,387

You begin to walk to the agency you have been working at for a couple of months, it was Red Riots Agency. You walked in as you began to stretched as you sat on your desk. You were the healer of the agency, healing hero’s after battle or even in battle depending on the situation. The downside of your quirk, you waste all your energy depending on the wound itself. You begin to mumble to yourself, thinking of songs to sing since your quirk relates to singing.

You rubbed your temples as you see the infamous red riot , its not like you hate the guy its just, he is too upbeat for you. Also because he also knows him….

You shake the thought of even thinking about his name. Red riot knows him, has been friends with him since high school , they went to the same school, UA. You went there as well but only in the healing department. Since your quirk is revolved around healing, just stating the obvious. You saw Red Riot greet the people around him. You were staring at him as you guys both made eye contact. You look away and tried to make it seem like you were writing on the songs you wrote about.

You soon heard foot steps walk to where you were. You thought that you were dead right then and there.

"hey, y/l/n, what are you doing?”

“working on songs to heal the hero’s in the next battle”

You sounded like a robot, you hated how you were so formal all the time. You closed your eyes as you remembered what he used to say to you.

“cmon y/n-chan! loosen up a bit, you know you dont always have to act so formal around me”

You looked up at him as you soon lower your head and kept your hands at your lap.

“i’m sorry, i didnt mean-”

“you dont have to apologize”

You looked at him expressionless as you tighten your fist, you didnt know what you were feeling. Was it hate? anger? but not to him, to yourself alone. That you couldnt express like other people can.

“hey! dont give me that look”

“im sorry, but i usaully look like this you know this _______- san”

“y'know, you should smile more often.”

You looked at him with surprised at first.

“I bet you will look so beautiful, i bet a smile like yours will sweep me off my feet even more”

you soon looked away. Smile? Was he serious? Its been awhile since you last smiled. You closed your eyes as you remembered the last time you smile.

“Hey! Y/n-chan! I bet i can make you smile”

“im sorry, but that will be troubling, please dont put yourself through that challenge”

“Are you challenging me?”

“No, im not-”

You got cut off as he supposely accept the ‘challenge’ .

“just like this, follow my lead”

He smiled brightly as he pointed to his smile. You always loved his smile, it always lighten your day.

You couldn’t help but smile softly a little at his goofiness.


“huh? i guess i did”

You smiled more as he began to cheer at his accomplishment.

“i love you, _______-san”

You soon came back to reality as Kirishima kept calling your name.

“did you listen?”

“ah, sorry sir, i was not. May you repeat yourself?”

“so formal, well, you have a mission today”

Your eyes widen, you don’t really get missions unless you really need to be there cause people knew that they will get hurt. You soon began to think once more than move your hair away from your face.

“may i please ask why?”

“ah, well, we just know that this particle person needs the healing”

“oh, I see, then ill try my best”

“alright, i’m counting on you y/n-san”

Kirishima said as he ruffled your hair with his hand, You soon felt like he was there again. His soft hands being on your hair once again. You couldn’t help but snuggle closer to Kirishimas hand, thinking it was his, the one you once loved. You put your hand on his, keeping his hand on your head.

“please don’t leave”

You soon realized what you just did, you soon got up and took his hand off of your head and soon bow down. You apologized as you left before he said something.

“he is back”

“what, what did you just said?”

“He is back Y/n”

“i……..Ill see you later sir”

You left as fast as you can, not wanting him to see your eyes filling up with tears.

You soon breathed in and wipe away your tears and kept your composer. You soon got ready and went to your location you were supposed to go to. You soon bumped into someone, you stepped back a bit and held your head.

You soon looked up and saw it was Ground zero. You bowed down and apologized, he snarled at you as you looked up at him with no emotions.

“its Deku’s robot”

“hello Sir, it is a pleasure to meet you, i’m an Y/n l/n, i’m from the red riot agency, i’m taking a guess i’m being partner with you”

“HAH, like i will need your healing, its not like you are my puppet”

He soon flicked your forehead as you only flinched for a bit.

“you are deku’s little puppet, I’m just as surprised that you lived for this long, thought you straight up died”

“no sir, his last words before he left was to live freely”

“tch, you know he found someone better, you may think that its all rumors but he is with round face”

“we dont want to get too off topic, remember you are the number 2 hero, you will have to start being focus before you lose your spot in 2nd place”

You said that too calmly as you stood there, still expressionless. You heard him say at least a few nasty comments before he ended up leaving, basically telling you to follow him.

After a few hours of walking, it was another agency, you assumed it was his as he walked in and you walked behind him. You looked around as other people either talked or were doing work. You guess that this place was really laid back.

so it couldn’t be Bakugo’s agency

You wanted to ask Bakugo who’s agency it was but, in the end you really couldn’t cause he is already in a pissy mood. You didn’t want to deal with his yelling anyways.

You soon heard the receptionist greet Bakugo, She soon greet you as you bow down.

“he will be in his office”


You hugged your notebook to your chest. The notebook was filled with songs, your quirk wasn’t just for healing either, its just you choose healing cause you felt like your quirk was a curse.

But he…..he didn’t think it was a curse, he thought it was beautiful

Bakugo soon opened the door as you walked in and moved your feet together and used both of your hands to lift up the ends of the dress a bit, you soon bowed as well.

“it is a pleasure to meet you, My name is Y/n L/n, I’m a healer at the Red Riots Agency.”

“What did i tell you about being so formal, N/n”

You know this voice too well, You soon looked up as your eyes widen at the sight of him.


“Long time no see, N/n”

Bakugo soon left to give them some time to themselves.

You eyes welled up with tears, you couldn’t stop them, were you sad? No, you couldn’t be, you were far from sad, you were happy if anything.

You soon saw Midoryia walk closer and gave you a hug, at first you stiffen and soon soften as you began to slowly hug him back, you missed so much, its been years since you last saw him.

You soon let your tears swell up and fall down off of your cheek as you stuff your face into his chest. You hugged him so tightly, missing his warmth.

“I told you that I’d never leave you; I’m not going anywhere”

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🥰- Izuku?

🥰 Tell them you love them.

Izuku’s cheeks turned a bright pink at those three words. After all this time, he still wasn’t used to anyone else but him stating it. He scratched the back of his neck, “I love you too!” The grin on his face is wide.

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Do you have a commissions info post?

No not yet but i can tell you my prices :)


Pencil drawings

Halfbody: 25€

Fullbody:30€ +3,70€ shipping



Lined drawings

Halfbody: 35€

Fullbody: 40€ +3,70€ shipping



Colored/detailed B&W drawings

Halfbody: 55+/-

Fullbody: 75+/- +3,70€ shipping



||The price can change depending on how detailed your character is :) ||

Prints of any drawing can be ordered as well for 15€. It can be any drawing i’ve done so far. (If you order more than one 10€ each + shipping )


Im highly thankful to anyone who supports my work💜

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