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His cold lips brushes on top of your hand as the masked man leaves a small peck on your delicate skin. The man’s hazel irises are warm yet his touch gives a shiver down your spine. In a short amount of time, you get captivated by his enigmatic beauty that you do not notice his arms making its way to your waist while your warm hand is clasp within his large cold ones.

A wide smile ghosts on phantom!Jaehyun’s lips, swaying the both of you to the music. “It was a stunning performance indeed Y.N.”

Blood rushes to your face. “Thank you kind sir. Though I’ll appreciate it more if you remove that mask of yours so that I can thank you properly.”

“Where’s the fun in that sweetheart?” His voice drips like honey and you can’t help but rack your brain if you met this man before. His eyes and his voice were too familiar.

“Excuse me but,” He spins you around with such finesse and elegance. A gasp leaves your lips when you notice that your faces are a couple of inches close. “H-have we met before?”

Jaehyun laughs half-heartedly, bowing before you like a proper gentleman. You don’t have any choice but to curtsy before him. A bit annoyed that he ended the dance too soon.

“Well?” You press on as you feel your hand lingering for his touch. “Haven’t we?”

It’s as if the man read your mind. His hand reaches for your hand before he presses his lips on top of your hand in a chaste manner. His eyes never leaving you.

“A lot of times actually,” Phantom!Jaehyun’s eyes glint with mischief. “In many ways you can imagine.”

“I-“ You stammer but you stop yourself when you notice that he’s about to go. His white mask shimmers under the chandelier. “Will this be the last time that I’ll see you, mister?”

Phantom!Jaehyun remains calm as he sees the guards entering the large hall in his peripheral vision. You are too fixated with the masked man to actually notice the commotion unfolding around you. The guards are looking for Jaehyun; the infamous phantom of the opera. They have a hitch that he’ll be here for your first solo concert. You see, he is quite fond of you. Maybe a little too fond that he is obsessed with you. For him, it was love at first sight the moment you started performing here in his theater. He wants you to be his, by hook or by crook. Phantom!Jaehyun can’t help but to smirk to himself.

“Well for you, this is your first time seeing me Y.N.” Jaehyun gives your hand a final squeeze before he disappears into the crowd. His words ring in your ear.

“But this won’t definitely be the last time that we’ll meet sweetheart.”

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☾ journey with jaehyun: work shenanigans ☽

drabble game: requested by anon, jaehyun, 34 - “You work for me. You are my slave.”


[1:32PM] “you know, just because you’re the manager, doesn’t mean you can order me around like this” jaehyun’s voice was muffled through the pile of clothes he was digging through. it was a slow day at the store today so your boss decided to put you and jaehyun to work by folding all the old clothes in the back.

your nose wrinkled at the amount of dust flying everywhere as you peered around the doorway, watching jaehyun riff through the clothes. you could see how frustrated he was just by how tense his shoulders were. getting up from his position, he stretched his arms out, the bottom of his shirt slowly lifting up, making you look away instinctively, blushing. 

“okay, but that’s what a manager does. you work for me, you are my slave” your teasing voice rang clear in the room. jaehyun, eyebrows furrowed in annoyance stalked towards you and without warning, grabbed your elbow.

you yelped in surprise, his strong grip pulling you towards the clothes and prepared to toss you in. “jaehyun! what are you doing?!”

“you’re not even promoted yet so technically, i don’t work for you” he smirked, tightening his grip. as he let go, your reflexes made you grip onto his shirt and taking him by surprise, you pulled him down with you. a ring of dust flew around you both, making your eyes close shut as the dust tickled your nose. 

“jaehyun! my clothes are probably all dusty now!” you coughed out to the side and opened your eyes, heart stuttering as it made immediate contact with jaehyun’s and that’s when you finally realized how close you two were. 

jaehyun had landed on top of you and was currently looking down at you, arms caging you in from either side. 

your cheeks were blushing furiously as you let out a groan, mumbling, “can you get off of me? you’re heavy.”

jaehyun made no means to move as he simply stared at you from above. with your eyes refusing to meet his, you didn’t notice that his was filled with a mix between adoration and longing. you also missed the way his heart skipped a beat from just looking at you.

he smiled then, bringing his face closer to yours causing your eyes to widen. you didn’t dare peep a sound out as he spoke, “no thanks. i’m actually enjoying the view quite a lot right now.”


thank you so much for reading and check out my other works! :)

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“Someone! Please help!”

“Fire! Fire!”

“Call the firemen!”




Screams and shrieks could be heard from miles away. They tried to extinguish the fire but there was no avail. In a few hours, everything gradually quiet down.

Not because they were saved but because they died.

Not even a single soul breathed after.

Left the world with unfinished business.


“Johnny!”, Mark yelled from the opposite end of the hallway and ran towards his friend.

“Why didn’t you wait for me?”, he frowned.

Johnny gave him an annoyed look,

“I didn’t wait for you? Man! I waited for you for freaking 30 minutes!”, Johnny yelled. “And Rose even passed by. She offered to walk with me to the bus stop but I declined because I want to wait for you!”

“Oh… Sorry”, Mark clasped his hands together while grinning.

“Erghh! I should have followed Rose!”, Johnny exclaimed as he walked out of the door.

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prompt: “what are you thinking of?” + fluff please! i love you and your blog! 🥰💕

prompt title: wants

a/n: i tried my best~ since you mentioned no specific role for jaehyun, i chose one for you. can someone stop me from writing this type of au for jaehyun pls ;-; i’m melting toooo much. aghhhhh anyway i hope you enjoy reading! ~j.


“what are you thinking of?” you peeped your head sideways by the door frame as you found jaehyun’s figure. his serious eyes and his folded arms meant he was thinking deep.

jaehyun stretched his arms up front with his fingers forming an “L”, something a painter would do for proportional measurements. he then spotted you at the corners of his eyes, and soon a huge smile of his were seen. “y/n! do you think this’ll do?” his arms wrapped gently around you. “i think it looks great!”

your lips formed a flat line, thinking whether he was right. it was normal for him to be excited at times like this. your hands found their way to cup his cheeks, planting a small kiss. “a small basketball ring with basketball pillows?” you lifted a brow. “hm?”

“why not?” jaehyun giggled at his squished face where his lips moved like a fish. “i’m sure buddy will like it!”

“well buddy’s not here yet.” you rubbed your now second trimester belly. “..and buddy’s hungry.”

jaehyun pulled you closer, his fingers locked behind your waist. he kissed your forehead and that act alone made you melt inside. he made you feel you deserved the world and that your child will soon feel his love. “oh y/n i can’t wait to raise this child of ours.”

“more of you’ll raise your own sports team.” your fingers brushed his hair. “i’ll have more players to cheer for.”

“but you’ll forever be my cheerleader.” he later cringed at his words.

a gentle cough from your side caused jaehyun to let you go. “excuse me, are you planning to purchase the items?” a lady asked with a shopping cart in her arms as she gestured to point at the basketball pillows jaehyun was holding. your husband chuckled to himself in embarrassment, his ears slowly dusted pink.

“actually no. i’m just checking.” jaehyun placed the pillows back where it belonged.

the lady bowed and left to cater others. you hit him lightly in the chest. “this always happens whenever we come to ikea!” you hissed and jaehyun bit his lips. “i’m starting to wonder who’s the real baby here. we’re leaving. plus, i need food.”

jaehyun hid his face by the nape of your neck. upon arriving, he would hug every soft item his arms could find; a pillow, dog, monkey and now basketball cushions.

his eyes trailed to the basketballs onto the shelves. he looked like he wanted something before leaving a store, you sighed in defeat at his child-like mind. “do you want the pillows, love?” you asked him and jaehyun nodded several times. “alright, go get them.”

“yes!” jaehyun whisper-yelled, cautious of his reaction if in case people had been watching. he fixed the yellow shopping bag dangled by his shoulders. “thanks love!”

you turned to where he was heading and you couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh. “yep, he’s the real baby.”


a/n: you might want to read signs & sum of two~ dad!jaehyun always gets me. ;-; stahp…

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An imagine when Taeyong dared Doyoung to approach a girl and give her some free fast pass and food vouchers from the theme park but the someone came and Doyoung thought he was her boyfriend and got heartbroken.


“Go on, Dodo. You can do it”, Taeyong whispered from behind him.

“Taeyong, I swear to God, I’ll kill next time you force me to do something like this”, he warned.

“Well, I’m not the one who lose the bet”, Taeyong smirked. “Meet you at your home. Bye”, he said as his friend got off from his car and walked towards the girl.

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Neighbours ♡ Intro 2

♡ In which you text the exact same number as yours, except for the last number, that changes one higher or lower than yours.

♡ Pairing: Nakamoto Yuta x reader


♡ Character introduction

Nakamoto Yuta

  • Member of the NCT fraternity / has loads of friends
  • In the basketball team
  • He’s kind of selfish yet would do anything for his friends
  • Your enemy no. 1

Jung Jaehyun

  • Member of the NCT fraternity
  • Kind of a playboy so half of your sisters don’t like it when you spend time with him or the NCT fraternity
  • In the basketball team
  • Both yours and Yuta’s best friend

Seo Johnny

  • Member of the NCT fraternity
  • In the basketball team
  • Best friend of Yuta, the two of them never go out without one another
  • He is your ex boyfriend


  • Member of the Alpha Phi sorority
  • Chaeyong, Chungha and Jaehyun are your best friends
  • Johnny is your ex boyfriend, so you don’t really talk with each other yet you don’t hate each other
  • Enemies with Yuta

Park Chaeyong

  • Member of the Alpha Phi sorority
  • Friends with Ten and Taeyong
  • Hates Yuta and Jaehyun

Kim Chungha

  • Member of the Alpha Phi sorority
  • Jaehyun is her ex boyfriend / hook up
  • Likes to live her extra life and doesn’t really care what others think
  • Is in the same classes as you are

♡ Since this is a character introduction, the first chapter will be up by the end of this week !

♡ This is pure fictional, the personalities of these characters have nothing to do with what they’re like in real life !

♡ The pictures I used aren’t mine, I give full credit to the owner of them. I got them from pinterest so I really don’t know lmao.

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All i’m saying is jaehyun would have the prettiest babies

his kids would be so beautiful omg

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