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#jake peralta x amy santiago

Summary: Jake is awed by their newborn baby girl, and promises to look after her, no matter what.
Inspired by the song ‘Light’ by Sleeping At Last.

Pairing: Jake Peralta/Amy Santiago

Word count: 1.3k

Warnings: nothing, just pure, tooth-rotting fluff

A/N: I wrote and posted this a couple years ago, but with all the ‘Trying’ talk going on, I thought it was an appropriate time to share it here :)

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Originally posted by swiftssapphic

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Summary: The nights were always the hardest. 

Pairing: Jake Peralta/Amy Santiago

Word count: 2.8k

Warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of suicide, Jake having a hard time in prison and literally the most cliché ending ever

A/N: so I originally posted this to AO3 like 2 years ago and honestly I completely forgot about it until today when i went to cross-post my past works here… it starts off canon-divergent and then becomes convergent bc s5e2 came out so. Title comes from Holding On by Simple Plan. Hope you enjoy :)

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Originally posted by amesantiagos

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for @johnny-and-dora; sorry your assigned gifter couldn’t write you a fic! hopefully this is some consolation. i was dying at the idea of a soulmate au but the turnaround time was so short i couldn’t really gather inspiration for it, so here’s some peraltiago fluff + pre-relationship pining!! happy summer hope you enjoy

and shoutout to the crew at @b99fandomevents for putting so much work into this event!! thanks for giving me the opportunity to write an extra fic ;)

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If Amy Santiago has a fatal flaw, it is not hubris.

It may seem like she is overly proud, at times—she can be prone to excessive humble-bragging, and Gina is the first to point out that she slips mentions of her achievements into daily, mundane conversations—but underneath the veneer of confidence lies a crippling self-doubt that refuses to let go of her thoughts. It’s the same anxiety that keeps her up at night, wondering whether she truly earned her promotion to detective and whether she should actually still be a beat cop. It’s the one that whispers remember when Jake beat you in arrests? at random times throughout the day, even though that bet ended almost an entire year ago and Jake’s fake date wasn’t nearly as terrible as she thought it was going to be.

Apparently, it’s called “imposter syndrome,” and she has it bad.

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Originally posted by juliadorable

“Dinner is nearly done,” Amy beamed, shutting the over before turning round to face her husband.

They had been married nearly a year now, and it had of course been going incredibly well. Jake may have been her opposite in many ways, but their relationship was wonderful. Every day was full of smiles, of love, of laughs. 

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Taking angst prompts and turning them into something happy

(from this great angst prompt list)

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Amy held her hand to her forehead, shaking it like she was just giving up. She didn’t understand why he didn’t just say something, and was completely overwhelmed by the disaster in front of her.

“I- I didn’t think it was a big problem at first,” Jake explained, looking utterly heartbroken about all of this, what had happened, and her reaction. It was always the worst- when somebody wasn’t mad, just disappointed. And now Amy looked so defeated, and he felt so, so guilty, and all he wanted to do was fix it, but that was half the problem here. “I thought I could take care of it myself…” he trailed off, his voice still apologetic in that little kid who broke something on accident and felt horrible about it sort of way.

Suddenly, Amy started laughing. Not light laughing, or chuckling, or even the hysterical laughter that some victims at a crime scene have when they’re in shock- which would’ve been completely fair since this place looked like a crime scene right now. 

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Summary: “Christmas, like everything else in Florida, was going to suck…” Jake is stuck in Coral Palms for Christmas, and he wants nothing more than to buy a one-way to ticket to New York and spend it with Amy. But he’s a good police officer and an even better boyfriend, so he will have to make do with a gift.
Media: Brooklyn Nine Nine
Genre: Angst, little bit of fluff
Warnings: Mentions of Figgis and accompanying canon-typical violence
Word count: 1055
So in 405 “Halloween IV” when Amy is showing Rosa her virtual binder, I thought I noticed a little plush gingerbread man on her keychain. I couldn’t help but wonder how it got there…

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Have you watched Brooklyn 99? Jake Peralta x Amy Santiago?

I just started B99, but I will give you what I got based on what I’ve seen. XD

  • Werewolf: Peralta (and he’d make a million damn jokes between shifting). Hunter: Santiago.
  • Mermaid: Santiago. Fisherman: Peralta
  • Witch: Santiago. Familiar: Santiago
  • Barista: Peralta. Addict: Santiago.
  • Professor: Santiago. TA: Peralta, much to Santiago’s displeasure lol.
  • Knight: Santiago. Prince(ss): Peralta. XD
  • Teacher: Santiago. Single Parent: Peralta. (could you imagine? xD)
  • Writer: Peralta. Editor: Santiago (would you want Peralta as your editor??)
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Y’all, I am not here for those will they/won’t they plot lines. They HURT ME. I FEEL ACTUAL pain in my heart. And when there is no FANFICTION, HOW am I supposed to COPE? This is terrible. Please. Someone. Write some Queens of Mystery fanfiction. I need it.

On a related note, hands down one of my favorite things about Brooklyn Nine-Nine (of which there are MANY) is that they don’t spend too much time on the will they/will they with Jake and Amy, and once they’re together, they are 110% together forever. It’s wonderful, and it makes my heart happy.

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