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So I’m checking amazon when all of a sudden….


…. the what now? 

Yes, I did click to Learn more about Jeremy Renner. It’s a lot of camping gear and jerky and bows (ha!) and… bear spray? 

Also a Buffalo Plaid shirt, ‘Regular fit’ jeans, and suede (!) waterproof (!!?) boots.

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Hawkeye’s Rescue pt 3

Clint: Call me when you can talk. I’d rather you hear my voice when I answer that question.

You stared at the text message for a long time. You couldn’t wrap your mind around the idea of Clint, aka Hawkeye, wanting to talk to you. Part of you wanted to get someone else to read it to make you read it correctly but the other part wanted to keep that information completely private. You pinched yourself a couple of times and then read it again.

When the last of the kids had been picked up you took your phone out and stared at it as you sat in your car. You battled with yourself and finally whispered Carpe Diem and pushed the button to call Clint.

He answered before you could hang up, “Hi. I wasn’t sure if you’d call or not.”

“In all honesty I debated with myself. But you asked me to call so I figured I could at least let you know the kids all got picked up ok and I’m headed home.”

Clint laughed softly in reply before he said, “I’m glad the kids are all safe but I do want to answer your question from before.”

“Ok. I like hearing your voice,” you almost whisper as you felt a blush crawl up your cheeks.

“You are amazing to me for several reasons. For one, it’s obvious those kids respect you and love you. You protected them. There are others but the biggest reason is even when you realized that I’m an Avenger, you still called me Clint. The kids and most people call me Hawkeye, which is fine for them. Only those that see more than an Avenger call me Clint.”

“You introduced yourself as Clint. Although I’ve had a crush on Hawkeye for a while, it was the man Clint that was there for me and the kids today.”

“You’ve had a crush on me huh?”

“I probably shouldn’t have said that,” you reply.

“Why not?”

“Well, I was told you’re married so its inappropriate.”

“I was married, yes. We’ve been separated for months and the divorce was final three months ago. So you haven’t done anything wrong. I haven’t told anyone here yet.”

“So is that why your friend was glaring at me earlier?”

“Who? Nat? I would imagine she was glaring at me, not you. I’ll tell her. I should’ve already told her.”

“Why haven’t you,” you asked.

“In all honesty it hurt too much to admit it. At first we weren’t sure if we were staying separated so I stayed quiet. But we agreed it was best for the kids. Laura and I get along. We just couldn’t stay together. Me being gone so much and in danger was just too hard on her.”

“I’m sure it was hard on both of you. It sounds like you were basically in a long distance relationship with your wife.”

“Essentially. I have a room at headquarters but was staying in a hotel near the house Laura and the kids live in when off duty to give her space and still be near the kids.”

“I just pulled into my drive. If you want to talk more we can once I get inside,” you said.

“I will leave that up to you. I’m sure you’re tired so if you want to call it a night I understand,” came his reply.

“Call me back in about 10 minutes?”

“Sure thing,” Clint replied with a laugh.

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