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#january challenge

1 february 2020

@stu-dna‘s january study challenge

i know i’m a day late but let’s just finish this… happy february! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

day 31: reflect on how january went & what could have gone better. have you improved anything about yourself during the month?

to be honest, january felt like every other month. maybe because i was still in the same class and studying the same thing and didn’t have much change to my life in general.

what could have been better was my patience and determination. many people really got onto my nerves last month and there were times when i really couldn’t take it anymore. i was also less determined to pursue my habits because i always used the excuse that “i can still do it tomorrow”, but then fail to do it the next day.

while there were downs, there were ups in january too. my classmates and i have bonded really well together. i also feel that i’ve been able to cope with failure better and try to improve myself from there. i read a lot (of books and news articles!) this month and i’m very happy about that.

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january study challenge by @stu-dna

day 15/31

halfway—did you make any / have you kept up with your new years resolutions?

I didn’t have any in the first place (besides making a studyblr and whatever I had for day 1), so…? Kinda? Haven’t really been keeping up with anything in particular

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January Study Challenge

day 26 - what’s the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make?

umm one that i am still trying to make! i’m trying to decide between doing a nursing program or going for valedictorian. i would have to put practically ALL my time into either one, and i just don’t know which one to pick :( as for past decisions, i would say having to pick between continuing orchestra or doing ap biology as a freshman (which is rare at my school). i chose ap bio but my heart still breaks every time i hear a violin/viola 🥺 (also OMG i’m listening to music rn, and the second i typed that, a cello started playing 👀)

p.s. that was the sunset yesterday!

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january study challenge—days 23, 24, & 25

had a very busy week so here are the past few days of the study challenge!

if you could travel anywhere, regardless of money or other limitations, where would you go? what would you do?

oooh it would have to be a tour of Norway+Sweden

I’d love to drive myself across the coasts and through cities / towns just taking in the scenery and trying good food

what’s on your desk? do you function best in a tidy or a messy space?

ideally? nothing. currently? so many things.

I definitely function best in a clean environment but you wouldn’t believe that with the state I keep my room in ;)

what’s your go-to study method? are there cases in which you wouldn’t use it?

write summaries / note sheets for each chapter then write flashcards on them.

if I’m low on time I would just do flashcards, but in doing that I definitely don’t learn the material to the depth I would want

also with maths- and physics-based exams I mostly use practice sheets and old exams to learn because practicing what I need to do helps me a ton

ft. molecular biology practical & gel electrophoresis

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22. Do you use colour-coding? explain your system!

Technically yes, where most other people colour-code though, I pen-code. But each class has it’s own specific colours
Chemistry - Teal (Green and Blue are used as substitutes)
English - Green
Indonesian - Orange
Math - Pink
Physics - Blue
(Computing) - Purple

For each class I have 1 x Coloured Ball Pen, 1 x Coloured Highlighter, 1 (2 max) x Coloured Fineliner.

For Science: Ball pens are used for titles, and main headings. Highlighters are for formulas and side notes of information. Fineliners are to write a word before it is defined or for the defining words of a paragraph.
For Math: Ball pens are used for question numbers and headings. Highlighters are for formulas. Fineliners are for notes, directions and steps.
For English: Ball pens are used for headings and sub titles. Highlighters are for main points of texts. Fineliners are used for writing prompts and key notes.

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19. Show us your planning system!

I use a planner (From the school), a large desk “Study planner” which is like a whiteboard (Pictured), my phone calendar, a school planner on my phone, and my computer’s calendar.

To plan what I need to do I use my school planner, and write out times I can spend working on different tasks. I have an immediate tasks list on the big study planner and have a smaller notebook dedicated to being a To-Do list

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January Study Challenge

day 24 - what’s on your desk? do you function best in a tidy or messy space?

here are very realistic photos of my desk ! i didn’t edit them or anything and i didn’t clean my desk after doing hw so ! um i would say it’s a good combo of tidy and messy. i have lots of things out, but i don’t have loads of trash or papers soooo yeah :)

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january study challenge—day 22

do you use colour-coding? explain your system!

I use colours to distinguish between which subjects my notes are on, for example biology notes are blue, chemistry green, and mathematics orange. I’ll use that colour in highlighter to mark titles and vocab, and I’ll use a pen in that colour to add annotations or important quotes/concepts

I then use yellow highlighter to distinguish the start of new chapters on my longer notes and to highlight keywords on my flashcards

ft. studying with friends. exam season is looming.

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23 january 2020

@stu-dna‘s january study challenge

day 22: do you use colour-coding? explain your system!

nope, i don’t have a colour-coding system! i don’t see the point in it, especially when there are too many colours and my brain just feels overwhelmed by everything (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

i write the normal note-taking stuff in black, the somewhat important ones are written in red and the very important stuff is written in black then highlighted.

day 23: if you could travel anywhere, regardless of money or other limitations, where would you go? what would you do?

i’d love to visit australia again and new zealand and canada. they’re one of the least corrupt countries and i think it’d be nice to go there. i’m not exactly sure what i would do there but i’d probably stay in the city area where i know there’ll be many tourists and start exploring from there! 😋

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January Study Challenge

day 22 - do you use color-coding? explain your system!

yes!! i have a very elaborate system :) red is for circling notes that go together. yellow is for definitions. green is for numbers/formulas/dates/equations. teal is for highlighting subtitles. light blue is for people/names. darker blue is for sub-subtitles 😂 purple is for important things. pink is for examples. red PEN is for the most important things. and lastly, purple pen is for parts of the body (i rly only use that for anatomy lol). this may seem like a lot of work, but it’s really not, and it genuinely helps me find stuff within my (usually) very detailed notes. :)

p.s. sry for the super dark picture, i have trash lighting in my room

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january study challenge by @stu-dna

day 11/31

~winter aesthetic~

Hot drinks, warm cookies, oversized sweaters and sweatshirts, scarfs, beanies, watching anime under a heated blanket, doggo on my lap, sitting by a fireplace…

a very cozy winter aesthetic

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January Study Challenge

day 21 - can you play any instruments? how long have you been playing?

i play the viola! i’m not in my school’s orchestra anymore, but i’ve been playing for like 5 years now!

p.s. i skipped days like 18-20 i think? i forgot 😬

p.p.s. i got mildliners recently ! i love them so much already

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january study challenge—day 19

show us your planning system!

not pictured but it consists of a few google calendars with events, and a bullet journal to do daily events and to-dos

ft. essay schreibseminar presentation preparation

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January Challenge - 20/01/20

I’ve had such a productive day! It’s been so nice after the slump I’ve been in. I’ve set about a new plan of making flashcards for that days lesson and i think it’ll help me stay on top of my studies☺️

Day 20 - Self Care:

Self care is so so so important to keep yourself happy and healthy! Here’s some of my favourite ways!

• Bubble bath: use your favourite products (I recommend lush!) and run a nice warm bath with nice scents and pretty colours. Light a few candles and watch some of your favourite shows or YouTube videos. Spend half an hour relaxing from the stress of the day. You’ll feel so much better when you come out!

•Skin Care: so important! When you’re stressed it can cause your skin to break out, especially if you’re not taking care of yourself properly. Make sure you’re washing your face twice a day with cold water and moisturising morning and night! The difference it makes to your skin is crazy. Plus it makes you feel better.

• Paint your nails: maybe this is just me but I love looking down at my nails and seeing bright colours - it makes my heart warm! Pick your favourite colour and paint them.

• Tidy your room: this may seem like a weird one, but trust me! Tidying is a great form of self care because a clean room = a clean mind. It helps you de clutter your brain as well as your real life. Plus it helps get you in a productive mindset!

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january study challenge—day 18

food while studying?

absolutely! we love a healthy piece of fruit or bowl of nuts but nothing beats the happy feeling you get from eating cookies ;)

ft. klausur aufgaben & cookies

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january study challenge—day 17

what does home mean to you?

I’ve moved around too much to have a home be a place. home can be where my family is. home can be where my friends are. home can be where I feel the most myself and the most free.

ft. presentations and blue-light-filtering glasses

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January Challenge - 17/01/20

Day 17 - Coffee, tea or hot chocolate:

In a morning, tea 100% ! But on a nighttime I’m far more inclined towards hot chocolate cause it makes me sleepy!

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January Study Challenge

day 16 - what’s in your bag / backpack?

here is a complete list of everything in my backpack lmao:

  • two mechanical pencils
  • a wooden pencil
  • tissues
  • tampons
  • hand sanitizer
  • hand lotion
  • a general folder for all my classes
  • whatever novel i’m reading atm
  • two pencil sharpeners
  • my student id & schedule
  • a pencil bag w/pens, highlighters, & led
  • a pencil bag w/colored pencils, markers, & glue
  • chapstick
  • a pad & liners
  • lens cleaner
  • a portable game
  • a granola bar
  • cold medicine & ibuprofen
  • my airpods & extra earbuds
  • braces wax
  • cough drops
  • my house key
  • a scientific calculator
  • my epi pens & inhaler (yes i have allergies and asthma 🤦🏻‍♀️😔)
  • and a large pack of gum

i am deeply sorry for that very comprehensive list, but i had fun with it 😂

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