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Supernatural Challenge|Day 29

Meg 2.0

Originally posted by kingofthecrxssroads

honestly, i didn’t like meg coming back at first cause i though she was going to be like the first meg, but i actually like her a lot. i don’t know why, i just didn’t like her the first time around.

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Soulmate Tracking

Chapter 1

Pairing: Rowena MacLeod X Fem! Reader

  Warnings: None So Far

  Summary: Rowena’s pendant goes missing and she enlists Sam’s help to find it.

    A low angered growl emits from Rowena’s throat, her blood red nails digging into the flesh of her pale palm as she realizes her pendant is missing. The pendant she carries on her person daily, the one to help her find her soulmate. It was laid in its velvet case the night before, protected by a silver lock, and now it is gone.

    Rowena quickly gathers her things, gently placing her grimoire in the bag, then tossing everything else she needs in there. Gripping her phone, she calls Sam, her heels clacking against the floor with every angered step.

   “Rowena? You rarely call me, what’s-” Sam is cut off by Rowena, her angered tone replacing his calm one. “Someone stole my damned pendant!” Sam pauses on the other side, letting out an exasperated sigh. “You called me for this, a pendant?”

   “It’s not just a pendant Samuel, okay? It’s..” Rowena pauses, her lips coming together as she sits in silence. Sam calls for her on the other end of the line.  Is she really ready to admit she wants love? Ready to admit that her ‘love is weakness’ statement was a lie?

   With a quick sigh, she finally gives in. “It’s to help me find my soulmate.” She admits, her voice cracking as she tears up in worry and anger. “I lied Sam, I lied about how I believe love is weakness. I don’t. I want to find them, I want to find my soulmate.” A whimper escapes Rowena’s throat, her lip quivering as tears fall down her pale face. “Please Sam, help me get that pendant back..”

    Silence is heard on the other line, yet it is quickly interrupted by a voice. “Oh, uh sure just..just let me get my things and I’ll head over.” A small smile grazes over Rowena’s face, her eyes closing as she sighs happily. “Thank you Sam!” She whispers quietly, hanging up. She turns to grab her bag and brings it over to the fireplace, sitting in the velvet chair in front of it.

   Slowly, her salty tears cease to fall, her mascara smudged the slightest bit. Rowena pulls out her compact mirror and her Urban Decay Perversion mascara and slowly, she starts to fix her face, using a makeup wipe to remove the smudged mascara.

   A heavy knock emits from the hotel room door and Rowena jumps up, She walks over and peeks through the peep hole of the spruce wood door. Sam’s light chestnut hair and ivy green eyes glance into the peep hole at Rowena’s emerald orbs. Rowena slowly and cautiously opens the door, hear head peeking around the corner. “Samuel.”

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It annoys me to no end when some part of the fandom who doesn’t even understand Sam and Dean’s characters create so much drama and wank over them and their actions. 

I have been reading so many reactions over what Sam and Dean did in episode 19 that I am left wondering why I never thought of any of those million complains. Surely I credit myself that it’s because I understand Sam and Dean and their mental state and characters as they have been shown since 2005. 

Imagine losing their mother when they were kids, their happy family destroyed, their father changing to a completely different person in the matter of one night. Especially for Dean who was 4 and aware of what was happening around him. He lost his childhood the minute his mother died, and for him to lose her was the starting of him partaking in the brigade to find the demon to kill it. He has grown up to become a hunter, trying to save people more than avenge and why? Because his mother died burning on the freaking CEILING. He had his father a little longer, but was he even truly a father then? NO. 

So for DEAN and also yes Sam to get his mother back? It’s a huge deal. Whether the writers gave her a justified track or not. Whether we got attached to her or not aside. The fact remains that the brothers got their mother back, they had a family and some peace after so so so long. So you can imagine how hard it must be for Sam and Dean to lose their mother again. AND WHY? Because Jack (who is Lucifer’s child) snapped. Whether it was his fault or not, Mary’s death was avoidable. And Sam and Dean have every right to cry, grieve, be upset over her death. I am appalled at some people saying Mary’s death doesn’t matter. Maybe to you it doesn’t but to the main characters of the show? IT DOES. Mary is the reason why Supernatural’s story even exists. So her second death probably matters even more than the first.

Plus they are hunters, and if Jack starts (out of his fault or not) causing deaths, and blood shed. They HAVE to try and stop him, not kill, but STOP. 

I am so sick of Dean’s character being bashed or made a target for this fandom’s daily drama. Some section of the fandom or the other loves to pick on everything he does because they are so bloody insecure about their own favorites. Either it’s because Dean didn’t do something favorable for their favorite character or something unfavorable against their SHIP. But guess what guys, you aren’t watching the show for the right reasons if you aren’t ready to watch the story of Sam and Dean, or how the story affects THEM. And if you aren’t on board with SAM AND DEAN….PLEASE MOVE ON. THANK YOU :) 

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Castiel, after an argument: I’m sorry about all the mean things I said before


Castiel: … I’m assuming the fact that your hand is now on my ass means you accept my apology

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Dean’s hypocritical, manipulating behavior are you fucking serious, dean is the only one that's doing what needs to be done, jack is a dangerous monster murdering innocents, he needs to be killed and dean is a hero

1. I never said Dean wasn’t a hero. Dean in my eyes an amazing, complex character that for the most part did his best. He has trauma, I get it. I respect that. Note that my post is not Dean hate at all because I love all of the guys.

(Also to any people thinking I hate/said something about Jensen, I love that man with all my heart and I appreciate him and his acting so much!)

2. In the past episodes, as well throughout the seasons, on some occasions Dean acts manipulatively and as a liar. This usually happens when he is either stressed about something big happening (Apocalypse etc.) or something happening to his family, particularly grief. Jensen himself said that Dean does not handle grief in a good way. Of we’re looking at the character development here, he is one of the most complex characters out there because 15 years for a character to grow allows many layers and hidden traits that come as the time progresses.

(This is an edit because I forgot to mention but also Sam and Cas have been manipulative in the past it happens to all of us all the time and is a normal human nature thing so this is not targeted hate or anything okay bye)

3. Yes. Jack was killing innocents. I think most of divisionin the fandom here is because of bad writing. Jack could have been a much better character if some more thought was put into him. I mean, little nougat boy turning into the “big bad” in one episode? Give me a break. It’s an unnatural development (almost Supernatural hehe) and just shows laziness, just like the whole Lucifer/Nick arc EVERY FUCKING SEASON.

Okay sorry I wasn’t yelling at any of you I just despise the writing of some episodes.

But my point is, Dean and Sam and Cas all killed innocents too. It goes to show that there isn’t all black and white in this world, it’s shades of grey. Remember in the earlier seasons when they would just kill ANY “monster” without questioning if it harms people by intention or not? The whole series deals with this as they’ve learned from their mistakes and just rewatch the whole Mick/BML arc as example. They have killed innocent people as well, it obviously doesn’t make them bad people or evil. It’s the same case with Jack, the only problem y'all are having is a) like I said bad writing and b) it’s not your “main heroes” or whatever so you cannot except this, which is fine by me because you like whoever you like my peeps.

4. Anyways, I know you came here on anon and I’m fine with that, although I’m pretty much 99% sure I know who you are. I’m not forcing you to come public or whatever because you have your reasons and it’s fine. If you wanna have more discussions I am available here and you can always send an ask, if you feel comfortable even a message.

Please, do not send *me* or *this anon* ANY hate. I will not tolerate it. Let’s keep this nice and clean and for you anon, you see how much I respect you so I am going to be a bit selfish and expect the same from you.

Have a lovely day folks💜

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Supernatural 14x20 “Moriah” ~ Sneak Peek

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Hiya SPN family!

Due to my anxiety and living in a country where Jared barely visits a Con I thought about atleast getting his autograph.

Does anyone know the current autograph address of Jared? 

Or does anyone of you sell one?

[I’d propably buy it on eBay or Amazon but chances might be low that it’s really his autograph since I heard many people are faking celebrities autographs for the sake of making money.]

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