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#izuminokami kanesada

It’s official. Even in this citadel, Izuminokami won’t be able to do a proper introduction w/o getting interrupted 😔 Finally got him tho and that’s all that matters

Just think of this as a follow-up to my past comic with Horikawa constantly winning MVP honors and having no “Kane-san” to praise him at that time

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Horikawa: Do you have feelings for him?

Izuminokami: I don’t know. Most of the time, all we do is fight, but lately, it’s like we finish each others-

Mutsunokami: Sandwiches! *steals Izumi’s sandwich and runs off*

Izumi: Damn it, that’s the third time this week!

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Yorozuya @ Parco Shibuya

Some goods and pictures from my visit to the Yorozuya @ Parco Shibuya in December!

The store is set up very cutely with the mochi mochi mascots of the sword everywhere and there are many special goods there! You can also view some of the swords that are on display!

I got the KaneHori Kitkat (which is just normal kitkat inside) and another sweets that you can pick 6 swords to fill the box! I’m not sure what the sweet is called but they are kinda like a solid jelly in different flavors? Each type of swords is a different flavor. I think my favorite is the flavor for uchigatana which is a red bean(?) Flavor.

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