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#jake x amy

In a world where two soulmates feel each other’s physical pain, Amy still doesn’t really understand the whole soulmates thing, and she’s not sure if she really wants to understand it. She knows that she wants to meet her soulmate though, but she just doesn’t expect her soulmate to be Jake Peralta (he sure gets hurt a lot, though). 

I’ve been working on this soulmate AU for quite some time and I’m really happy with what I’ve managed to write! The title lyrics are from “Anyone Else” by PVRIS. Also, I wanna thank @exploding-snapple for reading this over and giving me advice and feedback on how to improve it and just being awesome in general, and @outofinspo and @cheddar-the-dog for reading this over for me and being so nice and supportive!!! love my mutuals so much :) <3

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When Amy Santiago is merely three years old, she steps on a lego, even though there isn’t a lego in sight. She dismisses it however, because she owns a ton of legos (mostly stolen from her brothers), and as a result, there are almost always a few littering the floor somewhere. So, she simply scrunches up her face and continues walking towards her father’s study, in search of some paper that she could scribble on.

What she doesn’t expect, however, is the feeling of about a million legos pressing into the bottom of both of her feet. Amy howls loudly and drops to the floor, trying to understand why her feet are hurting so bad even though there isn’t anything there (She doesn’t know it, but a young boy named Jake Peralta has just been dared by his best friend to walk across a floor of legos, and Jake Peralta is no coward to back down from a dare). Amy wails for her mother, but instead, her older brother Tony comes flying into the room. And that’s how she finds out about “soulmates.” The concept is far too complicated for Amy to grasp, but nevertheless she tries, showering her parents and her brothers with questions every opportunity she gets.

Pretty soon, though, the whole incident flies out of her head and she forgets about “soulmates”, because she’s three years old and there are more important things for her to be doing (such as filling up Tony’s math workbook with doodles, learning to read, and building complex buildings out of legos).

When she’s four and well versed in the art of reading, Tony, after much persuasion, finally agrees to let Amy come to the library with him. Amy is thrilled. As soon as they get to the library, she goes straight to the “soulmates” section and pulls out a book that looks to be about twice her weight. What she doesn’t expect, however, is the thin paper slicing into her index finger as she delicately turns the pages. Amy yelps in pain, quickly withdrawing her hand from the book and staring and the long red mark. It’s the first time she feels completely aware of her soulmate, ever since the lego incident.

She tells her brother while they’re riding back home on the bus. “I hurt my soulmate today,” she says innocently, peering up at Tony with large brown eyes. “But not on purpose.” Tony assures her that it’s “never on purpose,” but Amy suddenly realizes that it could be on purpose. She steers clear from harm though, even if her soulmate is constantly getting scratches and bruises here and there. The more she thinks about it, she realizes that she could do anything— stub her toe, nick her finger on a knife— to bring her soulmate to be aware of her.

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Oh my god guys what if Jake and Amy have a girl and instead of her being born during the Heist Amy gives birth on the 24th of December and they name her Eve???? Or better!! They can not have children and they try they try but nothing happens but then Amy learns she’s pregnant/gives birth on that date?? Wouldn’t that be beautiful? Christmas miracle 🎄❤️

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93. “i believe in you” requested by no-one i just really wanted to do this one
in which amy’s confidence takes a knock and jake whips out the official jake peralta fiancé experience guide to help her out.
(pre 5x15)

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Something is bothering Amy.

Jake goes over the facts one more time in his head, sneaking a furtive glance at his fiancée over the top of his computer screen – his first clue was when she came out of Holt’s office twenty minutes ago with a slight slump in her shoulders, a blatant violation of the “Posture” section of her mentorship binder.

She’s taking twice as long as usual to do her paperwork and it doesn’t even look like she’s enjoying it. Her brows are furrowed and her lips pursed in this totally adorable yet slightly worrying way and she’s tapping absentmindedly on her desk in thirty-second increments, meaning she’s desperate for a shame cigarette. Conclusive evidence that something is stressing her out.

(The thing that’s stressing her out might be him seeing as he’s been bragging about a major drug bust he just pulled off for most of the morning; but he also brought her coffee and did the dishes last night and laundry mountain is now more of a laundry molehill, so he’s pretty sure he’s in the clear.)

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Dzień 1



Spalone = 1459 kcal

A tak sie dziwnie zdarzyło że idealnie w 500 kcal trafiłam. Wszystko oczywiście liczone przed jedzeniem. Nie jadłam nic tłustego. Zjadłam barszcz, robiony przeze mnie na samych warzywach i przyprawie. Co prawda nie smakował jak ten typowy barszcz czerwony babci, ale lepsze to niż tony kalorii. Byłam też biegać. Zarobiłam 30 000 kroków. Jestem z siebie dumna.

Trzymajcie się chudo ❤! ><

Porady będą za niedługo także bądźcie czujni!

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Why Jake and Amy have a truly beautiful relationship

I like how in b99, whenever a character says something really personal about another character, like in a really evident way at the beginning of the episode, this personality trait eventually appears at the end of the episode, in a really discreet way this time. I think the best examples we can find are in Jake and Amy’s relationship. For instance, during their cruise with Doug Judy in season 3, DJ and Amy both speak about Jake’s tendency to close up whenever he gets too emotional, and Amy complains about the fact that he always says stupid things such as “noice, smort” or wathever. Although she says it in a really light tone, as if it was nothing and the spectator shouldn’t give it a second thought, we get to see an example of this fact at the very end of the episode, when they first admit to each other that they love each other. Here, even though Jake often acts a little stupidly (idk if the words exists but whatever)in front of Amy, we get to truly understand that he gets emotional when she says she loves him! He’s embarrassed because he feels too many emotions! Which shows he truly loves her back! I don’t know if I’m clear and y’all understand me, but I really find it beautiful as hell. In a fanfic I’ve read (which title I don’t remember but which was awesome), the author made Amy say to Jake it was okay if he didn’t feel the same for her right now, because she thought he said it back because he felt forced to. But no, it’s the total opposite! He acted silly when she said she loved him because he wasn’t excepting it, he wasn’t expecting all these feelings and he didn’t know how to handle them. He was AFRAID. And in my opinion, I think this is one of the best proof of love I’ve ever seen in my fandom life. Even though it sounded awkward and emotionless, it was a real declaration. And it doesn’t stop here. At the very beginning of their relationship, when Amy tells Jake she doesn’t want to go out with cops anymore because she’s afraid it will end badly, it is said about her that when she has a crush on someone, she has the tendency to put back her hair behind her ears. It’s said at the beginning of the episode, and at the end, she shows Jake a video of a bleating sheep (just to make him laugh btw, which is the very first evidence of her love for him). At that, Jake laughs out loud, just to mask his disappointment about her not wanting to go out with him. He laughs, and then leaves her alone, as if nothing had happened. He closes up, and becomes once again the usual Jacob Peralta we all know. At the same time, the background music disappears, and we have a close-up shot on Amy, (as if nothing else mattered) who smiles a little, quite evidently sad and lost, and who eventually puts back her hair behind her ears. If this is not magic, then I don’t know what is. This is my Favourite scene in B99 so far. Change my mind.

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so in the last few days I saw some posts with the gifs of Jake or Amy being horrible at flirting and they were so entertaining ❤ but then I realised - they are so stupid good at flirting with each other there are literally tons of fics just giving tribute to that particular part of their dynamics

so I guess that the message that I want to deliver to all of you that I saw tagging those gifs “this is me” is that YOU ARE NOT BAD AT FLIRTING - you just haven’t found the right person to flirt with yet 😊😊😊

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Any headcanons about Jake and Amy as an old married couple?

they are… exactly the same. still constantly teasing each other, still always flirting, still saying “i love you so much” everyday. jake always telling amy how beautiful she looks even when she worries about her wrinkles, telling their grandchildren stories of all the cases they solved (and amy correcting jake when he messes up the details), racing each other on their walkers when their physical condition starts to decline. and, of course, still obsessed with each other’s butts.

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20 and 43 from the festive prompt ask!

Thanks so much for these anon! And thanks so much to @397bartonstreet for reading it over 

“It looks like Santa threw up in here” “Spam is not a suitable replacement for turkey”

“Hey, I got your text… woah, it looks like Santa threw up in here”, Jake says as he walks through Amy’s apartment door, looking around at the mess. A mysterious monster made of tinsel seems to have conquered the majority of her living room floor, having consumed a multitude of ornaments and carrying wrapping paper in several bright and festive colours on his back (or hers, Jake is a feminist after all and monsters can be women too).

“When I texted you and asked for your help, I didn’t ask for you to bring me sarcasm”, Amy responds as she attempts to pick up some of the mess from the floor.

“But seriously, thanks for coming”, she then adds, standing up and looking at him with a warmth that makes his heart flutter. Not that he’d ever admit that to her of course.

“After my disaster of a Thanksgiving, I just want this Christmas to be perfect…”, she then says, looking down at the floor with sad eyes and yep, he’s definitely melting now.  

“It will be”, he responds, making a conscious effort to sound comforting but not too affectionate before he continues to speak.

“And even if it is the most epicest of disasters…”

She gives him a look at his use of “epicest”, but lets him continue.

“It’s not like this is actual Christmas day, right? I mean this is just a squad thing we’re doing because a bunch of us are with our real families on actual Christma- woah, wait… is that spam on your kitchen counter?”, he says, recoiling in horror.

“Well, yeah it was all I had in my kitchen and I haven’t had time to go shopping and to be honest I didn’t feel like going out to make a big meal again…”

Unable to resist a chance to tease her, he sprints over and examines the rubbery… he can’t even bring himself to call it food.

“Spam is not a suitable replacement for Turkey Santiago”, he says as he prods at it with a fork.

“Hey, don’t poke my spam! Leave my spam alone!”, she says, running over and laughing, trying to push him out of the way.

“Don’t poke my spam, title of your sex tape”, he says as their increasingly giggly playfighting continues.

“Really, Peralta?”, she says, giving him a confused and more than slightly grossed out look.

“Yeah, that one was bad”, he says. They both look at each other for a second before they burst out into further laughter, bending over with tears in their eyes.

“Look”, he says, after about a minute, growing more sincere as they finally calm down. “I may not put the effort in normally, but I can put together a pretty decent meal… and I’m sure the stores are still open… do you want me to put everything together for you while you sort out… all of this?”.

“Yeah, I’d love that”, she responds. For just a millisecond, he thinks he sees the same sweet affection in her eyes that he feels whenever he so much as glances at her. Then they both snap back to reality and he runs to the store nearest to her apartment to buy…. Literally anything other than spam.

Half an hour later, he comes through the door with his arms full of food “Ok, I’ve got ham, cranberries, some stuff for gravy, potatoes, a bunch of veggies because I know you like to be healthy and something called… grateen? Oh no, wait it’s gratin, anyway it’s this creamy cheesy potato thingy that was at a discount, I got a pie for dessert, some gingerbread cookies for people to snack on and I got your favourite kind of wine”

“You’re a lifesaver” she says, standing up and looking at him with so much affection that he feels like he might burst. He feels himself mumble the word “beautiful” and has to quickly think of an excuse when she throws him a questioning look.

“Uh… the decorations are really beautiful….”, he says quickly. And in spite of his slip up, they really are, now that they’re on Amy’s tree and walls instead of strewn all over her floor.

She looks at him shyly, tucking her hair behind both her ears and he wonders if he’ll ever get over this ridiculously huge crush.

As the squad enjoys the dinner and admires the decorations, they share a look and in that moment, he knows the answer. They’re not even officially a thing and he’s in this forever.

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Will you write prompt #58??

Hi, Yes, of course, thank you! If anyone else wants to request anything, hit me up, I’d greatly appreciate it :)

#58: “You’re never this quiet, What’s wrong?”

When Jake had first become a detective, he thought that he was probably the most earnestly invested in what he did. After all, he worked the job he had been dreaming about since he was a kid and god he loved what he did. 

‘How could anyone be more into this than me?!’ Was a constant thought that ran through his head throughout the entirety of his first years getting perps.

Then the one Ms Amy Santiago joined the nine-nine and Peralta was thrown through a loop as he considered if it even looked like he loved his job anymore.

Fast forward a few years, he ended up marrying that very adamant detective and the two acted as a crime-stopping super-team.

Their equal love for what they did mean a lot of over-time and personal hours invested in their cases, making it all that much harder to find time for one another.

Some times, just sometimes, however, all the stars seemed to aline and Jake and Amy found themselves with time to bond and hang out like a married couple should.

It was late into the afternoon and the couple had accomplished all that they needed to do, eat breakfast, take a shower, and get up. not in that order.

Now the two laid on their couch, watching the T.V. Usually, Amy was pretty against watching the t.v. as she found it: “pointless and a waste of precious time I could be organising something or making something that Holt would appreciate” But Jake and his magical reasoning skills were able to convince her otherwise that afternoon.

What that really meant was that he basically just promised that they could watch the Smithsonian channel and she could organise those binder tabs that she had been meaning to do. 

She agreed the second organisation was mentioned.

So there the couple laid on the couch lazily, to each their own.

Jake, not at all interested on whatever history mumbo-jumbo the fancy speaking old man was saying on the tv, instead he equally divided his attention to trolling through Diehard chat rooms, trying to snoop the possibility of another movie being made, and starring Amy.

 The second wasn’t intentional. It was just he could see her from his peripheral vision, and she was so cute as she tried to manically fix her binder collection, Jake couldn’t stop looking.

“You haven’t talked in like thirty minutes and in all the time that I’ve known you, you’ve talked through every single movie we’ve ever seen, including the aeroplane safety videos which is crazy if you ask me,” Amy looked In Jake’s direction, rearranging the pile of dividers laying in her lap. “You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?”

“No nothings wrong, I was just thinking” He cleared his throat.

Any gave him an incredulous look, Moving her supplies on the coffee table in front of her. “Okay, you never think, what’s the matter?”

Jake just sighs, knowing his cover was blown he looks down at his hands “No nothing is wrong Ames, it’s just, I was actually thinking… thinking about us,”

Amy’s heart dropped to the pit of her stomach he seemed so calm, so calm it was troublesome. She adjusted her posture so that she was sitting more professionally, she didn’t want to give any tells of her worry “Thinking about what?” 

“About how much I love you and how perfect our life is,”

Amy’s tense shoulders dropped as she felt her heart swell, a little ‘aww’ escaped her lip as she leaned over to kiss him.

“I love you too,” she said against his lips, moving so that their foreheads rested against one another as the tone in her voice completely changed “We should turn off the tv-”

“Uhuh” Jake’s voice followed, his eyes lighting up in excited curiosity

“Change into something a little different,”


“And go get some ice cream from the new place across the street!”

Jake jumped up from the couch like a little kid, “Hell yeah! God I love you so much, babe” 

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