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#jake and amy

Heeeere comes the Peraltiago scandal ! 

This story takes place in an alternative universe, where Amy applied for and got the job as ‘data analyst’ for for Major Crimes (See episode 1.15: 'Operation Broken Feather’ for further reference). This means that Jake and Amy no longer work together and havent for a few years. This also means that I don’t know what right and technical job title this new job would get Amy, so I’m just going with/imagining that she was still a detective even after her transfer.

Read it on AO3 or simply enjoy it here! I appreciate comments more than you know <3 

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CHAPTER 1: I didn’t mean to start this fire and neither did you

It really had been the best yet also most disastrous kind of accidental occurrence that day. Best back then, when Amy Santiago was promptly striding down the sidewalk on a just as coincidental cold, February morning.

Her head was dipped in a downwards adjustment, simply enough for her to absorb the new information on her phone which had just led her to pick it up from the pocket of her navy blue coat just a few seconds ago. Out of what seemed to be nowhere, it all came to a halt. Maybe more a thud and burst actually, when suddenly her phone flew out of her hand in one direction meanwhile the still warm coffee in her other hand travelled in the opposite direction. It took her a much startled second to realise that herself, her coffee, phone and a stranger suddenly had one thing in common; they were thrown off their respective paths with quite the vivacity. All that her eyes managed to grasp in the few fatal seconds was a black coat covering a masculine figure and chestnut-like hair. The remaining details remained undefined in her state of shock. All she knew was that she’d ignorantly stumbled into someone.

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hiiiiiii !!! here is a fic i started a LONG time ago based on a sick jake, pre-relationship peraltiago prompt from The Amazing @startofamoment that i saw and couldn’t help but write

BUT FIRST i would like to give a huge !! thank you to the amazing @elsaclack for all of her help on this <3 em you are an Absolute Legend and sooo wonderful and this fic was aimless until you helped and i wouldn’t have finished it without you

title is from the song one and only by cuco (:


On her days off, Amy Santiago normally doesn’t expect much. She normally takes the time off to relax and lounge about in her home, maybe reading a book, catching up on her crime shows, making extremely detailed binders (her personal favorite), or sometimes even painting. So, on this rainy Tuesday morning on her day off, Amy Santiago was definitely not expecting a call from her partner, much less to take care of a sick Jacob Peralta.

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So this took me 5000 months to write and it ain’t even proof read or that good. Sorry:))) bUT ENJOY

Here’s Peraltiago plus babies at the beach because summer also lol the title is basically longer than the fic 

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

 To Jake and Amy vacation used to be equal time off and away from the daily stress, seeking a temporary hideaway in a foreign city or even country. They’d align their vacation days in order to leave behind the 9-9, perps, evidence, late nights and paperwork for a week or two. This was somewhat still true. They’d still abandon the 9-9 and work life in Brooklyn but their newly founded family of four wasn’t to be left behind. It definitely wasn’t, Jake thought as he carried his and Amy’s 4-year old and also first born daughter on one arm through, what felt like, the deep sand of some beach in the famous state of California. His other arm was pulled down by carrying a quite huge hard plastic cooler filled with provision for the little family’s day at the beach. Because of his job which required exactly this, Jake thought he was in decent if not good shape. That was until he’d come face to face with a new kind of physical requirement: the parent-stamina. A stamina that would still occasionally beat his ass even after 4 years of trying to crack its code. A small cry from behind him immediately and on instinct caught his full attention.

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finally finished!! took me ages because it’s the first time I’ve embroidered anything nearly this precise, and because I ran out of black halfway through. based on that season 6 promo!

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Here is my entry for the @b99fandomevents Summer 2019 Fic Exchange. For @outofinspo I decided to use your “Moving Day” prompt. Hope you like it! :D 

Thank you so much to @elsaclack and @startofamoment for arranging this and to @exploding-snapple for giving me feedback and helping with the title. Song title is lyrics from “Home” by Daughtry

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“Is that the last of it?” Amy calls from the bedroom as Jake moves his stuff into her apartment. Well, their apartment, as of today. 

Moving is something that Amy should thrive at because it’s all about organization, but having a boyfriend who hordes unnecessary items and puts everything in boxes without labeling them, throws the whole process into chaos. She has to give him some credit though, because he is trying. And she doesn’t want to complain, either; since they started dating, his messiness has lessened significantly, not to mention that it’s also a part of what makes him Jake. They’re opposites: she’s organized; he’s messy; yet, it works. 

When the last box is brought inside, the process of unpacking everything is thrilling and nerve racking at the same time. At least he agreed to leave that gross towel that never dries at his place and he happily obliged because, “sure i’ll miss towel, but your happiness is worth more than winning some stupid bet.” He was ready to take that next step, with her, and considering that the decision to move in together was made before the stuff with Figgis happened, this has been a long time coming. After everything they have been through to get to this point, they deserve this. 

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