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Vogue, March 01, 1964 - Model in a studio, with both hands crossed over her face, wearing a zebra-patterned enamel and diamond bracelet by David Webb on one wrist, and holding pink lipstick by Tussy in a (new in 1964) case with a thumb-dial actuated extension mechanism. - Ph. Irving Penn

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Hello everybody. I’m glad to be here. Let me introduce myself: I live in Moscow and do various craft.

I create jewelry from the epoxy resin, incredible products from paper and glue, for example, horns.

I really hope for feedback, because you are such a cute cinnamon roll.

Love you.

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Kit Elrouh (thread of the soul) is a traditional piece of jewelery from the capital of Algeria Algiers. The women in Algeria wear it with the traditional dresses like the Karakou, caftan, chedda, … this piece is protected from the Unisco because it’s an important piece of the Teleman chedda dress ( chedda is international’s heritage dress protected from the Unisco) This precious piece was a necklace at the beginning, that why it called thread of the soul because people in Algiers called the neck in the human body as soul ……soon I will explain why the women in Algeria wear on the forehead…… Kit Elrouh my work and design 🌹❤️ @ Montreal, Quebec

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