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ive posted this in twitter alreadyy (follow me??) but here it is:

jake & amy’s wedding was perfect and all but cant stop thinking what would it be if it went as perfectly as planned :< imagine amy’s real reaction when she finds out their first dance is gonna be tootsee roll & she cant do anything abt it anymore then all of a sudden everyone dances to it at the background including holt & rosa.

also wanna see all jake’s groom guts choices made to reality (if they didnt have a problem with budget) like the rainbow sprinkles in their ice cream bar, the dahlia flowers & the tiny tuna tacos and yes, wanna see the jake&amy cookie get eaten by hitchcock & scully and other guests lmaoooo

i can only imagineeeee

ps. i was laughing out loud when i saw amy’s sarcasm “oh no we didnt get to do it” and did a face but still dont wanna hurt her groom’s feelings by reacting SO badly. ahhHhhhH their love💖

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Here it is! My fic for the @b99fandomevents Fall Fic Exchange written for @amysantiagoisfone and I chose the prompts “being sick” and “storms” I meant to have this posted by Halloween, but that didn’t happen, so I changed it up a bit. Hope you like it! Thank you to @kamekamelea for giving me some ideas for this. I really appreciate your help! 


Autumn in New York is one of Amy Santiago’s favorite times of the year. The way the colors take over the trees in reds, yellows and browns, filling the streets with fallen leaves. It also provides a type of coziness that Amy loves, even though she is perpetually cold all the time. The colder seasons give her a chance to snuggle up in all her blankets and sweaters, with a cup of hot chocolate or tea and relishing in the warmth they bring. 

Ever since she came back from the trip with Jake and her relationship blew up in her face, she’s been avoiding her friends. Specifically Jake. He found out that she maybe did like him, a little and the look on his face, awe-struck at the possibility that she could like him. Jake. Didn’t go unnoticed by her. 

So, to say she was surprised when he said that he was still with Sophia was and understatement. Was he over her? Was he only dating Sophia because he didn’t think that she would be interested in him. This, messy, goofy, dorky guy, who never failed to make her laugh and was also a pretty amazing detective, even if she would never admit that. Her emotions were out in full force now, but if he was still with Sophia she would have to hide them away again, like she had before, pining from afar. Only now, she wasn’t denying her heart. 

So, the weekly hangout at Shaw’s wasn’t her main priority at the moment. She would much rather be snuggling on the couch in her warmest clothes, doing the latest crossword puzzle, free to be alone with her thoughts. 


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So, @vic-kovac‘s Fall 2019 Fic Exchange prompts were so fantastic that I had to write two of them! I won’t reveal the prompt for this one until the end because of reasons (read: spoilers). Though vickovac will have figured it out already.

Thank you again to the most amazing beta around, my @fezzle! And so many thank yous to the organizers of @b99fandomevents!! These fic exchanges are a pain in the ass to pull off and you all do it so well. You provide a lovely fandom service and are much appreciated!

To the fic! (Or you can read it on AO3.)

Amy approached their perp with her hands held out at her sides, gun holstered, and said, “It’s okay, we can work this out,” instead of taking him down hard and sitting on him until Jake arrived.

He was just a teenager in a creepy bunny costume. She had him cornered in an empty warehouse. He was probably way more scared than dangerous, she figured.

And then the kid hopped straight through a second-floor window.

“We’ve got a rabbit,” she called into her radio as she raced toward the window to see where he’d gone.

“I’ve got eyes on him,” Jake responded. “Wow, you literally meant a rabbit.”

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Head cannon

I can just see Jake and Amy having a bet about who gets to name baby Peraltiago.

Jake wins (to Amy’s horror), and everyone assumes he’s going to go with some Die Hard themed name.

Baby Peraltiago is a girl, and to everyone’s surprise, he chooses the name Dora. Everyone else is surprised, Amy is moved.

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Hi @ofbuttsandbombs, I am your writer for Fall Exchange (I really hope I am saying this right). You gave me so many awesome prompts that I really had to struggle to just pick one and stick with it. But I finally settled on “snuggling closer for warmth”. I really hope you like it because otherwise, *in Charles Boyle’s voice* I’m gonna kill myself. Just kidding, but I hope you enjoy it. 

Also shoutout to @amydancepants-peralta for being as awesome as she is and reading through this mess and helping me troubleshoot. she really is so amazing and kind helpful. Thank you so much. Also to @meepmorpperaltiago because whenever I need to talk, she was always there. 

And to @b99fandomevents thank you so much for making this happen. You guys are awesome and I really hope this keeps on going. 

  The morning light spilt into the room and with it brings the cold that Amy so desperately tries to keep out. The light prescribes a path for the tiny dust particles, dancing and swirling, almost like they too are revelling in the joy from yesterday. It’s a combination of both, with their feather-light touches, that wakes Amy up. Her consciousness returns to her gradually, and when she rubs her face, something that held the full cold of the night brushes against her cheeks. The thoughts of cold and dust and morning chores suddenly disappear and memories from yesterday- Ames, I love you, sex tape jokes, Will you marry me- explodes in her heart like those Fourth of July fireworks and she is almost knocked out of breath (again). Love and warmth fill her and she’s smiling, her eyes still shut, when she brings her thumb to run along her cold ring. It’s all real, she thinks, and her heart’s dancing again. She never thought something so cold could ever bring her such joy. But she supposes when Jake Peralta is involved, she should have checked her expectations at the door.

   She knows she needs to get up. Their competitive streak forcing them to tear through the house making a mess, laundry bins overflowing and dishes waiting to be cleaned. She knows she should start on that coffee, go through her planner and start making appointments and start calling relatives (because she’s engaged). But there’s a warm hand in her right hand and she just can’t.

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Okay, so this fic has been keeping me busy for weeks now and I’m glad to (finally) be finished with. It was a kiss prompt that was requested by @bscgirl99 and I also made it into a song fic using “Slow Hands” by Niall Horan. Thank you to @vic-kovac for reading and giving me feedback and also for help with the title and also to @amydancepants-peralta for reading too. I hope you like it! :D 

40. A gentle kiss that quickly descends into passion, with little regard for what’s going on around them.

Jake should have known when he agreed to go on a date with Amy Santiago that he would be nervous. Not because she doesn’t know him (she knows him better than anyone, even himself) but because of what is at stake. They plan to keep things light and breezy, which if Jake thinks about it, is probably the main factor for his nervousness at the moment. Or maybe it’s the way that Amy looks in that red dress. The way it hugs her curves so perfectly, stopping just above the knee, showing off her toned, olive colored legs. Yeah, he’s anything but calm right now. 

They know each other so well that the awkwardness doesn’t make sense, but at the same time, it also does because their friendship has always been based on competitive banter and teasing, so now that they are ‘no longer just colleagues, dating’ it feels different. It feels important, like a ‘I-don’t-want-to-screw-this-up’ kind of important. There is also the list of rules that Amy mentioned before the date, that could also be contributing to the awkwardness. Number 3 in particular, ‘Let’s not have sex right away.’ Jake wants to respect that because he really really likes her, and he knows how much she loves following the rules, but it keeps playing in the back of his head like a mantra and he just doesn’t want to mess it up. He can’t mess this up. She means too much to him. 

So, what’s the first thing he thinks of to break the tension? Alcohol. It’s always when confessions are made even if they aren’t meant to be, but since they are on their first date, how much more honest can they get? Apparently Amy has the same idea because she also asks for 4 kamikaze shots. Oh, this date just got even more interesting. 

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