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 Hey, guys. I at the point in Hero Save Him where I need your help. I need some meaningful comments address to help Jack, in this part of the story. leave a short message and your name or @. I need nine for the story, thanks guys.

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Chapter 13: Frustrations
Subnautica/JSE Egos Crossover



Warnings: Minor Blood
Characters: Jameson Jackson, Dr. Schneeplestein, Jackieboy Man
POV: Jameson Jackson

All they had was a single multi-purpose room. It was too small, too cramped, for the five of them plus their supplies that grew with every passing hour that they scavenged, but at least it was a lot better than a lifepod.

The others were already talking about going back to where Jameson had crashed to salvage parts and the Seamoth blueprint. Jameson could only gulp and quickly shake his head at the prospect; he wasn’t going anywhere close to there again! His mind drifted back to O’Harris and his unfortunate end every time the thought occurred to him. He never wanted to see that place again.

Jackie had already partially pieced together a blueprint for a mobile vehicle bay after accidentally stumbling across a part of one. That was good, at least. It meant they were just another step closer to having a little bit easier of a time on this…well, frankly terrifying, planet.

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