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#jake x amy

part 4 of my b99 season 1 tidbits.

the bet 1x13 ( here we go!!!!!! this one is looong but you understand why)

  • “i was born ready.”
    “- to lose? the whole question was are you ready to lose?” I AM HOWEVER NOT READY…. FOR ANY OF THIS
  • “thor would never wager his hammer. neil patrick harris would never wager his showmanship” jfhskhjsa i’ve seen this so many times and i’m always shocked it kills me
  • “being one of those girls in jake’s car” she literally set herself up for that like… when jake says “in 8 hours i’m going to take santiago on the worst date in the history of the world” she literally just… smiles at him… doesn’t even argue like i’m suddenly having a v strong idea that she lost on purpose…. ANYHOO
  • boyle telling gina her hair is a flat mess hfshdhha
  • “date time! time to date!” 
  • at this point amy is just like “AS IF i’d fall for you haha… you’re such a ..doofus.. you’re an insufferable… loser….. no that’s not a picture of you in my purse”

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It’s the last stretch, the finale, the very last bit of their long rollercoaster ride to becoming parents, and Jake thinks he’s never been more in awe of his wife.

((jake and amy are trying for a baby in season seven and this popped into my head when i took a break from studying today and then it basically wrote itself so here you go loves))

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She’s so focused.

He’s never seen Amy so focused before. Not even when she’s hard at work at a burdensome case, filtering out even the quietest of noises from her surroundings until he has to wave a hand in front of her face to get in contact with her, has he seen her this focused. Not when she studied for the Sergeant’s exam and would drag her books into bed with her every night and wake him up with her too-creepy singing and frantic braiding, and not when she’s chewing on the back end of her pencil while she works on a particularly tricky crossword, has he seen this look of total and utter determination. 

It’s the last stretch, the finale, the very last bit of their long rollercoaster ride to becoming parents, and Jake thinks he’s never been more in awe of his wife.

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“When does it become something?”

Jake furrows his eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

"Because everyone always says the same thing. One month is nothing. Three months is nothing.”  Amy twirls the negative test between her fingers. “Four months is nothing, either. So when does it become something?”

Everyone knows how to get pregnant - it’s simple, general knowledge. You go off your birth control, track your ovulation, time it properly and there you are.

They don’t tell you what to do when it’s not that simple.

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chapter 1 - you’re all i never knew i needed

Amy has a proposal for Jake, an agreement is made, and a new project begins.

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Headcanons for little gifts Jake/Amy might get each other throughout their relationship? I've always wondered about this!

Aside from tasers? 😂

• amy’s wears a little heart necklace in karen peralta and i’m OBSESSED with the idea of jake buying it for her after they finally said i love you like 💖💕💘💓💞💝💗

• also the infinity necklace in the golden child!!!!

• and those grey sneakers she wears to match his 🥺

• also i feel like he buys her cute books / stationery she wants! she has a list of books she wants to read on the notes app on her phone and every so often he has a sneaky peek when she’s asleep or something and then surprises her with them at christmas

• as for jake, amy buys shirts for him in colours she likes…… That Olive Shirt is deffo an amy purchase (and she tells him how hot he looks whenever he wears it)

• matching harry potter pjs!!!!! especially when they have a lil bebe!!!!!

• die hard / ninja turtles / taylor swift merch is always a safe bet

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household chores headcanons:

for emma @fourdrinkamy 🥰

• amy of course has a very precise schedule of daily/weekly/monthly chores

• when jake first moves in it takes MAJOR adjustment on both of their parts. the schedule is not as strongly enforced as it was when she lived alone bc,,, duh,,, she’d much rather cuddle with her boyfriend than vaccuum the apartment twice a day. jake steps up his cleaning game from a 0 to like a 5.5 (he helps her out with vaccumming/doing the dishes/dusting ornaments, but he still leaves his socks all over his side of the bedroom table)

• laundry is [jean ralphio voice] The Wooooorst

• for 2 people, they seem to create a mountain of laundry every. single. week. he has no idea where half the clothes even come from. amy gets super stressed out when the laundry basket is overflowing so they tag team it every sunday

• amy buys this eco-friendly detergent that smells like flowers and whenever he smells those flowers in the outside world he smiles + thinks of amy + home

• he smirks whenever he pulls out her sexy underwear from the laundry basket

• when their clothes are dry she always steals one of his clean hoodies. warm, post-dryer cuddles are some of his faves

• he used to dESPISE ironing his shirts but amy bought this steamer from and it’s amazing and so much easier and quicker and creates more time for sexy times!!!! whoop whoop!!!!

• when they have a baby the laundry pile seems to multiple by approximately 7 million and they end up doing at least 1 load a day instead of doing it all on sundays

• (their baby literally poos and throws up on e v e r y t h i n g except the die hard onesie jake bought her before she was born. she’s definitely a peralta)

• now he does the chores while amy passes out in exhaustion. he puts their baby in the baby bjorn thingy + sings + chats to her while he cleans. she actually makes cleaning the oven + dusting + throwing away out of date food from the fridge enjoyable

• who has he become

• amy cries when she wakes up and sees how tidy the apartment is and then they have a family cuddle sesh on the sofa THE END

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