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[2:58pm] His hair’s a mess and there’s finger paint on his nose, but kindergarten teacher Jaehyun can’t stop smiling when he tells you all about his first day of work.

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190527 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update

“Jaehyunnie’s love for Czennies @.@

#FocusedNewsCoverageNCT127 Day3”

Jaehyun: The signed CD we’re giving to our Czennies~
Doyoung: Look here and smile

Translated by lmh99s - SM_NCT

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190527 @NCT_OFFICIAL_JP Twitter update

<‘NEO CITY : JAPAN – The Origin’> Memories#39 in Hokkaido
They took a streetcar in Hokkaido! After the filming, they were enjoying the view out of the window together^^

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pairing: jaehyun x fem!reader
genre: fluff 
a/n: i was really excited to write this since it was inspired by my fave disney movie “tangled” ! hope you enjoy reading ^^ still thinking if there should be a part two(?) for this. let me know!! :D


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there are literally accounts of jaehyun being the sweetest person ever!! people just read fuck boy jaehyun smuts and think he's like that, instead of simply paying attention when they're watching stuff and seeing he's clearly a nice person. it's really fucked up :(

exactly! they don’t even try to see pass the fuck boy idea. i still don’t see what he’s done to make them believe that anyway. is it because he’s reserved? because he looks in the camera a lot? is that really it? have they not seen how soft and sweet he is on nnn? a whole baby!! and like an anon said, they’ll call him a narcissist, fuck boy, etc then justify it by saying, “everyone has flaws. don’t worry, even though i just degraded his character, i still think he’s hot af and would let him fuck any time.” smt

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You blush as Jaehyun cups the side of your face in his large hand and leans forward so that your lips were just centimeters apart.

“Can I?” He asks confidently, looking up, his soft eyes meeting yours

You nodded and shut your eyes, you felt Jaehyun’s warm breath on your face for a few seconds later before finally, his soft lips landed on yours. Who knew a first kiss could feel so damn magical?

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