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They dragged Peter away shortly after his confession. Four guards had to hold Tony back with how viciously he was fighting, the immobility wearing off. Maybe the exhaustion was fading, or his willingness to get Peter back, save him overpowered any sort of “head trauma” he may or may not have had. They couldn’t even force him into a cell - they could barely hold him in place.

Peter was led out of the room by Ross with a guard holding each of his arms, but Peter was being compliant for reasons Tony didn’t understand. He wasn’t fighting - he was going willingly.

Tony wanted to yell at Peter, tell him to fight. He’s not sure if he actually said something, or was just thinking it and got confused through his anger-filled haze. All he knew was Peter was being dragged away, and Tony couldn’t follow.

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Marvel Masterlist


Marvel Masterlist


🌻 - Fan Favorite

✨ - My favorite

❤️ - Female reader

🥀- Angst

☁️- Fluff

❄️ - Both

Steve Rogers

Loki Laufeyson 

  • Makeup (Drabble) ☁️🌻✨

Peter Parker

Bucky Barns

  • Wisdom (Drabble) ☁️🌻❤️
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Hey! I didn't see this on your masterlist so if I missed it, ignore me. What kind of schools would the Avengers' kids go to? Who's choosing a Montessori school, who's going to private school, who's doing an art school vs. a science academy, that sorta thing?

Originally posted by voroxpete

I think in all cases the biggest issue they have is safety over anything else.  They need to know when their kids go to school they are coming home again.

Aside from that, a lot of those other things are decided later.  Yeah, you decide if you want standard academics over Montessori, Steiner or Reggio Emilia very early on.  But arts vs science is really something that happens when the kids get to middle school and without exception, due to their own backgrounds, they would all let their kids decide what they want to focus on.  They all have had a lack of choice either as kids or adults and they would want, safe, happy and supported children who guide their own futures.

The Royalty, T’Challa, Thor, Loki, Brunnhilde, are all likely to have private tutors.


Originally posted by marvelheroes

Tony Stark will debate both private tutors and just whatever the safest most exclusive school is.  He’d want them to be safe and at home with him is safest.  He’d also want them to have friends and that happens at school.  I think he’d go with what the other parent wants of those two things.

Bruce, I could see liking a Steiner school but the chances of him having kids that are his own are almost 0, so I’d say he’d go with what the other parent wanted.

Scott and Peter would be doing whatever the best public school they could get their kids into.

Clint would be the safest private near him.  He is very protective of his kids.  He wouldn’t mind if it was something like Montessori, but his choice is location and security first.


Originally posted by thingsxcv

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“god, i hate the ocean,” carol mutters, and rhodey just snorts, leaning back in his seat.

three hours since they were escorted in, and all they have to show for it are the pamphlets for this new intergalactic initiative, a sort of star trek style alliance. they’re acting as liasons – rhodey for the forces of earth, carol for infinity and beyond, and their hosts would probably in the alien threat category if the whole goal of the trip wasn’t to avoid that very thing.

“well, there’s a reason i chose the air force, right? and one of those reasons was definitely the assurance i wouldn’t have to sleep on a fucking boat,” she explains, and his response is an empathetic look, the pain of rocking back and forth ever so slowly starting to get to him. he has a pretty good stomach, and of course he can hold out for a while, but there’s a reason why tony’s never been one for yacht parties. 

rhodey. rhodey is the reason. 

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WarWinter: Prison Au (PT. 1)

  • James Rhodes is the Warden at the maximum-security prison for the cruelest and most ruthless of criminals. From war prisoners to terrorists, he has seen it all. He was the most strict warden in the facility and he wasn’t going to soften anytime soon.
  • At least that was until the Russian War Prisoners showed up. They never spoke a word and they couldn’t trust any name the two gave them. Their head technician has dubbed them “Winter” and “Red” which is what they stuck to until they found new information.
  • James and Maria both constantly discussed the two to figure out new ways to get information from them but so far nothing has worked.
  • James carried on as normal.
  • Until he heard Winter screaming during a night patrol. The only reason he checked on him was that no one usually screamed at night. He was not concerned. Winter immediately attacked him but James proved himself capable by pinning the man between the wall and himself. 
  • “You’ve calm down there Winter Wonderland?” 
  • Winter doesn’t answer as always but James releases him and he gets back to the bed. Then, they talked.
  • Winter told him bits of his pasts that contradicted. He remembered places in Brooklyn but he’s never been to America. He knew about Coney Island but only remember the Russian Base. He remembered his sister but had no family.
  • James took note of these errors but continued to say nothing about it. He told Winter about Tony and how he hooked him up with Pepper with the help of Happy and about how he met Sam and Steve.
  • Winter didn’t like Steve for some reason.
  • Things changed
  • Winter didn’t know how he felt when he saw James working out and remembered how easily he took him down.
  • James was a bit more relaxed around Winter, something only Tony picked up. So it wasn’t that surprising with the nosey technician cornered him when he was on break.
  • “When did you become a softie for Chiller?” “I didn’t.” “Yes, you did.” “No.” “Yes!” “No.” “Yes!” “No.”-
  • James didn’t tell anyone what happened that night when Winter screamed. Not how he couldn’t remember where he was. Who he was. Not how he struggled with basic math mumbling both English and Russian into some weird hybrid language. He didn’t say a word because he wasn’t sure.
  • James overheard a conversation between two guards, Steve and Sam. About a soldier that went missing a long time ago during the war. He was Steve’s best friend and he fell off the train and they couldn’t find him. That friend was named James Barnes. This made him curious.
  • He reported the story and the soldier to the President who decided to look into it. James was ordered to separate Winter from the other prisoners.
  • Winter hated isolation but James made it better, James visits him often enough that he’s not totally alone. Winter felt okay with James unlike with the other guards. Steve and Sam threw him off too much with how friendly they were. Clint was always complaining about wanting to see his family which he couldn’t relate to.
  • Tony was assigned to work on a project to help victims of brainwashing and PTSD. He wasn’t told why but a challenge is a challenge which he happily got into. James knew he was going to get an earful from Pepper about how Tony won’t stop talking about his important project at home.
  • When the president came to meet Winter, he was… nervous to say the least. When James wasn’t with him, Winter was closed off and on guard. This is when they bring him in and winter relaxes slightly. He knew James was fair, he didn’t know about the other guy.
  • When Winter was told he may have been a War Prisoner before being brought in, he believe it to be a joke. But James doesn’t joke around about things like this. He hesistates in accepting the treatment.
  • Tony had to give a demonstration on the B.A.R.F technology before Winter would even think about it. And James had to try it before Winter agreed to it.
  • It’s 10 months of working through code words and memories, some still escape Winter, no James Barnes, but Rhodes help a lot.
  • Memories pop up about others, about Natalia. So he tells James, who tell the others.
  • James Barnes prefers Winter, so they call him Winter. Winter also prefers James, which is always a laugh when he follows him around.
  • Winter was willing to continue his sentance but he and Natalia was pardoned due to not being sound of mind. Winter learned about Natalia’s favoritism to Maria Hill when the talk for the first time in years.
  • Natalia points out his favoritism towards the Warden which Winter denies.
  • Until James is assigned to help Winter reenter the world.
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Another Hogwarts Au!

I’ve been wanting to post more for this au because I’m attached to these dorks. A bit headcanons for each drawings:

  1. Sorting hat’s words to him during the sorting ceremony was: “You fancy yourself smart but that’s not the trait that defines you. It’s rare to see a muggleborn with such big ambition.”
  2. I reimagine Jarvis as a cat and Levi as an owl for their pets. They like to play together when tony and stephen spend their times. Their pets conspire to get their human together
  3. Tony hanged out with Rhodey, Pepper, and Bruce. Rhodey was a beater and he knocked Tony off his broom once. Tony met with Pepper during their first train ride to Hogwarts. Tony and Bruce were partners for potion class.
  4. Stephen spent the majority of his free time in the library and that’s where he met Wong. Mordo was an upperclassman who took a shining on Stephen. Stephen met with Christine in Diagon Alley and they became friends. These are the most studious students in Hogwarts and usually ace their exams easily.

I’d love to draw more ironstrange moment for this au but I also want to draw the others since they weren’t together until they are in the 7th year lol The endgame of this au is Ironstrange of course. Also, can someone recommend their patronus (Tony and Stephen) because idk what’s a good patronus for them D:

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Reporter: Mr. Stark, what was the reasoning behind opening an Avengers themed strip club?

Tony: Literally none

Reporter: Oh ok…um Mr. James Rhodes and Mrs. Pepper Potts were supposed to be joining us, but they don’t seem to show up any time soon, what’s that about?

Tony: Oh that, well I put them on the list, but they said they’re ‘done with my goofy ass’


[In the background]

Bucky[with a microphone in hand]: So I told him I could do it, I can do a little performance, there’s no need for a guy to dress up like me when I can do it myself

Sam: Bucky, take your pants off!

Bucky: *does it*

Steve: *cheering*

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