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They literally had Octavia confirm to the audience that Bellamy loves Clarke and we’re meant to forget that happened?

JR can try a “platonic” and “misinterpretations” narrative outside of the show all he likes.

The show has been feeding us since late season 4, theres only one direction its going in

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Sometimes I just want people to come along with gif evidence of very specific Bellarke moments and be like, “so Jason, what exactly is happening in this moment, what is the point of this look or transition?” Like, what is that reaction shot of Clarke after Bellamy and Echo kiss supposed to mean? Why is Bellamy staring with an upset, sad face at Clarke dancing with another guy? I honestly want him to answer for how we could be misinterpreting things like that? What is the defense there?

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river it is so important keep Lexa's memory alive so thank you for what you do. It was so wrong they kill her and why we ask she is brought back. So much hope for next year that they wil ldo the right thing!

First, yes, I do believe it is important and I’m always happy to talk about her and discuss anything related. But I also think it’s important to understand that after the outrage, they decided Lexa wasn’t dead after all; they decided she was alive, digitally stored and capable of communicating via the Flame. An invisible and convenient plot device. She is a living character on the show; but she has no voice, no agency, no body. And we’re reminded she is also the source of a trauma so deep for Clarke, that she can’t even bear to dream about her. 

This season alone, they introduced the “anomaly” and teased how anyone who approaches it sees what they truly desire or fear. Clarke moved in the direction of it…then conveniently moved out of it.  

Madi, we were told, should have been able to summon past commanders to help her fight against the dark commander. Conveniently, her code (along with all the other commanders) was “isolated.”  

Added into the storyline of rebirth/reincarnation/restoration via temporal anomaly, you have all sorts of reasonable expectations for an appearance.  

The queerbaiting morphed into something I’d say is more hateful and we can’t expect any sort of of kindness from the people who would do something like that. It looks spiteful and snobbish and only adds to the homophobic feel of this show (token gay couple who are rarely seen together; Niylah is just everybody’s unchallenging little helper kept in the back and nothing else).  

They answer no questions about her, they ignore or block anyone who even respectfully wants to discuss her, and that deliberate avoidance only adds to further the suggestion of petty spite.  

Having fans beg JR and the others for her return for years…and THIS is what they do?  Lexa as trauma, Lexa as plot device, Lexa as…bait?  It feels like they’re mocking those fans and that just makes me angry.  And there are fans who keep begging for her return, trying to sell the idea of a spin-off, perhaps not even realizing JR has likely been using their “interest” to sell one of his own to the network….something fans have been unwittingly hashtagging support for now for three years. 

Hashtag campaigns only offer up a metric of interest. It’s all up to advertisers (who might put pressure on studios to create certain types of content: but do you know of one that would say, hey, bring back the lesbian?). JR has been trying to sell the idea of a 100 spin-off for himself; he could have support from the studio who will want content for their new streaming service; showing them a metric of “interest” for a spin-off could be useful for him. That’s a massive backfire/spitting in the face of those fans and all their hard work.  

 Please do not hope for anything with this show. They don’t deserve so much of you or anyone.  

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So they sent 100 juvenile delinquents to the ground

2 died on impact which makes 98 delinquents

Bellamy snuck on the ship which brings the number to 99

And then Raven gets sent down which brings it back to 100

It’s not the 102, it’s the 100 and it always has been

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so noah fence but I can make my own opinions about the stuff I love. 

Maybe other people may have a negative view. Maybe it has a very inactive fandom. Maybe it has a poor rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe it has a strong army of antis. Maybe the show creators took a ~wild~ turn. Maybe it has hateful comments on twitter, youtube, reddit, tumblr, whatever.

Try not to let others warp your opinions into something unrecognisable. You might see or hear negative things about your favourite character, or ship, or episode, or season. Don’t let it put you off. You don’t have to change your mind just to fit into the crowd.

Love it the way you want to love it.

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“All that time spent building a sanctuary for the human race and he destroys it, because of the most human thing of all-“



*stares straight pointedly at Bellamy*

Seconds later

“One look at you and he should have known how this would end*

Seconds later

“I know so much about you now…”

“Take you and Clarke for instance… now that’s a weird relationship isn’t it?”

Tell me how this wasn’t supposed to have non platonic connotations between Bellamy and Clarke??? It literally makes no sense to have it be ‘misinterpreted’

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soooo facebook sent me a “new friend suggestion” of jason rothenberg?? how even—?‬

facebook: *friend suggestions*‬

me: okay. okay. sent. okay. cool. okay be my friend. ‬

facebook: *jason rothenberg* ‬


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